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Acupressure for Inner Peace and against Stress
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by Bernie V. Lopez, eastwindreplyctr@gmail.com
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There was once a flu epidemic that spread quickly like wildfire through many towns in Japan. Local government officials were in panic, requesting for help from the health department, which was helpless to contain it. The situation got a lot of media coverage.


Then, it came out in the newspapers that there was a small village where people had no flu. Health experts visited the town to find out why. They discovered that it was a practice in that village to place sliced onions exposed to the air on the dinner table. Lab tests revealed that sliced onions attracted all kinds of bacteria and viruses and killed them instantly. It must be an ethnic practice, the wisdom of ancient people defying our modern age of chemical medicine which are expensive and which at times have bad effects. Some articles questioned the veracity of onions as an anti-flu vehicle, but they argued that onions could not cure the flu. In reality, it PREVENTED RATHER CURED the flu by attracting bacteria and viruses BEFORE NOT AFTER they infected people.


The pharmaceutical multinationals must be squirming because if this news spreads out, they will lose millions in income from flu medicines. Help make this news viral in the Internet. Forward this to friends. Let us teach people the simple inexpensive ways of health.


Let us advocate for natural organic medicine, not as a replacement but as a complement to chemical medicine. A friend tells me about his sister, who came home from California. She developed a bad knee and spent thousands of pesos for consultations and expensive lab tests and medicine who failed to help her. My friend brought her to a manghihilot (native herbal and massage health paramedic), who had no knowledge of the science of medicine but had the intuition of a healer from wisdom passed on to him by his father. For a miserly 200 pesos and two days of hilot (massage), his sister walked away happy.


Turmeric (yellow ginger) is known as a magical cure-all. It is a powerful antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory properties. It can detoxify organs like the liver and pancreas. It improves degenerating brain functions and delays incurable Alzheimer’s and Dementia, and many more.


The active ingredient in turmeric is curcumin. Pharmas argue that it is only 3% in raw form and, even if you take a ton, it has little help. You have to buy their expensive turmeric powder with high concentration of curcumin. But new research have discovered how to harness the power of curcumin without buying expensive powder.


Here is how it is done, which you can do at home. Buy half a kilo of inexpensive yellow ginger. No need to remove skin. Remove dark spots and bumps. Break into small pieces for easier blending. Wash well and drip-dry before using a cheese grater. Let it air-dry on the dinner table for 3 days to remove the acidity, so your stomach will not complain. Add virgin coconut oil or VCO, not too much, and black pepper. Use a blender to make it into a fine paste. The VCO and black pepper increase the extraction of curcumin five-fold. Put in the freezer as half a kilo is already a month’s supply.


Take half to one cube a day on a cup of warm or room-temperature water. Do not boil or add very hot water, so it remains ‘virgin’ and active ingredients are not destroyed. Eat the turmeric residue. If the turmeric powder you buy is not virgin, active ingredients are lost. Brush your teeth after drinking as turmeric affects the enamel. Also wash immediately the cup and all equipment you used, as the yellow stain is hard to remove if not washed right away. Finally, take plenty of water to wash away the toxins. You are on your way to using a powerful home-made organic cure-all which can heal many of your ailments in one shot. In Batanes, they make delicious ‘yellow fried rice’ with turmeric. Please forward this to friends to help them.


Bernie V. Lopez, eastwindreplyctr@gmail.com
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