This story is inspired by the Valedictory address of Omid Siahmard of Philippine General Hospital (PGH) class 2021. The street vendors outside the PGH gate made him study harder. He bought 6 squid balls for 30 pesos every morning from Aling Marissa. Omid, mabuhay ka, at lahat kayong magiging frontliners na ilaw sa kadiliman ngContinue reading “OMID’S LIGHT DURING PANDEMIC DARKNESS”


This story is inspired by Filipino-American Grandmaster Wesley So, who recently won an award in a chess tournament, and who was himself a Child Grandmaster at the age of 15 in 2009. The youngest Child Grandmaster, as of this writing, was Russian Sergei Kajaski at the age of 12, followed by Norwegian Magnus Carlsen atContinue reading “THE CHILD GRANDMASTER”


This is inspired by a real situation. Early 70s. Zamboanga del Sur. The town of Dimataling was a “no man’s land” after Christian soldiers and Muslim rebels had been killing each other for a decade. Sister Josephine of the Medical Mission Sisters stayed on to service the health needs of the few brave Christians andContinue reading “THE REBEL AND THE NUN”


The Philippines is one of the last remaining bastions of anti-abortion. But now, there is an imminent threat. The very Catholic Ireland and Argentina, home of Pope Francis, and most Christian nations worldwide have fallen, legalizing abortion. Mexico recently decriminalized abortion, a shrewd pro-abortion strategy to render anti-abortion laws useless without repealing them. THE PHILIPPINESContinue reading “POPULATION CONTROL THROUGH ABORTION”


The ethnic minorities of Mindanao (Lumads) are an endangered species. They have been victims of slow protracted ethnic cleansing in the last two decades. They are the rope in a tug-of-war between the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and the New People’s Army (NPA). Forced by the AFP to be informants, the NPA massacresContinue reading “‘LUMADS’ – AN ENDANGERED SPECIES”


Serendipity is the psychic gift of discovering beautiful people and magical places by sheer chance. Here is an excerpt from the book WINGS AND WANDERLUST (the author’s daring adventures through Europe and North Africa, hitch-hiking for three years). In Barcelona, Spain, it was serendipity all over again. The tourist map was confusing, so I threwContinue reading “SERENDIPITY”


In Part 1, The Virtue of Simplicity (link–, we tackled how the rich squandered their wealth. Here in Part 2, we will tackle how the poor squander their ‘wealth’. eastwind journals, August 23, 2021 By Bernie V. Lopez, Share this article by sending this blog link – This is a true story.Continue reading “THE VIRTUE OF SIMPLICTY – TAKE 2”


This story was inspired by a Pinay maid I met in New York, ‘imported’ by a Pinay matron who did not realize she could import the maid but not the ‘maid culture’ back home. eastwind journals, August 21, 2021 By Bernie V. Lopez, Share this article by sending this blog link – AlmaContinue reading “A LESSON IN HUMILITY”

HEALING STORIES OF SR. RAQUEL – e-book free download

A collection of stories told personally to the author by Sr. Raquel Reodica, RVM, noted cancer-healer for the Lord. PLEASE SHARE WITH PEOPLE WHO NEED HEALING, SPIRITUAL (DEPRESSION, ANXIETY, UN-FORGIVENESS) OR PHYSICAL HEALING (CANCER, COVID, DIABETES). IN RETURN, THE LORD WILL ALSO BLESS AND HEAL YOU. SEND THEM THIS LINK – You can downloadContinue reading “HEALING STORIES OF SR. RAQUEL – e-book free download”