SIMPLE EMERGENCY TREATMENT OF DENGUE * New Version – Easy to Learn Primer * Please pass to save lives

The government has declared a state of national emergency due to dengue as of Aug. 3, 2019.
Dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) is caused by a virus which attacks the blood and induces internal bleeding, which can cause death. There is no cure except a strong immunity system with the help of simple remedies and diet. The virus is carried by the dengue mosquito Aedes Aegypti transmitted to humans, which spreads rapidly during lingering dry seasons.
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  • Death toll is high because people do not know how to detect it right away. You can mistake it as ordinary fever. Children are very vulnerable.
  • Find out right away if it is dengue as soon as there is fever, especially in epidemic areas. Dengue begins with high fever. If fever goes down within 4 to 5 days, it may mean dengue has become serious. If it is too late, it can kill.
  • To detect dengue instantly at home due to fever, apply a tourniquet – tie a handkerchief around the upper arm, then twist with a pencil to tighten. Small red dots should appear in the skin near the tied area if one is infected. This does not always work, especially if tied loosel, or if it is the early stages of incubation-infection.
  • To be more sure and safer, rush the suspected victim immediately to the nearest hospital for a blood test. If the platelet count is low, it can cause internal bleeding which can kill the victim. Platelets are blood cells that cause clotting and prevent continuous bleeding. Monitor the platelet count with regular blood tests.
  • Consult a doctor.
  • There is no cure for dengue, except a strong immunity system through plenty of rest and sleep, and plenty of water, fruits and leafy vegetables rich in iron. The soup from green kamote shoots (talbos) helps.
  • Plenty of water is very important to avoid dehydration or lack of water in the body, which induces lower platelet count.
  • Buy at the drugstore Oresol or equivalent brands for rehydration or retention of water in the body. Keep a supply in epidemic areas.
  • Or make the tea from the Tawa-tawa leaves, also known as Gatas-gatas (Euphorbia Hirta). It also increases platelet count. Ask herbalists, who can help you identify the wild herb and where it grows. Or see if it is available in certain stores, like SM.
  • In places with no drugstore offering mosquito repellant, use ordinary coconut oil to prevent being bitten by dengue mosquitoes.
  • Dengue mosquito bites at daytime. Avoid places with stagnant water like creeks and ponds, or areas where there are many victims. Ask the local government to spray these waters.
  • Isolate victims from other members of the family, as a dengue mosquito can bite a victim and transmit it to others.
  • Find out if your town has or is going towards a dengue epidemic, hinted by many deaths. Consider moving to relatives in non-epidemic areas.
Let us pray to Jesus and Mother Mary to contain this growing epidemic, which can kill many, sometimes more than a typhoon or an earthquake. amdg.


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