eastwind journals, April 21, 2021 By Bernie V. Lopez, Share by sending this blog link – As two superpowers prepare for the ‘inevitable’ confrontation, Armageddon, the foreseen nuclear holocaust is being pre-empted by the viral holocaust, where the casualties are far bigger. One involves brute force, a deafening blinding light. The other involvesContinue reading “SILENT STORM”


eastwind journals, June 18, 2021 By Bernie V. Lopez, Share by sending this link – Leila was the caregiver of Jason, a wheel-chaired old man. He was the crankiest man on the face of the Earth, at least, in the eyes of Leila, who was beginning to get a nervous breakdown. He wouldContinue reading “THE SECRET TO HAPPINESS”


eastwind journals – October 7, 2021 By Bernie V. Lopez, Share by sending this link – As Sister Raquel Reodica, RVM, the cancer-healing nun, related this story over the phone, she said she could smell the scent of dama de noche. Strangely, her residence did not have that par­ticular plant. I felt badContinue reading “THE BALLERINA AND THE NUN”


eastwind journals – May 22, 2021 By Bernie Lopez, Share this article by sending this blog link – In August 1991, Sr. Raquel Reodica, RVM, noted cancer-healer for the Lord, was scheduled to launch a gigantic healing concert at the Araneta Coliseum on the birthday of Mama Mary on September 8. There wasContinue reading “NO CONTEST FOR KUYA GERMS”


eastwind journals – June 12, 2021 By Bernie V. Lopez, Share by sending this link – Inside you is darkness and mystery. Out in the world, all is bright and clear because you see yourself reflected in it. The story of a bank executive. Kirk was a young investment analyst in a bank,Continue reading “THE SECRET TO INNER PEACE”


eastwind journals – June 5, 2021 By Bernie V. Lopez, Share by sending this link – CASE NO. 1. My cousin tells me this story about his new neighbor who just bought a house. It was a luxurious and elegant bungalow, almost new, hardly used by its former owner, who was always abroad.Continue reading “THE VIRTUE OF SIMPLICITY”


eastwind journals – June 4, 2021 By Bernie V. Lopez, Share by sending this link – (This story was inspired by an anonymous Internet article.) Ivan, a Croatian cellist with long hair and shabby clothes, drags a cumbersome cello to a busy New York City subway station and starts playing. People rush inContinue reading “THE UNDERGROUND CONCERT”

PILGRIMAGE TO FATIMA * 7-day 80-km hike

By Bernie V. Lopez, Shar by sending this link – Author’s note. This is an excerpt for the book WINGS AND WANDERLUST – THE ART OF DISCOVERING YOUR INNER SELF. In the mid-80s, I fled from a lucrative job as a computer programmer in New York City and ‘escaped’ to Western Europe inContinue reading “PILGRIMAGE TO FATIMA * 7-day 80-km hike”

ASTRAL TRAVEL – The Power of the Mind

eastwind journals – May 25, 2021 By Bernie V. Lopez, Share by sending this link = As a teenager, I had dreams that I was flying across valleys and forests. It was a wonderful feeling of freedom and flight. Once, I suddenly woke up and the dream was so clear in my mind.Continue reading “ASTRAL TRAVEL – The Power of the Mind”


NOVENA TO THE HOLY SPIRIT (May 14 to 22, 2021) Oh Holy Spirit, we ask you to comfort and strengthen us in these days of Pandemic darkness in our lives. Amen. Courtesy of St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church, Picayune, MS http://www.scborromeo.or In preparation for Pentecost Sunday (May 23, 2021). You can pray missed days anytime,Continue reading “NOVENA TO THE HOLY SPIRIT”