Happiness Heals

Doctors told Cornelius, an 83-year-old ice cream tycoon that he had Stage 4 cancer of the prostate, which was beginning to spread to his lungs. He kept his ailment secret from everyone, even his family, withdrawing in total depression. He hibernated in his mansion by the sea, but the peace and quiet made him evenContinue reading “Happiness Heals”

A Healing Story

While browsing through Youtube, I stumbled accidentally on two healing documentaries I produced 20 years ago. I’ve shown them a few times, but I thought I should post them again, as I suddenly have so many friends who are terribly sick and need healing, as we go thru year 3 of the pandemic. The LordContinue reading “A Healing Story”


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City-dweller, noodle lover, camera collector and fan of everything with a lens. I’m always trying out new gear. Edison is my outlet to share my new discoveries with the world.

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