The U.S. Media has been subtly brainwashing the American public for so long, and they hardly know it. Thus, the average American develops hatred for U.S. ‘enemies’ for the wrong reasons. The powerful U.S. Media is actually fueling the Middle East war by dominating the global media. 

Correcting some misperception, U.S. Media portrays Soleimani as a ‘terrorist’ to justify his assassination. All enemies of the US are ‘terrorists’. Assassinations ordered by the US President are war crimes, now becoming a trend. Soleimani is funding and arming and rescuing the rebel Houthis of Kuwait because they are the victims of genocide. The Saudi Air Force have been indiscriminately bombing their villages, with US support, to protect precious oil interests. Due to the US media, the American public sees a wrong picture.


US and Israeli Media claim Iran is out to control the entire Middle East to justify a future invasion. On the contrary, the US, 3,000 miles away, wants to dominate the entire Middle East to corner the oil. Iran merely wants to protect their fellow Shiites in Kuwait. Waging a proxy war with drones leaves the US with very little casualties, while they massacre Middle Eastern people. Again, few Americans do not see this. The role of the US media is to justify US actions based on vested interests.


The Ongoing Middle East War


The American public must understand the big picture hidden from them, that there is an ongoing war in the entire Middle East between Sunnis and Shiites who hate each other to the core. The Sunnis are comprised of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, parts of Iraq, Syria, etc. The Shiites are comprised of Iran, parts of Iraq, Syria, etc. They are all mixed in and defies border lines. Islamic State is Sunni but are hated by conservative Saudi Sunnis due to oil interests. See the map below. In other words, the Sunni Saudis are killing the Shiite Houthis in Sunni-dominated Kuwait. Shiite Iran is defending the Shiite Houthis. The U.S. supports the Sunni Saudis in Kuwait only for the oil.


Everything boils down to oil. It is a protracted never-ending energy war that may climax into World War III. Non-Muslims align themselves with Sunnis or Shiites according to oil interests. Most do not care about the casualties, only the oil, especially the U.S., which shifts from allies to enemies for convenience, such as in Afghanistan.


Iran has one of the biggest oil-gas resources in the world. The US wants to control this as in the days of the Shah. The purpose of US sanctions on Iran is to make sure those oil and gas are not sold so they can be possessed after a successful invasion of Iran. Again, few Americans see this.


U.S. and Israeli Media may ultimately trigger World War III by justifying the invasion of Iran. Russia will join that war actively to avoid Iran to fall into US hands, because it is the last buffer to the Russian border. Invading Iran is tantamount to World War III. The trigger-happy Pentagon has been staging regular war games on the invasion of Iran in the last decade, which are futile because they hardly know the secret weapons Iran has.


Prayers not Missiles Yield Peace


In the Book of Revelations, Armageddon means the final battle of the most powerful kings on Earth (see poster below). Just like Our Lady of Fatima, this author is an admitted prophet of doom, to bring peace and avoid war through a change of heart. Now, more than ever, Man needs spiritual transformation due to a spiritual crisis.


Prayer is more powerful than missiles to avert war. When a nun from the Daughters of St. Paul went into a trance, she said in a changed voice tone, “I can no longer hold back the hand of my Son. Pray, pray, pray.


Asked by a reader if this is hearsay. I said that I was a first-hand witness to that trance. We just finished saying a decade of the rosary at the home of visionary Carmelo in his San Francisco del Monte home. The voice of the sister changed. She trembled and closed her eyes. Then the voice came out.


In the apparitions to both Brother Carmelo of Our Lady of Grace and Sister Teresing of Our Lady Mediatrix of All Grace, there were showers of petals were seen with religious images etched miraculously on soft petals, like the Trinity, the Santo Nino, etc., a message of hope and peace. Mediatrix in Lipa is considered the continuation of Fatima in Portugal. Fatima addressed peace in the face of Russia. Mediatrix is now addressing peace in the face of China. By eastwind.

661 map – Sunni-Shiite Map of the Middle East
Note. This old map needs to be updated due to massive migrations due to protracted wars.


661 table – Sunni Shiite Mix in Syria


p216 MESSAGE OF MERCY – hiroshima jesuits

p19 MESSAGE OF WRATH – nuke blast revelations

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