Papal heresy as black propaganda – Part 2 * Guidelines in discerning Satan’s ploys

Guidelines in Discerning Satan’s Ploys
PART 1 deals with a first ‘open letter’ proliferated by Life Site News. The original headline/title has been changed to the above, to relate part 1 to 2.
PART 2 (this article) deals with a second ‘open letter’ proliferated by the National Catholic Register (NCR). To read part 1, go to the link at the end of this article.


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By Bernie V. Lopez,
Blogger / retired Inquirer columnist / Healing Ministry
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First, a warning from our Lord, who prophesied our ongoing crisis
Many will come in my name, claiming, ‘I am the Messiah,’ and will deceive many. Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places. All these are the beginning of birth pains. Then you will be handed over to be persecuted. Many will turn away from the faith and will betray and hate each other. Many false prophets will appear and deceive many people. Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold, but the one who stands firm to the end will be saved. Matthew 24:10-14 (excerpts).


beware the wolf in sheep’s clothing
snakes in red robes
demons in white robes
with wings and halos
learn to discern truth and falsehood
sincerity and deception
hidden in eloquence and smiles
pray to the Holy Spirit
for the wisdom of discernment
in our troubled world


It must first be clarified that the Pope is not beyond criticism. He is human and makes mistakes. Many of the issues against him can be valid. He can be wrong. True criticism is encouraged but misinformation and adversity is not.


In the 14th century, St. Catherine of Siena openly criticized Pope Gregory XI, which resolved a grave crisis, the so-called ‘Great Schism’, a ‘war’ between two rival Popes. There is room for constructive criticism against the Vatican to achieve reforms that cause the crisis, but we must not resort to insults, unfounded accusations, and adversity, that would desecrate what Jesus himself founded through the first Pope, St. Peter. If we do, we become part of the crisis Satan is fighting hard for.


Today, we are in the midst of a gnawing crisis within the Church, as prophesied by Our Lady of Fatima and Our Lady Mediatrix of All Grace. Satan is working double time to sow conflict and confusion to deepen the crisis. In the Internet, anti-Church articles go viral, and we become victims and tools of Satan without knowing it by SHARING WITHOUT UNDERSTANDING what we receive. Sadly, the conflict between Conservatives and Liberals, from Pope to Cardinals to Priests to the Laity is reaching a frenzy of, not calm dialogues, but violent tirades. Adversity and misinformation reign in Cyberspace.


Here are some guidelines –
  • DO NOT BELIEVE AND BE EASILY SWAYED BY ARTICLES WHICH ARE ELOQUENT ON THE SURFACE BUT VAGUE AND EMPTY. The complex, ambiguous, lengthy second open letter is an example. See the link at the end of this article. The ability to distinguish good from bad articles, true and face news, is a complex task needing your time. If you have no time, no patience, or understanding, do not join the ‘war’.
  • DO NOT SHARE QUESTIONABLE ARTICLES WHICH ARE NOT VALIDATED, as you may become a tool of the devil without knowing it.
  • DO NOT EASILY BELIEVE ‘OPEN LETTERS’ BY ‘EXPERT’ THEOLOGIANS SIGNED BY A HOST OF ‘CREDIBLE’ SCHOLARS AND WRITERS. Signature campaigns can be a game, forever ongoing, signed by many people who do not even read details or understand the issues. Signatures only aim to give an impression of many followers. It’s the band wagon effect.
  • DO NOT BE EASILY SWAYED EVEN IF THE ARTICLES COME FROM CARDINALS. Remember there is a widening war even among cardinals and archbishops on both sides.
  • The best attitude is, if you are confused or suspect you are being brainwashed or fooled, DO NOT JOIN THE ‘WAR’ YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND. SIMPLY PRAY FOR BOTH SIDES. Trust in the Lord to solve the crisis. He will prevail.
  • IF A CARDINAL IS FOUND GUILTY OF SEX ABUSE, DO NOT MAKE THIS THE BASIS OF YOU LEAVING THE CHURCH. Your faith is weak if it depends on the sins of others. Your  faith is between you and the Lord. Pray to him to strengthen your faith.
led by a Dominican theologian, and proliferated by the National Catholic Register (NCR).


Reading through the second letter, I saw the name Theodore McCarrick, an ex-Cardinal defrocked by Pope Francis, a historic move. It was the first time a prestigious Cardinal got the axe. (Get the link to the article below.). There was a lot of pressure for Pope Francis to reply to the mounting accusations of protecting prelates found guilty of sexual abuse, which perhaps influenced him to defrock McCarrick. He was accused of reacting late, but he did finally react.


The NCR article says They (the open letter) also link his (Pope Francis) purported rejection of some Church teachings with his favor shown to bishops and cardinals found guilty of abuse or covering up for abuse and corruption, such as Cardinals Theodore McCarrick, Godfried Danneels, Donald Wuerl and Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga.” ( The link to the entire second letter is given at the end of this article.


Clarification No. 1.
I find it a bit far-fetched to relate heresy to protecting cardinal accused of child abuse. What ‘Church teachings’ is he talking about ? Specify. This is an issue not of heresy but of a flaw in policy or judgement. Secondly, Pope Francis already corrected himself and defrocked McCarrick, so why insist on the accusation? Why mention it at all, when Pope Francis already dealt with the matter finally?


Clarification No. 2.
The article quotes the open letter, “(‘Such words and actions’) amount to a comprehensive rejection of Catholic teaching on marriage and sexual activity, on the moral law, and on grace and the forgiveness of sins.” Again, this is vague and is not necessarily related to heresy. Please explain your point in detail.


Clarification No. 3.
Same article citing the open letter. “(Pope) Francis has on occasions ‘knowingly and persistently’ denied what he knows is divine revealed Church teaching.” Again, this is far-fetched and vague. What ‘Church teaching’? Specify and relate to his being a ‘heretic’.


Clarification No. 4.
Finally, the article gives the link to the lengthy ‘open letter’, which is practically unintelligible to the layman, whose claims are vague or unfounded. Read for yourself in the link shown below.


Jesus gives us advice how to deal with the Church crisis –
Be as shrewd as snakes and as gentle as doves. I send you out like sheep among wolves. Be on your guard; you will be handed over to the local councils and be flogged in the synagogues.  On my account you will be brought before governors and kings.  When they arrest you, you shall be endowed with the Spirit of your Father speaking through you. Matthew 10:16-20.


Link to Part 1 –


Link to the original lengthy hard-to-read second open letter –


Link to the article citing Pope Francis defrocked McCarrick (New York Times Feb. 2019) –


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