Geopolitical Role of Our Lady Mediatrix * The 3 powder kegs in Asia – Hongkong, Nokor, SCS

The 3 powder kegs in Asia – Hongkong, Nokor, SCS 
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By Bernie V. Lopez,
Freelance blogger, retired columnist Philippine Daily Inquirer
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There are presently three powder keg situations in Asia to watch out for. First, new US weapons acquired by South Korea, if deep-penetrating, may force a Nokor nuclear response. Second, the Hongkong mega-protests are growing rapidly into a monster China may have difficulty to handle. Third, future incidents similar to the Philippine fishing boat tragedy may results in people killed. All these three scenarios may easily trigger a US response that may easily escalate into a US-Sino confrontation in the South China Sea (SCS), which may result in tens of thousands of Filipinos as casualties. The key to peace in Asia is benevolence, not belligerence. Our Lady Mediatrix of All Grace has a key geopolitical role in all these.



The Geopolitical Role of Our Lady Mediatrix Towards Peace in Asia


This is old news but worth remembering. Former Lipa Archbishop Cardinal Vidal announced to all Philippine bishops the message from Our Lady Mediatrix of All Grace “PRAY HARD, FOR CHINA’S DREAM IS TO INVADE THE WHOLE WORLD. THE PHILIPPINES IS ONE OF ITS FAVORITES.” (Inquirer July 13, 2014). However, ‘invasion’ is a misleading term. The ‘invasion’ may be financial rather than military. China is the Lord’s target for ‘conversion’ through the Mediatrix to bring peace in Asia. But ‘conversion’ is not to make her Christian, which is impossible, but to make her benevolent rather than belligerent, goodwill rather than force. We must convince China that this is the key to peace and economic growth in Asia, not militarism. The Chinese doves must win over the hawks.


The apparition of Our Lady Mediatrix in Lipa City in 1948 is one of the most important Marian events of history after Fatima in 1917. The shift focuses from the Old World (Fatima) to Asia (Lipa) in the Church’s global evangelization. The Philippines, the only Christian nation in Asia, plays a key role. Our Lady Mediatrix of Lipa is the launching pad for the spread of the Church in Asia, especially in China. Satan, in panic and fear, is trying hard to derail the Mediatrix devotion because of its powerful geopolitical influence.


George Ty of Metrobank was commissioned by the Chinese Government to develop two villages in Nanjing, China. He was given permission to build a modest church there. His architect, who, not by coincidence, helped build the Carmelite church in Lipa, suggested to enshrine Our Lady Mediatrix in Nanjing. Ty agreed. His wife, Mrs. Ty visited the Mediatrix shrine and Lipa, and reported feeling the Lady’s healing energy. Thus, Our Lady Mediatrix now has a ‘foothold’ in China, the emerging superpower, one of the largest global economies, a major player in carving Asia’s economic destiny.


Mediatrix is the New Fatima


Two Miracles in Mindanao is proof that the Mediatrix is the New Fatima for Asia. The first is the Miracle of the Flood in New Bataan, Compostela Valley. The photo reveals how Our Lady Mediatrix faced the oncoming 10-foot high mudflow and froze it, saving thousands of refugees downstream. Two altar boys reported that the Mediatrix two-foot statue bolted the locked Megan Hall and rode the flood on a vertical position to the parish gate, and turned around to face the flood.


The second is the Miracle of the Sun in Matalam, North Cotabato, which occurred, EXACT TO THE HOUR AND THE DAY of the same miracle in Fatima a hundred years ago, the centennial anniversary. Finally, a witness saw the original Mediatrix statue in Lipa shed tears, when Fatima visionary Lucia was dying (Source – Mary, Mediatrix of All Grace, by Rene C. de Jesus).


The Woman and the Serpent


The Bible speaks of the ‘enmity’ between the Woman (Our Lady) and the serpent (Satan), and says the Woman shall crush its head with her foot. This age-old enmity is now manifested in the war between Our Lady Mediatrix and Satan. The Woman, Our Lady Mediatrix, shall prevail. This is the reason behind the Mediatrix House-to-House campaign, to bring Jesus, her Son closer to homes and families, just like the Fatima campaign a decade or so ago.


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