prayer request bulletin 58 – January 14 2011

prayer request bulletin 58 – January 14, 2011
This bulletin is sent to the MOTHER IGNACIA PRAYER WARRIORS, which group has worldwide membership thru the internet. It is published regularly as a “prayer request bulletin” at (subscribe as member to get a copy automatically or to receive regular inspirational materials).
When you request for prayers, that in itself is a form of prayer and an act of faith. When you browse thru this bulletin, you may realize that your pains may be nothing compared to those of others. And if you pray for them, you pray for yourself ten fold, and you will also be healed. Reading this bulletin is a form of prayer.
Physical healing– cancer and other terminal diseases, for a child.
Spiritual healing– depression, quarrels, relationships, peace of mind.
Financial rescue– poverty, jobs, exams, businesses, medical expenses.
Healing oil is available free by postal mail. Give your postal address to The oil itself does not heal. It is your faith that heals. The oil is only a bridge thru which the Lord heals. You need to first understand the history of the healing oil by clicking the link below ––blogsite-library-links/
WE PROTECT THE PRIVACY OF REQUESTERS. Email addresses and last names are not published. Please make your requests short and do not post twice or repeatedly as it results in confusion.
Dear Lord,
I have just been to the doctor and the baby is fine. Save for some complications with me, I know this will be a happy and healthy pregnancy. Thank you Lord for looking after me and hearing my cries for help. You are so good to me. I can feel your love. I love you too so much. Praise you Lord. Love,
Dear Lord,
You have answered all my prayers and I couldnt be happier. I have proven to myself that you love me so much. My prayer this time Lord is for my baby to be healthy and happy and that my pregancy would be easy. Thank you again Lord. I will continue to pray for my safety and my baby’s as well. I hope our baby Lord is perfect. Love you,
dear lord,
i praise and thank you for answering my prayers to get pregnant. i am over the moon with happiness bec i know this baby is the best thing that has ever happened to me, my world revolves around her now. please my dear lord, make me have a safe pregnancy and no more bleeding like last saturday and no pains that will make me scared that i will lose my child. please lord, this moment is like a dream to me, i am so happy i am finally going to be a mommy. i am the happiest person in the whole universe. i worship you lord, and my child and i will be forever be grateful for looking after us. we love you lord!
Dear Sr. Raquel and to all prayer warriors,
Thanks for your prayers, Praise to the Lord negative po yong result ko sa sputum, and mabuti na din yong pakiramdam ko. I would like to ask healing prayer for Dulce sa kanyang sakit (arthritis,kidney,pamamaga, at iba pa). Mawie for lung problems. Ma.Doreen sa kanyang ubo. Titigil na sana sa pag-inom si Margarito para sa kanyang health. Good health for Joey. Malagay na sana sa tahimik si Desiree with Allen this February. Maayos na sana yong papers ni Julie sa US. Please pray for me too, good health, financial blessing at katuparan ng pinaplano naming negosyo ng kapatid ko at ni Thomas, new job and opportunities here lalo na in abroad, emotional healing, guidance in making good decision. Help me to pray din po that God will bless and protect my relationship with Thomas. Gusto ko sanang humingi ng healing oil. Maraming salamat po. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! God bless u all… You’re sister in Christ
Dear prayer warriors,
Maraming salamat po sa inyong panalangin.  Medyo nabuti na po ang aking pakiramdam. Sana po ay tuluy-tuloy pa rin po ang inyong panalangin para sa aking tuluyang paggaling. Maraming salamat po.  Godbless
Bro. Bernie, Sis. Raquel and Co-Prayer Warriors
Please pray for my mom Zeres who is now experiencing severe upper back muscle pain which gets painful every after day. Also, my grand mother Visayas for her coronary artery disease. We also have a 6 week old puppy who is suffering from dog pneumonia. I really value animal life too much and my puppy has been suffering for almost 2 weeks now. She is under antibiotic and mucolytic treatment right now. I also want to thank everyone because I previously have a heart problem and now it is gone. It will not be possible if it wasn’t because of God and your prayers. Thank you everyone and God Bless you all!
Please pray for Tomas for healing and protection. He is very sick right now but, he cannot afford to pay for his medical bills. He had a head injury due to a motorcycle hit and run accident, vomitting blood, typhoid fever, LBM and has other unknown diseases. His life is also in danger because his father and brother are trying to hurt or kill him. They never stop doing everything to capture him so, they can kill him. It really hurts me more because of all people, his own father and brother are the ones who wanted kill or get rid of him. Please pray that he will be healed very soon for his daughter who is also suffering physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Tomas is very skinny now like a skeleton because he is suffering from hunger and lack of clothes and shoes to wear and a place to stay. He is homeless. Even if he’s very sick, he is still forcing himself to run away from his family just to keep himself safe. He can’t get any treatments and NO medications due to lack of money. The hospital in the Philippines won’t treat him even when he was in a coma because he has no money but, thanked God someone helped him. If no one helped him that night, he could have died that night if the doctor did not put a breathing machine on him. THANK YOU SO MUCH. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!
Physical healing – nose cancer of my daughter in law ANP
Physical healing –infertility of MPN from hormonal imbalance
Spiritual healing =Chris P.- peace of mind amd trust in God
Dear Sister Raquel,
please pray for healing from my depression . thank you I hope you all have a very blessed xmas.
Dear Lord,
I come to you now as a sinner, Please forgive me with all my sins especially the ninth and sixth commandment. Please heal my chronic vertigo and underlying illnesses so that I may live my life again and serve you po with all my heart. Plese heal Mama and Nanay Ising because their health is failing at the moment. Please always bless my family with good health and financial stability. I ask this through your son Jesus Christ who reigns with you and the Holy Spirit forever and ever Amen. Love,
I would like to request prayer to the PRAYER WARRIOR for Mrs. FLORENTINA R. who is sick of unidentified illness which we suspect cause by her menopausal stage. Thanks for the prayer assistance you have extended to her… God bless you all… I would like to request to the PRAYER WARRIORS a prayer for Ian D. who has afflicted with emotional distress. Thanks for the prayer assistance you may extend to him.
pls, pray for my untie Dionesia G for her sickness of cyst on ovary
Dear Mother Ignacia Prayer Warriors,
I would like to request for your PRAYERS for: Audie – Nasal Pharyngeal Cancer (Stage 4). Audie is undergoing Chemo & Radiation in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
Please pray for the full recovery and complete healing of my wife Irma from her wound in her left foot. Pray that there wil no longer be infections, Also, that she be completely delivered from her Lupus ailment. Thank you.
I would like to thank the prayer warriors for praying for my sister who was operated on to remove a cancerous tumor. From that time till now she has managed to go on with life as best as she could. Now she is looking for a peaceful place to live because the place she living in now is not so peaceful anymore which is an obstacle to her getting proper rest. Please pray that someone will buy our house in the province so we can buy another place for her to transfer. Again thank you for your irreplaceable help.
Please pray Ray B who was hospitalized on the 1st of January. We pray that all problems are corrected and he has a speedy recovery. All according to the will of the Father, in Jesus’ Holy Name through the powerful intercession of the Blessed Mother, St. Raphael and all the holy angels and saints.
St Raphael community
Sister,  ung ate ko po c Joanne ay merong A.L.L. or Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia since May.Nung nag chemo sya last month para sa last na intensive cycle dun nagdown tlaga ung immune system nya. Nasa ICU po sya ngaun since Nov 28 dahil sa infection ng malakas na bacteria. Inintubate po sya, pinatulog at nung ginicing na nla nahirapan po ung mga doctor.. pero thank God at nung Dec 8 gumicing sya at after 4 days kinuha ang tube pero maraming complications sa liver,kidney, intestines at other organs..Di sya even makalakad at nahihirapan igalaw mga daliri sa paa at kamay.Ngaun sumusuka at nagpapass sya ng stool na my dugo..dahil sa ischemia sa stomach at ulceration pati na sa small intestine…kanina po nilagyan ng tubo na maliit ung tyan nya kc lumaki dahil sa ascitis..  at ako po ay talagang naaawa na sa kanya pero lumalaban po talaga sya.. Di kami nawawalan ng hope sister.. Alam namin anjan ang Dyos at lahat may purpose.. Please sister help us to pray for my sister’s complete healing…. Nasa ibang bansa po kami at ako po ung nag-aalaga sa kanya..Gusto ko pong kuhanin din ung ate ko at mga magulang para makita nila si ate at maging masaya sya at maencourage pa na lumaban.. .Please pray for me also sister na iguide ako ng Dyos para lumakas pa para sa ate ko…Mahal na mahal ko po sya..Maraming salamat sister.. God Bless us all..
1.  For Carlos & Gabriel for a return to the church. For Felix and Sr. Maria of Jesus for better health.  For Anna for tyroid cancer…prayers and for Barbara to be healed of her knees…Thank you for your prayers. For Jose for betterment of health.   D. Castaneda Blessings and thank you for all your prayers during this holy season of Christmas.
pls. pakidasal po kina Joshua, Heny, Vida, Nena na makapunta diyan sa Mother Ignacia Healing Ministry ngayong Enero 2011, para po maibless ninyo bilang prayer warrior
I would like to ask for prayers for the following: Jean for wisdom and guidance for her decision making. Don who does not believe in God, that our Lord will show him his power and majesty. Jo Anna, that she will be guided towards the right path. Kevin, that he stop his addiction to alcohol Senica, that she finds peace, happiness and forgiveness in her heart. Leo, please that Our Lord will heal him from his sickness (liver). Mayeth, cancer 4th stage. Jessica, that she may pass the entrance exam in Up and Ateneo Henry, that our Lord will bless him and may his business prospers. Myself, that the pain on my left cheek be gone Thank you so much Sister and may our Lord bless all of us.
I would like to request for the healing oil, I’m having digestive problems for several weeks now. I watch daily Father Suarez and Sister Raquel’s Prayer over healing on youtube. Do I need to send any postage fee? Thanks and God bless! In Christ,
Belle A
Dear Sr. Raquel
I am Fr. Crispin, a priest from the Diocese of San Fernando La Union. I just came out of the hospital because of my high cholesterol level, I suffered high blood, and enlargement of the heart. my doctor told me to rest for a month and I am following it. But I trust in your prayer healing and your prayer healing group. Please include me as one of your client, because I miss to celebrate masses now. I want to continue serving the Lord and want that my body is well and healed. Hope to be prayed over. Thank You
dear sister racquel and all loving and helping mankind,
help me pray for this, please pray for this! please pray plz for jacques my fiancee for having a lung problem or bronchitis plz help him pray for restoring his health and live normally without illness plz cure his illness. i need him so much i ned ur prayer. and always to my father rufo having a hemangioma cyst in his left arm plz help us pray for not getting worst and will cure the illness. and to maria for having a problem with her heart and she is admitted in hospital right now plz  help us pray for her recovery. and for my grandmother have a long life and good health, to my family belssings and good health and also to myself a good health and i wish to have a visa soon this coming year and many more blessings to come over, in Jesus name we pray amen..
Sister Raquel,
HAPPY NEW YEAR nga pala sa inyong lahat. Maraming salamat sa lahat ng mga pinadala mo sa akin na nagsilbing aral sa akin. At huwag kang mag alaala sisikapin ko na masusunod ko ang lahat na aral na binigay mo sa akin ito ay dahil sa atin Panginoong Dios na si JESUS. Yung Healing Oil nga pala please padalhan nyo ko. Maraming salamat po. Nagmamahal,
Cecilio C
Peace. Gusto ko po sanang mag-request ng prayers para sa tatay ko, Julio Jr po… may memory loss po; hindi pa nanay ko na si Julieta, na puno ng sama ng loob at pighati. gusto ko po syang dalhin/isama sila sa Healing center; sa Susano st Novaliches lang naman po sila nakatira. Pero ako po ay naka-base na sa Pampanga. Salamat po.
Julio III
Please pray for my 9 month grandnephew, Shayan Michael Jr. who was diagnosed with leukemia at 1 month old. Tonight after chemo, the transplant process will follow. Thank God for the match. He will have a bone marrow transplant. Please pray for a successful process. May the Lord guide and give wisdom and knowledge to the doctors and all those involved in the process. May the Lord hold Shayan Jr. in His loving arms. Thank you and God bless,
Zenny R K
Glendale, California
Please pray for my father in law. May he rest in peace in Jesus. Amen
Dear sisters and brothers, and sister raquel,
Hello,i would like to request for a prayer healing for my mom JEAN …last dec.29,2010,she fell ,her groin or singit hurt so much that she its hard for her to walk and stand… we havent go to doctor yet,,,coz i know PAPA JESUS will heal her….pls pray for her that her groin and hips will be normal again and hope she can walk as normal again..hope she will be all well again.. attach is my mom’s picture…thank you..
Dear Sisters,
My name is Maria T, 34 years old.  I would love to go to your place for the healing service but my current situation makes it difficult to go at this time. Me and my family are currently in Dubai. If it’s God’s willing, we will be able to go to Philippines by April 2011. I need your help to please pray for me as I have stage 4 breast cancer. I’ve been undergoing treatment for more than two years now and I am too tired to continue with the treatments.   I want to be free from this sickness, I want to live a new life and serve the Lord.  Please pray for my complete healing.   Thank you very much in advance.   God bless you more. Regards,
Maria T
Dear SisterRaquel, Bro Bernie, Sister Nora and fellow prayer warriors:
Please Include in your prayers healing for Noel P- stomach pains and cramps. Elda P- Back pains. Amado P Sr. Good physical condition. thank you very much.
dear sister raquel and to all the prayer warriors
first of all, i thank the Lord for giving you, this site as an instrument in helping people all over the world. please help me pray for my cousin boboy, he was diagnosed with cancer and that he may recover soon. also give his family strength to overcome all of these.. thank you and more power.
Mahal na Birhen ng Manaoag, nawa’y ipagkaloob nyo na po ang aking matagal ng hiling, bigyang katuparan ang aking panalangin kay ka mario at kapitan roger upang kapwa namin kayo paglingkuran sa mata ng mga dukha … amen.
My name is Priyanthi , and I am from Sri Lanka. It is a Buddhist country where the Christians are a minority of 7%. I got your email address from the internet, as I was desperately searching for prayer Websites to beg for prayers. I would be deeply grateful if your community could uphold my prayer request, during your prayer time at Holy Mass, the Rosary, or Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. At the same time I wish to make a request from you, that this prayer request will not be forwarded via email, to others as I wish to keep this prayer request confidential, and do not want my email address circulating. I thank God for a community such as yours, who are committed to serve God and people like us, May the Lord increase your vocations, and send many laborers to serve Him through your community. May God Bless Your Community. In Jesus, Mary and Joseph
My brother Malik, who is suffering from addiction to alcohol, and is heading on the path of destruction. He is in the midst of a great financial crisis, of which He cannot come out, He is in a state of great depression. To add to It he has no support from his wife,in the Christian upbringing of his children. Please place them under the authority of St. Joseph. Malik is a very exceptionally talented musician, who has given his music to the world. May Mother Mary and St.Joseph lead him into the presence of God where he will experience the liberation of the Divine Mercy and use his music for the glory of God.
1. I ask for prayer that the God will reveal His plan and holy will concerning our land and property, which my mum has divided equally among the three siblings,. We are are at crossroads, with my mum not wanting to sell, and my bro Malik demanding that we sell to resolve his financial crisis while the other two are neutral. Please pray that God will show us and lead us to make the right decision.
2. I ask for prayers that God will send me a good Christian domestic assistant who will help me with my work at home, as I have a very demanding job with my music ministry, and teaching, that demands many hours away from home.
3. I ask prayers for my mum Reeni who is a kidney patient, that the hand of God be upon her, show her His mercy, and grant her healing.
4. Finally for my husband Wilhelm who was once a heavy drinker and who gave up , but seems to be starting to drink again. That God will remove the desire for liquor from his system, and for my daughter Mariella and myself, that our home be protected from all evil powers and enemy attacks. Thank you and God Bless you for being there for us and supporting us .
My husband and I pray for good health and a blissful married life. We hope that both of us will be able to get a **job that we really like** in 2011 and work in a company with a **good salary and benefits**. We pray that my husband will be able to **close his big accounts** with Company A, B, C and D in January 2011 so that we will be able to help others financially. We thank the Lord for all the blessings that He has given us.*
Dear Sr. Raquel and Prayer Warriors,
May I ask for prayers for the following concerns:
1) healing of 6 breast cysts found in my mammogram
2) healing of pain in both my arms/joints/muscles caused by gym injury
3) healing of emotional hurts/marital issues
4) conversion of rwr/ lct/mtl/jpt/sct/tomo
5) financial healing/sustainable livelihood/business/job
6) healing for unforgiveness/unloving thoughts & words towards lct/rr
7) healing of negative feelings re dso/ro
9) healing for Rafaela’s asthma/growth hormone health concerns
10) healing of relationships bet siblings gcr/msgj
Thank you and may God bless your work fruitfully.
May God Bless you all. My names is Sherry. My family is in need of a financial blessing in order for us to keep our vehicle and home due to IRS problems. stand in agreement with me and my family for God to make ways for us to get through this so that we can also help others . God said that He will supply all of our needs .Please keep my family in prayer for financial blessing and I will continue to pray for you all God bless and Love you.
I am requesting that a prayer for my cousin Cely be healed from her siskness at the hospital at New Orleans. Probably stroke. Amen
Please pray for me. I am applying for a Sabbatical leave of absence for the next school year. If it is God’s will may I be granted the request If not, I hope i will find the right decision to make for the next year. Thank you
Lea G
Grretings to you & all your congregation members in the Everlasting name of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
Dear Sister Raquel Reodica ,
I am Indian catholic bachelor , aged 42 yrs working in Jubail , Saudi Arabia. My parents left this world and are in HIS presence. I am lone & i have no brothers & siters. It was God’s will that I should know about your *Mother Ignacia Healing Ministry* <>
Praise & thank the Lord for such ministry . Kindly pray for me for following requests
1. Complete Healing of weak left portion of my body.
2. Complete Healing of my diabetics
3. Purchase of my lost residential property from my gentile neighbour in Hyderabad , India.
4. To bless me with higly God fearing prayer full modest woman as my help mate for rest of my life. Also I will be blessed if you mention your Prayer requests so that I also can pray for you & your congregation members to God of Abraham. We all are brothers & sisters in Lord Jesus Christ. With thanks & best regards Your brother in HIS Vineyard
PRAYING FOR DAUGHTER’S VERY DIFFICULT MARRIAGE. husband is alcoholic, physically, verbally and emotionally abusive to her. two of the children are special needs children. amdg
salamat sa pag email s akin ng eastwind. very timing kasi ito ang panahon na nagbabalik loob ako sa Panginoon at naghahanap ng pwedeng pagkatiwalaan ng aking pananampalataya. Sana makaharap ko rin ng personal si Sr Raquel. Kailangn ko ang tulong sa patuloy na pagpapagaling ko ng ang aking kaluluwa. Dahil sa paglapit ko sa mga manggagamot ay di na kami ng nagkaroon ng katahimikan at pati katawan ko ay ginamit nila upang sapian ng ibang espiritu. sa ngayon ay patuloy pa rin nila akong ginugulo at tinatakot. tanging ang pagrorosario at holy water ang sandata ko. di ko na masabi sa asawa dahil sobra siyang mag-alala. ang alam niya ay wala na. pero ang tutuo nararamdaman ko pa rin sila paminsan minsan. pilit ko lang pinaglalabanan. gusto ko ng mawala ito at mamuhay ng normal at naglilingkod sa Dyos. Sobrang gipit pa kami ngayon kaya di ako makaalis upang humungi ng tulong. kahit ang pagkain namin ay hirap na rin kami. at naawa na ako sa mga anak ko. lalo na sa anak kong may autism, pineal cyst at hypothyroidism. sana matulungan nyo ako. kung ano ang dapat kong gawin kasi kinakaya ko lang ito sa sarili ko.Salamat ng marami.
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