THE WAR BETWEEN JESUS AND LUCIFER * We are all tightly interconnected

We are all tightly interconnected in this war.
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By Bernie V. Lopez,
Freelance blogger, retired columnist Philippine Daily Inquirer
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At the Mother Ignacia Healing Center in Novaliches, Philippines, the heavy steel life-size statue of St. Michael the Archangel, arch-enemy of Lucifer, mysteriously fell from its garden pedestal. Sr. Raquel Reodica, RVM, said it was an omen of the war between Christ and Satan that rages not just in the Middle East, but inside each of us. And this 2,000-year-old war is now intensifying.


Today, that statue stands outside the adoration chapel where hundreds of terminal-cancer patients are healed, standing guard against Lucifer’s forces. It is scary to imagine that everything good and violent happening today is due to this war. Sr. Raquel says we must pray and do penance for Good to prevail over Evil in our hearts and on our planet. Mankind is at stake.




This war has been raging for centuries. No one sees it but it is everywhere. It is invisible yet omnipresent. It rages globally among nations and individually within our hearts all at once. Today, more than ever, it is intensifying in our age of conflict and confusion. It is inducing a crisis within the highest echelons of the Church, as prophesied by Our Lady of Fatima. In the Internet, today’s most powerful communications tool, we watch eloquent wolves guised as sheep who confuse us, who commit blasphemy, as prophesied by Jesus.


Here is a quick overview of our planet on a tailspin. Drugs are slowly destroying our society. Proxy wars among giant nations lasting many years (Syria) massacre children and women through indiscriminate bombings. As a result, the flow of refugees from war-torn areas in the east to affluent societies in the west is causing violent civil wars in large cities (Paris, London, LA). War is now imported from far flung deserts right into the very backyards of affluent societies. Abortion, the murder of unborn children, is now legal in most places worldwide, competing with the number of casualties of wars and pandemics.


So-called evangelists, who become rich overnight, mutilate Biblical messages and have large followings. Pandemics baffle health experts as new rapidly evolving viruses elude cure. Greed prevails over sharing in our age of diminishing resources, causing energy wars over pipelines and oil rigs. The intensifying cyber war reflects the war between Jesus and Lucifer. Evil and Good lurk in cyberspace.
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