“Three Days of Darkness” a Hoax

The goal of the hoax is to instill fear on readers and make them follow external rituals and distract them from the real purpose of the Fatima messages, namely internal prayer and a return to the Lord. This distraction is the work of Satan, using people who think they are doing good by spreading these…

The Fishball Vendor (#25)

(Inspired by a kid the author met in the Singalong market in Manila.) London-based journalist Sean is in Manila on assignment to write about “The Essential Filipino”. Surprisingly, Joey, an eight-year-old sidewalk vendor is his source of wisdom. ‘True Tales’ Series – Volume 25 eastwind journals – May 21, 2023 – Archives 201 By Bernie…

The ‘Saranggola’ Kid – A True Story (#22)

This is story is inspired by my experience as a child. The ‘Saranggola Kid’ was my neighbor. He was 16 years old and I was 8. During the 1950s, the sky was filled with dozens of kites (‘saranggola’ in Pilipino) of all kinds during the kite season when it was windy. Tony was like an…


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