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Both Military and Economic Invasions
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By Bernie V. Lopez,
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As you read this article, the Marian prophecy is actually being fulfilled by many ongoing events, both military and economic invasions.
God-given prophecies, especially of future disasters, are not absolute. They may or may not be fulfilled, depending on how we pray and atone for sins. The Lord can reverse or ‘cancel’ a prophecy of doom. He can change His mind when He sees us repent. Our prayers can thus avert future disasters.


Our Lady Mediatrix of All Grace told the prophecy to visionary Sister Teresing Castillo, a postulant in the Carmelite Order in Lipa City, of a looming ‘invasion’ of the Philippines by China, announced by Cardinal Vidal, former Archbishop of Lipa.. The message to Sr. Teresing was given on the 33rd year anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima, October 17, 1949, establishing the link between Fatima and the Mediatrix. The message read –


In October 17, 1949, Our Lady Mediatrix said, quoting Sister Teresing, “Pray hard, for China’s dream is to invade the whole world. The Philippines is one of its favorites.” (Source – Inquirer, July 13, 2014).


The economic invasion became visible with the infamous ZTE controversy in 2007. The government’s Philippine National Broadband Network forged the US$330 million (Php16.5 billion) NBN-ZTE deal. ZTE is a Chinese multinational telecom equipment giant. President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (GMA) was forced to suspend the deal due to the bribery scandal.


The bigger global issue with ZTE and Huawei, another giant, was not over corruption but over cyber attacks and espionage. In 2012, the US banned trade with ZTE and Huawei due to violations of trade sanctions against Iran. (Source – huawei-zte-incur-wrath-washington). Australia, New Zealand, and Britain also banned the use of Huawai equipment in its 5G, 4G, and 3G programs. In December 2018, Japan announced the ban on government purchase contracts with ZTE and Huawei, due to “fears of intelligence leaks and cyber attacks” (Source – japan-tipped-to-ban-huawei-zte).


The State Grid Corporation of China is the majority stockholder of our National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP), which funds, manages and distribute power nationwide. This private firm may affect national security if controlled by foreigners.


There is now a move to bring a third Telco provider is to break the Smart-Globe duopoly. The ongoing (December 2018) billion-peso bid for the third Telco is feared by many as another potential Chinese ‘invasion’. China Telecom, reputed to have the blessings of Duterte, has partnered with local corporations as one of six bidders, a wrestling match among giants. China Telecom is part of the State-owned China Telecommunications Corp., which has a staggering 153 million internet customers. The third Telco is viewed by many as a giant that can easily overshadow Smart and Globe combined, who are accused of having one of the slowest broadband speed in Asia.


The third Telco has both advantages and disadvantages. It can dramatically improve broadband speed and quality and bring down prices. It may also be a venue for cyber attacks and espionage from the outside. The Telcos are strategic areas of political and national security importance.


It must be clarified that the US and other rich nations have been invading the Philippines economically in the last 5 decades. China the new player can, however, trigger an economic tsunami never before seen.


On the aspect of a military ‘invasion’, this is actually an ongoing affair in the South China Sea, with China’s occupation of islets and shoals claimed by the Philippine, Vietnam, Taiwan and Japan. These occupations are military in nature because they involve the building of airports and seaports capable of hosting warplanes, warships, missile siloes and rapid troop movements.  These facilities are a form of military invasion because they are unilateral and confiscatory, without dialogues or agreements with the other claimant nations.


Prayer for Peace


The Carmelite Sisters of Lipa have been praying for China ever since that Marian prophecy, for they believe peace can still be attained through prayers. Marian Devotees are asking Pope Francis to consecrate China to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, just as St. John Paul II, the first Fatima Pope, consecrated Russia in 1984, which led to the first-ever visit of a Russian leader (Gorbachev) to the Vatican, to the restoration of religious freedom in Russia, and to the end of the Cold War after the collapse of the Berlin Wall. The consecration of China by Pope Francis, the ‘second Fatima Pope’, will hopefully lead to an era of peace in the Asia Pacific Region.


China’s ‘Nine-Dash’ initiative, claiming 80% of South China Sea, hugging the entire western flank of the Philippine coastline, affirms the prophecy’s statement, “the Philippines (as) one of (China’s) favorites”.  


Learning lessons from the dialogue of St. John Paul II and Gorbachev, strategic diplomatic moves of the Philippines in dealing with China must be balanced with prayers, spiritual and temporal wisdoms. What the shrewdest diplomatic strategies cannot attain, simple prayers may be able to. For nothing is impossible for the Lord.


by Bernie V. Lopez,
Blogger/Columnist-Journalist-Broadcaster, 35 years / Healing Ministry, 27 years
Inquirer * Business World * Manila Times * Manila Chronicle * Radio Veritas
Healing Ministry of Srs. Raquel/Gloria, RVM * for healing inquiries send email








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