prayer request bulletin 55 November 7 2010

prayer request bulletin 55 – November 7 2010
This bulletin is sent to the MOTHER IGNACIA PRAYER WARRIORS which has worldwide membership thru the internet. It is published regularly at (subscribe as member to get regular inspirational materials).
When you request for prayers, that in itself is a prayer and an act of faith. When you browse thru this bulletin, you will realize that your pains and ailments may be nothing compared to those of others. And if you pray for them, you pray for yourself ten fold, and you will also be healed.
Physical healing– cancer and other terminal diseases
Spiritual healing– depression, quarrels, relationships, peace of mind
Financial rescue– poverty, jobs, exams, businesses, medical expenses.
Healing oil is available free by postal mail. Give your postal address to The oil itself does not heal. It is your faith that heals. The oil is only a bridge thru which the Lord heals. You need to first understand the background by clicking the link below ––blogsite-library-links/
WE PROTECT THE PRIVACY OF REQUESTERS. Email addresses and last names are deleted. Please make your requests short and do not post twice or repeatedly as it results in confusion.
I heard again from a Belgian colleague of my husband who had cancer. Before I mentioned that she had requested the healing oil because she cannot sleep from the cancer therapy she is getting. Since that time she has been using it. Now she is back from her travel from Turkey. She said since that time she has applied the oil, she has no problem anymore. She has no pain. She is very happy and overjoyedl ! She was given sick leave till first week of November but this week she is back to work. Thank you Lord for the healing! I am also very sad to read that so many people-children are sick of LEUKEMIA. I pray for them too. I remember the anguish and tremendous psychological misery I underwent when I had cancer more than 25 years ago! Don’t lose hope. The Lord and the Blessed Mother are always there. Thank you also for the psychological healing of my family (my sister and her son are on speaking terms again). He stayed in her house when he came home from abroad. He opened up his problem. Sana tuloy tuloy na ito. Please pray also for the Filipino Legion of Mary in Brussels for the continuance of their work. They have conflicts and one member told the group she is backing out. It is demoralizing. The others stopped attending meetings for one reason to another. But they did great works. Let there be also healing among them! Thank you Sister Raquel, Bro. Bernie and all the prayer warriors!
I just want to inform you that the healing oil has been helping my niece and nephew. they tend to have muscle pains and aches that they themselves (8 and 9 years old are the ones asking for the healing oil and we pray at the same time while applying the healing oil) have strong belief. I am so happy that they are indeed children of god. Also, may I request to pray for my friend Conchita R. who is going for a breast cancer operation on Monday Oct 13; 2010. Please pray for her successful operation and fast recovery. God bless!
Caloy A.
Dear Sis Raquel, Bro Bernie and Co Prayer Warriors,
Please pray for my nephew Michael A. who is currently confined in the hospital. He was diagnosed to have DENGUE virus. Thank you and may you be blessed a hundredfold. Jesus be with us always.
Please pray for healing for Michael and Camille for possible dengue.
Thank you.
Padasal po sa aming pamilyang hinaharass ng mga gangsters. Sr.Racquel, si Adrian frando po ay comatose ngayon( kapitbahay po namin yan ), si Macmac po ay nagdugo-dugo kahapon ang ilong, si Joshua po ay ubo at sipon, follow-up lang po ito, pasensya na po. Pls. Pray, heal, ask for mercy to our God in Jesus name; this person Mark John, Fr. Elmer. Panibago pong pa pray over ito, pa 40 days ng tatay ko po ngayong araw na ito. Loreto po ang pangalan niya.
Erick g
Please pray for the improvement of my relationship with dejan. Thank you for all your prayers & dedication of praying and being an obedient servant of GOD!
My brother Bernie (AB 66) and I wish you and your family our most profound condolences, Vic on the passing of your brother Chito. My brother Bernie, and I join you in mourning the passing of your brother, Chito.
Tony and Bernie
I have two prayer requests this evening. Frank has very bad lungs (capacity under 40% at present) and right now is also fighting a very bad throat infection too. He needs the healing power of Jesus and i pray for a complete healing on Frank. Ken has leg problems. Ken’s leg is oozing fluids again, bad enough to leave a puddle when he sit for and hour or two. Biggest problem is the danger of infection and he doesn’t want to end up on IV antibiotic drip in the hospital again. Please place both Frank and Ken on your prayer lists. Both men try their best to live christian lifestyles and need our prayers very badly. I’ve witnessed many wonderful healings through the healing power of Jesus. Please join me in prayer Our Lord will heal both of these men. Thank you,
Tom O
We pray for good health, happy marriage, financial abundance and stability. We pray that my husband will be able to close several big accounts this October so that we can financially help our family, friends and relatives. We pray that our friends who are currently having marital problems will be able to patch things up and regain their love, trust and respect for each other. Thank you Lord for all the blessings.
Please pray for my sister Kathie. She is in her dark night and is struggling tremendously.  My prayer is that she comes to trust in the Lord and that these trials produce good fruit and are not in vain.  I ask for an increase in faith, strength, courage, acceptance and consolation for her, especially today as she is dealing with one of her greatest fears with her livlihood.  Mother Mary please bring this request to your son Jesus, because I know he does not deny you.
Good evening Sister Racquel and prayer warriors.  Please pray for my father Juanito. He has kidney problem and his creatinine level is getting high.  Please pray that this may not lead him to have dialysis. Thanks and God bless us all.
Dear Sister Raquel,
I am writing to request for healing prayers for the following people: Napoleon for his spinal disc problem that is causing extreme pain in his leg.  The doctor has recommended a spine operation but he is unwilling to undergo such procedure because of possible paralysis, etc.   Matthew KF that he may be healed from cancer. Thank you very much.
dear sister,
I humbly pray for my father and mother who is alone now and at this moment my father is recuperating from a foot surgery, thaty have no one to assist them on the daily chores they are quite old and im far from them. I pray for the speedy healing and recovery of my father from his surgery and the healing pain and i pray that my mother could still have the strength and endurance to live her/their life………… i also pray for all my brotheres and sister who need financial and sprititual healing and assitance. please pray for my wife and child … please i ask for their safety and happiness and their well being.. humbly asking  for prayer assistance
Dear Sis. Raquel,
Greetings’ I m a member of your prayer warrior. I would like to ask your prayers that the pain I am feeling from my left cheek will disappear. I don’t want to think of this  in a negative way. Wala naman bukol pero masakit. Sana po ay mawala na ito. Thank you so much’
Janet G
Please pray for Sr. Ann a life long dedicated nun who is battling breast cancer. Dear Holy prayer family, Please pray for the following souls:
Paulette Lawrence who has a heart condition.
Maureen Quinn who is severly ill with a respiratory virus and is caring
for close dying family member.
Fr. Joseph Whalen special intentions
Margaret White pancreatic cancer.
Pauline Capistran fell and broke her foot.
Maurice Capistran dying needs a conversion.
Emilio Ferrer who has a 3 year old daughter with brain cancer.
Donald LeBlanc conversion back to his faith.
Beverly Leblanc for the grace to release all resentments and anger.
Maxim and Henk W. for a conversion
Fr. Roberto V. for healing of heart
Ray, Marguerite and Mary Ann, good health and safe trip and fruitful
mission this weekend.
Fr. Terence who will be undergoing surgery Monday Oct. 17
Jim Miller a very dedicated lay servant of the Divine Mercy who will be having surgery Monday Oct. 17
Virgilio V. who is undergoing heart surgery today, Nov. 1. Please pray that the Holy Spirit guides the surgeon’s hands and that he has a speedy recovery.
Ruth Logan who will undergo thyroid cancer surgery today.
Joseph F. W. debilitating back and neck pain.
Gloria D. for a complete recovery from her heart attack.
Thank you all dear prayer family!
St Raphael community
Dear Sis Raquel and Bro. Bernie:
Kindly include my  brother, Jay for wisdom and knowledge to  pass the  CPA Board Exam (  October ( Oct 9, 10, 16 and 17, 2010). He has failed before and with God’s grace and mercy, I ask you my dear bro and sister to join our family for God to allow him to pass all his subjects and be a CPA now.. Also pls pray for Jing, for healing from uncontrollable anger, pride and controlling-manipulative spirit. May God open her heart and mind for love and compassion , starting from her family, friends and  other people she mingles with. God give her the grace too to be persistent, humble and obedient to God as she personnaly experiences  God through  the  charismatic community where she belongs. Thank you very much po as we  want complete peace and harmony in our family… God bless po
Please pray for Mother Nadine and all of the Intercessors of the Lamb.  Pray that above all God shines His light upon them and heals this situation.  Pray for Gods will to be realized as mercifully as possible to all those involved and connected.  I pray that God will remove any blocks  and any motives that are not in accordance with Gods will.  May God protect all involved and draw each of them closer to Him that through this difficulty, only good will come out of it. Mother Mary, please pray for all of us.
Dear Prayer Warriors,
please pray for me that my hepatitis b and my liver will be healed by Jesus and my hepatitis b profile results will be non reactive. thank you so much Jesus and thank you prayer warriors. sincerely,
Dear Sister Raquel and Mother Ignacia Prayer Warriors,
Please pray for my epileptic sister Wil, (she is a special child)  – for my father Wil who is suffering from arthritis, diabetes, heart ailment, hypertension, may he learn to forgive his brother who hurt and cause him pain, may he learn to thank God for all the blessings he has received.  – for my brothers, Ben & Man- may their respective wife and children learn to forgive and forget all the wrong things that has been done, instead see the good side of them. Please pray that they will be insprired by the Holy Spirit and live together again as a happy family   – for my nephew Ed- may he be strong and responsible and will be able to find a job that fits his ability.  – for my son Rod- may he will be surrounded with beautiful God fearing people and may the Holy Spirit be with him always and guide him. Thank you very much. God bless
Please help me pray for good health, good job with better pay,  * for my children- may they be successful in life and stay away from bad peers  * for my son Dick- may he stay away from drugs, bad influence friends and other vices, – may he will be a God fearing in word and in deed, – grow with so much faith and trust in God and respect to his mother, – may he find peace, love and true happiness physically, mentally, emotionally & spritually. Thank you, may God bless us all
Good am po sis.
Pls help me to pray for my financial blessings.. thanks po
Dear Bernie,
I just received an email from a friend in Australia. Content is shown in below. Can you please include our friend ANDY in our prayers for his complete recovery? Thanks.
Fellow IEs & Ex-PALers,
Just to let you know that Andy Cruz is in hospital and had surgery on July 2 for colon cancer. Apparently he’s got stage 4 cancer. He will start having chemo in 2 weeks time. Request to pray for his recovery. Regards to everyone.
Chiqui, mon y
Dear Sr. Raquel and to all prayer warriors,
Please pray for my healing and total deliverance from any serious lung diseases esp. tuberculosis, kasi po I’m coughing w/ little blood. At sa Monday magpapacheck-up po ako for my sputum. I pray that the result will be just fine and negative para makapunta ako sa New Zealand. Ipagdasal nyo din po na magtagumpay ang first meeting namin in real life ni Thomas S, at magtatagumpay din yong plano namin na magpapakasal at magkababy at madala nya ako agad sa Newzealand to stay for good, at makapag work doon para makatulong ako sa mga kapatid ko. I also ask prayer for financial assistance. In Jesus Name I ask. In Jesus Name. By the way, I would like also to join the prayer warriors. Thank’s in advance. God bless you all. In need of your prayers,
Im kindly asking to include in your prayers, for my sister : Marissa V, who is currently having as chronic kidney failure and undergoing a dialysis, with having my trust and faith to our almighty GOD, that he may touch my sister and heal her kidney and miracle be happened.   Thank and Regards
Hi all friends
I am asking for prayers for the operation of my husband BAYANI on Friday, Oct 22, in the National Kidney Institute for a distended bladder and for his left kidney (either extraction or blasting of stones). I am also asking for prayers for the doctor, Jesus Benjamin M, M.D, who will operate on Bay. Bayani is 68 years old. He had a prostate operation in May, which took 8 hospitalizations of one to two weeks each because of post catheterization infection, which meant we were out of hospitals only by mid-August. And now we’re back to hospital (check in on Thursday; operation on Friday). Thank you for prayers, we need lots of prayers for successful operation and all.
Dear Sister Raquel, Bro Bernie and Co Prayer Warriors,
Please help us pray for RYAN, 9 year old who has been missing since Oct. 13. He was last seen in Kamuning, QC. May the Lord bring back Ryan to his family unharmed. Lord we trust in You. Thank you and God bless us all.
Please pray for my Aunt Cathy who has cancer and my father Joseph who has diabetes and depresion. Thank you & God Bless.
Dear Sister Raquel,
Please pour your healing power to my mother, Maribel who is a hospital right now. She was diagnosed last April 2009 with colon cancer. We been giving her alternative therapy for 6 months now.She lost her appetite now and she is lossing weigth very fast and very malnourished rigth now. Please Sister Raquel,include my mother in your prayers daily, so that divine healing will touch her and be cured rigth away, truth the Lord Jesus Christ our savior.
For cora who has early stage breast cancer, that she may get well soon and avoid chemo
Brothers and Sisters in Christ!
A friend’s dear sister-in-law, “Tess has been sick, medyo lumala and been going back and forth the surgery room and you know how much pain it is physically, psychologically etc. Iyong eldest sister is going home to Manila tomorrow to assess the situation and give the much needed moral support. Baka uuwi rin wife ko but I don’t know when. Depende …. Alam ko malakas ang groupo mo sa itaas, please pray for her. Salamat brod. Please include Tess in your/our prayers for her speedy recovery. Thanks and God bless us all.
Plese pray for yasmin (jigs) who has cancer of the jaw, a very rare disease. Let us be one in prayer for her healing. For the protection of our country from terrorist attacks, earthquakes, floods and tsunamis. Guidance and safety from oil leak at magallanes overpass. Guidance for our leaders, especially the supreme court. Positive attitude for all Filipinos. Lord nurture oneness and oneness in our prayers. Thanks for foiled dumping of 3 trucks of flammable material in north bulacan.
Mila for sanibasal
Please pray for Tee and Jeff in Philadelphia, PA and their love for
each other. They have known each other for 5 years. Please pray that their love lasts. Please pray that Jeff calls Tee and they work things out.
Terez W
Hi All,
Please help my family in praying for our beloved mother, Maribel. She is in critical condition right now. She is fighting for cancer Please please….we need your help badly. Thank you and may God bless u!
Dear Sister,
I am a christian Mother of 2 sons living in Sri Lanka. Since 5 years i am struggling with Debt. Every Month i have to pay a big intrest to the Moneylenders. Some days i havent any Money to buy food. Day by day my Situation becomes Worst. I am steping to poverty. I have lost everything. I havent any Blessings at Home and my life. My life is full of struggles, problems and lack of Money. Our Kitchen and Fridge is allways empty. All my Money and my Land which my parents has given me was taken by my Husband and he spend to another woman. My Husband has a affair with a woman since many years. My Husband doesnt speak with me when he is at Home. He doesnt give me enough Money to buy food. He is a Catholic but he never pray and never goes to the Church. His name is Boniface. I am like a servant in this House. I am sick now. I have a Heart trouble, Diabetes, Highblood Pressure, Athsma and Gastrities. I am suffering with sickniss lot. Some times i have lot of difficulties to breath than i have to go for a Hospital to get Oxygan. Please Pray for me to get deliverance from Debt and Financial troubles. Please pray for my Healing. Please pray for my Money and Land to get back witch my husband has taken from me. Please send me a reply. Thank you. God bless you.
North Ja ela, sri lanka
Thank you so much for the continous sending mails to me. Kindly pray for my families good health and to entire mankind. Thank you. Best regards,


Please pray for our family. My husband has lost his job twice now and we need him to get the job he has interviewed for twice now. We have 3 young children and our funds going quickly. We need him to be offered this job. Please pray. Thank you.
Dear Prayer Warrior,
Please pray for the fast recovery of Grace A who is now at the ICU.
Dear Sir,
My Name is Anil, I am staying in a place called nedumangadu, I am 30 years old, I am writing this mail for a particular reason. For last 10 years, I am facing a lot(different) of pain and uneasiness in the body and my heart. Nothing is seen in the treatment what the dusease is. Now my marriage is being planned. Lord please touch me and heal me. Please all pray to me to Jesus. That I should be married , and lead a good married life. All Satans attacks, curses on me should be stopped. please all pray for me. Thanking You
good day to you all.
gusto ko po humingi ng prayer request for my mother na naoperahan due to cyst on her right breast na sana po ay maging maayos ang resulta ng kanyang biopsy.I am asking your help po Sr. Raquel and all in Mother Ignacia to pray for her quick recovery and healing. Ganoon din po sakin dahil mayroon po lump sa aking left shoulder.   God Bless Thank you very much po
James AA
Hello. Can I ask for prayers to have a baby. I had 3 miscarriages, 2 failed IUI, 2 failed IVF and immune problems. Thank you in advance.
Marimel and Ricardo
Good morning to all the payer warriors.
Please help us pray for the complete healing of my 17 year old nephew, Lavern Mike C who is an autistic child, deaf and mute. He also had an epilepsy last October 31, 2010. Please, help us pray that he will be cured from epilepsy and he will become a normal child so he can go to school. Please help us pray also for his mother, Judilyn C, sometimes she even wanted to commit suicide due to her problems about his only autistic son. She and his husband cannot even afford to buy Lavern’s medicines and they don’t have money to buy food and other immediate needs because his husband lost his job. Please, please, help us pray that the Holy Spirit will comfort this couple. Please help us pray also that Nestor can find another job immediately. Thank you all so much and May the Lord Almighty bless us all.
Jessie q
Please pray for the Downing Family in Lyndonville VT. They have been attacked for a beautiful Cross they have on their property next to a chapel by the some of the townspeople. This has gone on for close to three years. A Supreme Court Judge will take the next 24 hrs to make a ruling on whether it can continue to stand. Please pray that Christ’s light can continue to shine through this holy Cross.
Maxim w
Matagal po akong nakalimot sa inyo, Lord… Ngayon sa aking pinagdaraanan ay lumalapit po ako sa inyo uli at humingi nang inyong awa Tulungan po ninyo akong magkaroon nang kapayaan ng kalooban, puso at isip…. Sana po ay bigyan ninyo ako nang sapat na talino, lakas at tibay nang loob na malagpasan ko po ang aking mga pinagdadaanan.. Alam ko po na maliit lang ito kumpara sa ibang taong may mas malalaking dinadala … pero nagsusumamo po sa inyong pagpapagaling muli nang aking kaluluwa at paglilinis nang aking puso… Gusto ko po sanang maging mas malapit sa inyo at magkaroon nang pagkakataong makapaglingkod din sa inyo Maraming salamat po Lord sa lahat nang inyong biyaya…
Lord, i ask for inner peace of heart and mind
the wisdom and strength
of heart to surpass hurdles
i know my troubles are nothing
compared to those of others
but i implore you to renew my spirit
and cleanse my heart
i want to be closer to you
and to have the opportunity of serving you
thank you for your grace, amen
Hi to mother ignacia healing center,
Pls pray for the healing and fast recovery of my son dominic who is confined in the hospital with stomach pain and also for my physical and emotional problem i am experiencing now and all people who are suffering from physical and mental health problems. God Bless Us All! Gods son,
Please pray for my family. We have been in turmoil since we found out my 15 year old son is going to have a baby. I pray that he sees that he needs to be responsible and he is a good father. I pray that my husband can get over his hurt feelings and feelings of being a bad father and be able to guide my son. I pray my heart heals and can see this was meant to be.
pLease pray For ruby who is in extreme pain.
For the daughter of imang who is in the icu for advance stage dengue.
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