The Boy Who Slept on a Cardboard Box

(This article is inspired by a story in the Internet without an author.) Manolito, a homeless 15-year-old orphan, lived alone in Plaza Ferguson in Ermita, Manila. He slept on a flattened cardboard box underneath a bench. One night, like an angel from heaven,  policeman Sergeant Leandro rescue him from his poverty. eastwind journals, June 23,Continue reading “The Boy Who Slept on a Cardboard Box”

You Can’t Buy Happiness – A True Story

San Isidro Island (name changed for privacy), off Palawan, was owned by Pierre, a French ex-backpacker-turned-resort-owner. He bought the deserted small island with his last savings. Pierre turned the exotic island into a successful haven for French backpackers. Pierre and I sat on the beach facing the reddening horizon. Mugs clinked. My first swig ofContinue reading “You Can’t Buy Happiness – A True Story”

US Abortion Civil War Escalates After SC Reversal – Bishops Ban Communion for Abortionists

The US-wide abortion civil war has now escalated into several tiers – 1) Republican vs. Democrats, 2) Biden and the Federal Government vs. the Supreme Court and the State Governments, 3) anti-abortion Bishops vs. pro-abortion legislators, 4) the Vatican vs Local Dioceses, and 5) the majority pro-abortion vs. minority anti-abortion public. America is waking upContinue reading “US Abortion Civil War Escalates After SC Reversal – Bishops Ban Communion for Abortionists”

The ‘Big Bang’ Theory

In the ‘Big Bang’ theory, all matter known in the entire Universe today, was supposedly contained in a ‘ball’ smaller than an atom. The energy, density and gravity within this ‘ball’ was so massive, it defies imagination, perhaps a number containing 100 or more zeroes. Billions of years ago, this molecular ball exploded within eightContinue reading “The ‘Big Bang’ Theory”

We are Made from Stardust

This article is a simplified layman’s view of the Universe. If we were star gazers that can roam the Universe at will and go back to the deep past, this is what we would see, one of the theories of modern Astronomy today. eastwind journals, June 13, 2022 (archives tr257) By Bernie V. Lopez, eastwindreplyctr@gmail.comContinue reading “We are Made from Stardust”

Stem Cell Therapy Batangas-Style

This magical high-tech modern science is replicated by an indigenous ancient low-tech Batangas tradition. Quite by accident, I was a guest in an ancestral home in the town of Malvar, Batangas. I talked to the host, an 85-year-old woman with long snow-white hair, about weird-looking ‘tubes’ hanging on a clothes-line in the kitchen, similar toContinue reading “Stem Cell Therapy Batangas-Style”

God’s Grandeur – Creator of the Universe

A Cosmic Trilogy – Dramatic Hubble Space Photos by NASA eastwind journals, June 12, 2022 By Bernie V. Lopez, Share by sending this blog link – MORE INSPIRING ARTICLES – click ‘HOME’ (top right of this page) or go to FOR THOSE WHO NEED HEALING, spiritual or physical (depression, anxiety, loneliness, terminalContinue reading “God’s Grandeur – Creator of the Universe”

Volume 6 – Images that Touch and Heal

THE WINDOWS OF YOUR SOUL. Your eyes and ears and voice are the windows of your soul. If you get blind or deaf or mute, your soul will find new windows, larger and better, in the name of spiritual survival. Your soul has such awesome cosmic energy. eastwind journals, June 3, 2022 By Bernie V.Continue reading “Volume 6 – Images that Touch and Heal”