THE OBSESSION TO GO VIRAL * The Commercial versus the Spiritual

Go beyond the commercial. Go spiritual
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By Bernie V. Lopez,
Freelance blogger, retired columnist Philippine Daily Inquirer


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Going viral is a means, not an end. If you go viral but your message is junk or irrelevant, you are just satisfying your ego or you have an inner profit motive. You just want to get famous or rich. That’s okay, but beyond the commercial is the spiritual. A million hits on a nice joke has less social value than 10,000 hits on an inspiring message that touches the heart. The message sometimes matters more than the number of hits. Think of the world and society, rather than just yourself, your profits, when you post in the Internet. Touch others. Go spiritual beyond the commercial.


That’s the serious side of Social Media. However, we are not always serious, so there is room for fun, jokes, humor and trivia provided we do not harm or hurt or become unjust to others. If we post a personal secret of a friend, that is a privacy violation. And it is a very serious injustice if it goes viral and a million readers see it. One can ruin the reputation or entire life or career of another with such serious violations.


The Internet, as a communication tool, or call it a ‘weapon’, is like a double–edged sword. It can inspire or agitate, It can give fake news or good news. It can build or destroy. It is a weapon of terrorists, missionaries, businessmen, politicians. It can spy on and sabotage enemies. Cyber wars are a daily occurrence. Big digital corporations amass billions of user data clandestinely and sell them to big unscrupulous clients. You don’t know it, but you may be in their massive data base. Privacy, which is sacred to users, is compromised.


Billions of people use the Internet daily for varying purposes. It is a monstrous system that defies time and location. The Internet is the most powerful communications tool ever in the whole of human history. It brings together billions of people daily, the ultimate convergence of human consciousness. Teilhard de Chardin, SJ, French Theologian, said this convergence is CHRISTO-CENTRIC, meaning all moving towards Christ.


You can reach millions instantly while walking down the street. It gives intimacy among millions of OFWs with their families thousands of miles away. It has made global stars of unknown singers in a blink of an eye. You can make millions selling a magic product. You can also fool people to buy lemon products. In the end, it must reflect the triumph of good over evil, to be relevant to Mankind, not just yourself.


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