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Filipinos in America – Part 1 – Early Exodus

During the Great Depression of the late 20s, uneducated Ilocano teenage peasants were hired by the thousands to fill up the labor shortage in vegetable farms of California. Majority of these migrant workers did not even speak English and were guided by the few who did. They journeyed in cramp conditions aboard ships from Vigan,…

foodforthesoul – prayer-poems that inspire and heal – volume 8

foodforthesoul Excerpts from the book ‘foodforthesoul’ After reading a prayer-poem, pause and immerse yourself in the Lord. Talk to Him casually. He is now beside you. You can ask for healing. He is the ultimate foodforthesoul Who nourishes and heals us all. Volume 8 – March 24, 2023 078at the core of our Milky Way…

From Addict to Novelist – ‘True Tales’ volume 14

‘True Tales’ Series – volume 14 Paulo Coelho’s life is a story of depression to inspiration, despair to enlightenment, anonymity to fame, poverty to wealth, jail and torture to freedom, deep darkness to blinding light. His novel The Alchemist sold 26 million copies in 56 languages. But what was in this book by a deranged…


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