MEDIATRIX MIRACLE OF THE SUN LINKED TO FATIMA * Pulsating Sun Stuns Witnesses * (new version 2)

Pulsating Sun Stuns Witnesses (see 10-second Youtube)
Happened the same day exactly 100 years after Fatima
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by Bernie V. Lopez,
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Matalam, North Cotabato. On December 13, 2017, witnesses screamed as the sun pulsated like a disco light with many colors. This was EXACTLY 100 YEARS AGO  OF THE MIRACLE OF THE SUN IN FATIMA, October 13, 1917, linking and relating the two events – Our Lady of Fatima in Portugal and Our Lady Mediatrix of All Grace in Lipa. 2017 is the 100-year anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima.
In Matalam, at the Shrine of Our Lady Mediatrix of All Grace (see photo), the Miracle of the Pulsating Sun happened after a concelebrated mass led by Kidapawan Bishop Colin Bagaforo. First hand witnesses interviewed by this author reported that the sun became bright and dim intermittently, as the corona changed to different colors. 
Watch the ten-second footage on Youtube. In spite of the poor visual quality due to the bright sun on the camera, the audio reveals the screams of the stunned viewers –
Another link between Fatima and Lipa was witnessed by Anacleta Trivino – the Mediatrix statue in the Carmelite Convent in Lipa sheding tears on the day Fatima visionary Lucia was dying. (Source – The Wonders of Lipa, by Dr. Francisco Villanueva, Jr.).
The link between Fatima and Lipa has vast geopolitical implications, related to Saint John Paul II’s Ecclesia in Asia, which cites three phases in global evangelization – the First Millennium (31 AD or Christ’s death to 1000 AD), in the Old World, the Second Millennium (1001 to 2000 AD), in the New World, and the Third Millennium (2001 to 3000 AD), in Asia. 
Although the Mediatrix devotion had its origins decades ago, as in Belgium in the 1930s, and in China in 1946, it was in Lipa where the first miracles occurred – the apparitions to visionary Sister Teresing Castilla, a Carmelite postulant, and the shower of rose petals bearing religious images. Pope Francis embraced the Mediatrix statue during his visit to Tacloban. Pope Francis looks up to the Philippines, as the only Christian nation in Asia, to lead the Third Millennium thrust.
The Apparitons are under question but the devotion is allowed by the Church.
In the first investigation back in the 50s, the Vatican declared the Lipa apparitions as ‘not of supernatural origin’. But this was questioned when a Bishop involved in the final report, on his deathbed, recanted his statement, written under pressure from then Papal Nuncio Vagnozzi. More Filipino bishops who signed the report recanted subsequently.
Due to mounting protests, the Vatican conducted a second investigation, which was again questioned because 1) the date of announcement was prior to the date of approval, 2) it was not clear who really disapproved the authenticity of miracles, Pope Pius XII or just some cardinals using his name. To both questions, the Vatican was silent. 
But there is no problem. In spite of these negative Vatican pronouncements, the Mediatrix devotion is growing rapidly because both the Vatican and the CBCP have issued statements that THE APPARITIONS ARE UNDER QUESTION BUT THE DEVOTION IS ALLOWED BY THE CHURCH.
Satan is working hard against the Mediatrix devotion because it is the key to Pope Francis’ Third Millennium thrust. It opens doors in the evangelization of Asia. An informal survey of Filipino bishops and priests nationwide reveals that more than 90% believe in the Mediatrix but are silent in fear of Vatican sanctions. The few vocal ones campaigning against it say the devotion and Sr. Teresing are the works of the devil, when they are the ones accused of being inadvertent agents of the devil, by suppressing a devotion allowed by the Church. Sr. Teresing, like St. Therese of the Flower and Padre Pio, was tormented by the devil. 
by Bernie V. Lopez,
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