Vol.2 – More Christmas Cards to Share

eastwind journals, December 3, 2022 By Bernie V. Lopez, Share this post / ipasa ito – MORE INSPIRATIONAL ARTICLES – FOR THOSE WHO NEED HEALING, spiritual or physical (depression, anxiety, loneliness, terminal cancer, covid, diabetes, etc.) – say an online healing prayer with one or both healers below. Terminal patients have beenContinue reading “Vol.2 – More Christmas Cards to Share”

The True Filipino Christmas Spirit – Ang Tunay na Paskong Pinoy

I post this video every Christmas because it reflects the true Filipino Christmas spirit of sharing, goodwill and simplicity that the song emanates. Mabuhay ang UST na gumawa nito. Nilalabas ko itong videong ito tuwing pasko dahil binibigay niya ang tunay na diwa ng Paskong Pinoy – mapagbigay, mapagmahal, at simple lang, na mensahe naContinue reading “The True Filipino Christmas Spirit – Ang Tunay na Paskong Pinoy”


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