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By Bernie V. Lopez,
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There were about 30,000 arrests of violators of quarantine as of April 21. I wonder what they will do with them. Put them in a crowded jail in violation of quarantine? Mass arrests may induce more virus infections than the violations themselves. Dilemma of Pasaways versus Pulis.


The DILG told LGUs not to implement their staggered grocery-market shopping schedule, similar to the color-coding scheme based on the quarantine ID no. The move would induce more social distancing problems.


Real time global statistics by Infographics of Channel News Asia shows 40k US deaths as of April 22. DZMM says this is double of the figure 5 days ago and may double again to 80k in another 5 days or April 27. WRONG!!! IT MAY QUADRUPLE according to exponential mathematics to 160k. By the end of May, it may jump to less than a million. Without substantial remedies and effective interventions on a massive scale, the US death toll may soar to circa 2 million by July, pessimistically. Let us pray for America and the world.


In the next few weeks, the US pandemic casualties may easily dwarf the total of US casualties in World Wars I and II, the Korean, Vietnamese and Afghanistan Wars combined. The US has been waging wars across the globe continuously since 9/11, killing tens of thousands of civilians in indiscriminate bombings with very little of its own casualties, just a few pilots or unpiloted drones. Suddenly, this powerful nations, the lone superpower for decades, is helpless. Is this God’s plan to bring a powerful nation down to its knees? Suddenly, a silent invisible enemy is more powerful than a nuclear multiple warhead. The wars the US exports has boomeranged into a ‘war’ at home, from the cities down to the backyards of remote towns.


Singapore’s COVID test of unique persons (not repeat tests) is around 10,500 per million population. Philippines is 44 and Indonesia 65. The more tests you conduct, the more COVID infection cases you will uncover. If you are short on test kits, a lot of invisible infection may be happening and you don’t know until it explodes. In other words, if you are late in detection due to lack test kits, there may be a surge. So far, with the help of the Philippine Red Cross under Dick Gordon, the testing bottle neck bottleneck is slowly being decongested.


Singapore, a model in effective virus control, suddenly has the virus going viral within a compound of Bangladesh construction workers, living in crowded 20-per-room dorms. They were not on lockdown, so hundreds were infected in a single day. The government however is implementing strict lockdown.


OFW dilemma. The flood of OFWs coming home after many OFW deaths in the UK is worrying the government. There is fear of logistics breakdown and infections soaring. There is not enough budget for the promised free food in quarantine areas. An OFW complained that he had to buy his drinking water and soap. The government is telling the OFWs that maybe it is better not to come home first at this time. The ten million or so OFWs worldwide bringing home $30 million or so a year are suddenly on a crash dive.


Global calls to daily prayers. 1) Three Our Fathers for Our Lady of Medjugorje to intercede for us to the Lord to stop the pandemic. Every 3pm Philippine time. 2) Holy Rosary upon request of Pope Francis. Every 9pm Vatican time. You can pray anywhere anytime. Prayers are the ultimate solution to the pandemic. Bernie V. Lopez,


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