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In a Potential South-China-Sea Confrontation
Chinese Hypersonic Missiles VS American E-Bombs
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by Bernie V. Lopez,
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What would happen if there is a US-China confrontation in the South China Sea, the hottest naval hot-spot today? No one will ever know because there are secret weapons on both sides the other knows nothing about. But we can make educated guesses based on existing super weapons posted in the Internet. Let us focus on two super weapons.
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There are three mega-sources of oil and gas in the ascending Asia Pacific which can rival the descending sources in the Middle East. These are South China Sea, Celebes Sea, and Benham Rise.
The best actions for Filipinos to adopt are –
Stay neutral. Do not side with China or the US.
Do not show fear. Show defiance against China as Vietnam is doing. Be brave.
Prayers can avert wars and disasters. Organize peace prayer groups. Pray hard.

Chinese Hypersonic Missiles
China has a seeming edge over the US on Hypersonic Missiles. As far back as 2009, the US Naval institute reported that China had developed conventional long-range hypersonic (many times the speed of sound) missiles capable of taking out an aircraft carrier “in one hit and (there is no) defense against it (currently as of this writing).”
Today, nine years later, it is not known if the US has a counter-weapon. The Chinese Dong Feng missile (East Wind, bearing the author’s nom de plume) is known to have speeds of up to Mach 10 (ten times the speed of sound), where an entire carrier group will have no time to react. These missiles can be scattered in a wide area and launched by mobile trucks, to avoid counter-measures. The US is known to be developing Mach 20 missiles in response, and has come out with the Blackswift Mach 6 UAV. But it is no longer important which is faster. Both can retaliate in another area quickly, a preview to World War III.


The Dong Feng 26, seen after the 2015 Beijing military parade. (Source – Dong-Feng_26)
The U.S. Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) Bomb
The US has a seeming edge over China on E-bombs. A nuclear blast produces an electro-magnetic pulse (EMP) whose radius is far greater than those of the blast itself or the radiation. This wave can disrupt electronic and electrical devices in a wide area, affecting everyday life – train schedules, hospitals, cellphones, laptops, and computers. Since our society is almost totally dependent on electronic devices, the EMP can paralyze an entire city.
But you don’t need a nuclear blast to get a mega-EMP. The US has been working with Boeing on smaller non-nuclear EMP bomb prototypes delivered by conventional low-tech artillery (high precision targets are not critical). “It’s known as the Counter-electronics High-powered Microwave Advanced Missile Project, or CHAMP for short. These produce an effect similar to EMP, but using powerful batteries or reacting chemicals to produce HPM (High Power Microwaves).
“One weapon can be deployed inside a 155mm diameter shell. It is claimed one version of the system could destroy the electronics of an entire city. The U.S. has also been working with Boeing to make a specialist non-nuclear artillery shell that could wipe out all the electronics in a specific target” (say, the military nerve center of the enemy rendered blind). (Source – EMP-bombs).
China, Russia, and North Korea have been working on similar prototypes, speeding up the arms race on EMP bombs, a possible prelude to World War III.


How the old proto-type works – the stator winding is a battery-driven coil which produces an intense magnetic field, which the blast short-circuits, producing an EMP blast with a large radius. (Source – e-bomb3)
The Eagle Versus the Dragon
Let us pose two questions. First, would a US e-bomb have time to react to neutralize a Chinese hypersonic missile on a first-strike basis? If there are several Chinese missiles from scattered places, the first strike is neutralized. Second, can a US first-strike e-bomb neutralize the entire Chinese armed forces by simply hitting its nerve center, or vice versa, Chinese e-bomb vs US hypersonics? We will never know until the situation arises. There are other super weapons we have not talked about.
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by Bernie V. Lopez,
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