Cardinals Suppressed Philippine Church thru Mediatrix


Like all of us, the Vatican Cardinals are also human, sinners or saints or both. The unnamed rogue Cardinals who secretly suppressed the Mediatrix devotion in the Philippines, dead or alive, maliciously or inadvertently, and got away with it, also suppressed the Philippine Church in the process, but only for a moment. It was a momentary victory for Satan. In the end, the Woman prevailed over the Serpent. This the story of how the suppression led to a blossoming of Marian devotion like never before, like an eagle uncaged to take wings.

eastwind journals, October 1, 2021 (archive tr164)

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If you read the second diary of Sr. Teresing, she talks about how the devil tortured her to prevent her from spreading the Mediatrix story. In truth, Satan is scared of the Mediatrix because it is the continuation of the legacy of Fatima, the key to peace through the evangelization of Asia and the ‘conversion’ of China, conversion not to Christianity but to become benevolent to its weaker neighbors.

Pope Paul VI decreed in his Ecclesia in Asia (November 1999) that the First Millennium (birth of Christ to 1000 AD) focused on the evangelization of the Old World, the Second Millennium (to 2000 AD) evangelization of the New World, the era of Our Lady of Fatima, and the Third Millennium (to 3000 AD), evangelization of Asia, the era of Our Lady Mediatrix of All Grace.

Filipinos do not realize their tremendous strength in evangelizing. They are the third largest Catholic nation worldwide. Across the globe, Filipinos stand out in Sunday Masses. They have to utilize this strength. The Church in Europe is crumbling. The Church in Asia is rising. Filipinos need to be part of that ascendency. They have a strategic role in the Third Millennium Evangelization.

Quite by ‘accident’, Our Lady Mediatrix achieved a foothold in China. Metrobank was commissioned by China to develop two villages in Nanjing. Quite by ‘accident’, the project architect was a Mediatrix devotee who built altars for the Carmelite Sisters in Lipa. He built a church in Nanjing with a life-size Mediatrix statue.

The Chinese government succeeded in splitting the Church in China, one subservient to it, the Patriotic Church, with its perceived links to the Vatican, the other defying it, the Underground Church, subject to massacres and persecution.

The hope of the Mediatrix movement is to achieve peace in Asia through Marian interventions rather than missiles and warships. The Lord said, “My ways are not your ways.”


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