Mediatrix is the continuation of Fatima
China, the New World Power
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Todate, many are still confused on the stand of the Vatican and the CBCP on the miracles surrounding Our Lady Mediatrix of All Grace. Here is an update to clarify the issue once and for all.


Although the Vatican did not confirm the authenticity of the Mediatrix apparitions, which happened back in 1948 in Lipa City, it did not ban the Mediatrix devotion, as affirmed by a recent declaration of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP).


The same situation happened to Our Lady of Fatima. It took 20-odd years for the Vatican to finally declare the Fatima apparitions as authentic. Meanwhile, the devotion spread like wildfire even in the absence of confirmation of authenticity of the apparitions. That is how the Church works, super-cautious, so it does not make a misdeclaration.


This CBCP declaration giving a go-signal to the Mediatrix devotion is important because of its geopolitical role. FATIMA CONTINUES INTO THE MEDIATRIX AS THE CHURCH’S NEW GOAL OF GLOBAL EVANGELIZATION. Whereas, Fatima focused on the West and the ‘conversion’ of Russia as the way to peace, the Mediatrix now focuses in the East and the ‘conversion’ of China. ‘Conversion’ does not mean making China Christian. It means allowing Christian devotion (freedom of religion), and having goodwill with other nations, not economic exploitation or militarization.


China, the New World Power


As one world power wains, the other rises. There are two flash points in Asia today. First is North Korea, where there is a nuclear stand-off. Economic sanctions, condemned as a form of genocide that have enhanced a protracted famine, have made North Korea more defiant and has increased rather than dissipated nuclear weapons production, the same as in Iran. Draw not fear from your enemies, rather love.


Second is the West Philippine Sea, where US nuclear warships and warplanes are eyeball-to-eyeball with China’s many new naval bases, equipped with nuclear missiles, potential or actual. One small accident can cause a nuclear confrontation, whose majority casualties will be Filipinos, not Americans or Chinese.


Mediatrix is the key to peace, not US military response, not Chinese military presence. Let Our Lady handle the problem. She will do so only if we pray to her. Pope Francis can offer China to Our Lady Mediatrix, as John Paul II did for Russia to Our Lady of Fatima. Two ‘Fatima interventions’ occurred towards global peace. First, Gorbachev, after a first-ever visit of the Kremlin to the Vatican, re-opened churches in Russia. Second, the Berlin wall fell and the Russian empire disintegrated, ending the Cold War.


prayers can be more powerful
than sophisticated weapons
or the shrewdest geopolitical strategies


Signs that Mediatrix is the Continuation of Fatima
  • On its centennial anniversary, the famous Fatima miracle of the sun was duplicated in a Mediatrix shrine in Matalam, North Cotabato exact to the hour and the day.
  • When Fatima visionary Sr. Lucia was dying, a woman witnessed the miraculous Mediatrix statue in the Lipa Carmelite Convent shedding tears of blood.
  • In a historic visit of the Mediatrix image brought by hundreds of devotees to the Korean Demilitarized Zome (DMZ), the leaders of both North and South shook hands and signed a historic peace treaty, a repeat of Gorbachev restoring the Church in Russia after his historic visit to Saint John Paul II, the ‘Fatima Pope’.
  • A life-sized Mediatrix statue was installed in a church in Nanjing, China, quite by ‘accident’ when the Chinese Government awarded development contracts to Metrobank for two villages. This is Our Lady’s ‘foothold’ in China, the first ever.
The Philippines has a special role in the evangelization of the East, being the only Christian country in the whole of Asia. Pope Francis relies on the Philippines Church as the launching pad for Asian evangelization.


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By Bernie V. Lopez,
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