Fatima Visit to DMZ Triggers Peace Pact – Key to Peace in Asia Part 2

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The Key to Peace in Asia – Part 2
U.S. Presence in Korea Prevents Peace and Invites War
by Bernie V. Lopez
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Three months after the statue of Our Lady of Fatima from Rome was displayed in a concelebrated mass 60 miles from the Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), attended by hundreds of Marian devotees, North Korean President Kim Jong Un and South Korea President Moon Jae-in signed a historic peace pact never seen before. Is there a message behind this event that perhaps the key to peace in Asia is more through goodwill than military deployments?


Earlier, on April 2007, 2017, Kim issued nuclear threats against the US and South Korea that North Korea was now capable of deploying missiles to the US continent, sending chills across the planet. On June 5, 2017, three months after the Fatima visit, Kim and Moon suddenly and mysteriously reverted their war-stance. Kim declared “a new history of peace and prosperity”. Moon said, “We made a new beginning of peace for the Korean peninsula and the world.” There was a historic signing hailed by the entire world.


Even if we argue that that ‘historic’ signing was not really that ‘historic’ because of subsequent actions of both Trump and Kim heading towards a confrontation, we become aware that perhaps there are better options than bullets.


Surprisingly, there was a noticeable absence of the U.S. in the Fatima peace pact. It seemed the US wanted war, not peace. It seemed peace was more reachable without an armed superpower hovering above, and South Korea and North Korea were left to themselves to forge peace. The US war stance would bring down Asia, but that is far from US soil.




The US pressured Sokor to build a controversial joint missile naval base in the sleepy village of Gangjeong in Jeju Island, South Korea, 300 kilometers from the Chinese mainland, labelled the Gangjeong Crisis, the Cuban Crisis in reverse aimed at China.


In 2011, construction was halted after seven massive people’s protests, saying the project was not a ‘defense plan’ for South Korea but an ‘offense plan’ against China, and would destabilize the region. The base would host US-made Aegis Combat System, an offensive and defensive missile-destroyer system all at once. Provincial representative Park Weon-cheol also added that the base could potentially host a nuclear US carrier fleet, which can invite future Chinese response. (Source – The Dong-a Ilbo News).


In July 2012, due to US pressures, the South Korea Supreme Court sadly upheld the project. The mega-base can reputedly accommodate twenty warships, not to mention secret missile siloes. If China plans an aggressive response, this may trigger massive covert escalation This US brinkmanship may easily usher in World War III in the blink of an eye.




Hypothetically, if we remove the US bases in South Korea, we are closer to peace, because North Korea will not feel threatened and may even abandon its nuke missile program. The Korean peace pact is thus a good idea. Bullets invite war and goodwill invites peace. However, US bases leaving South Korea is next to impossible because the hawks in South Korea and the US argue that this would invite a North Korea invasion. Sadly, the US bases, the key to war, will never leave Korea, unless there is a future South Korean ruler who will throw them out.


Even if geopolitics mandate a war stance, the peace stance of the Fatima visit is there to challenge geopolitics with goodwill, and sends a clear signal that peace is still somehow achievable. The word ‘somehow’ is the magic word, something only the Lord perhaps can plan. Here is where we turn to the Bible. The Lord was able to save Israelites from its many enemies dozens of times – the Lord of Mercy. But the Lord also punished them for abandoning Him, as in the Bayblonian Exile, where the Lord permitted their enemies to overwhelm and enslave the Israelites for decades – the Lord of Wrath.


So if we talk of addressing peace in Asia, we first have to 1) keep the powerful war hawks at bay, 2) let the doves move in, and 3) let prayer and goodwill rather than hatred and brinkmanship to reign over our hearts, turning to the Queen of Peace to do the impossible.


Watch the Fatima visit to North Korea –  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IwOFWEChyyI&feature=youtu.be


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