The Holocaust Maiden – An OFW Story

This article, a true story, is a tribute to the millions of OFWs worldwide caught in the pandemic storm. Lisa (not her real name) was a bright young Filipina working in a law firm in California. She opened up the heart of the Holocaust Maiden, who was in total withdrawal, unable to speak for years,Continue reading “The Holocaust Maiden – An OFW Story”

Struck Down by the Holy Spirit

Witness how the Holy Spirit puts people in a trance, and how they were healed instantly. Father Fernando Suarez. Healing Mass, Bacnotan, La Union, Philippines. eastwindjournals, Updated July 12, 2022 (archives trx282) Produced by Bernie V. Lopez, Share this blog post – MORE INSPIRATIONAL ARTICLES – FOR THOSE WHO NEED HEALING, spiritual orContinue reading “Struck Down by the Holy Spirit”

Letter from an Orphanage Doctor

Somewhere in a tiny remote African village, the Lord answered the prayer of 10-year-old Ruth asking for something impossible. She was not surprised. She never doubted it. I was ashamed of myself for being of so little faith. How could I say nothing was impossible for the Lord and not believe it? Answered prayer isContinue reading “Letter from an Orphanage Doctor”

Meditating on the Universe

GALLERY OF DRAMATIC HUBBLE SPACE PHOTOS. (Set in verses In praise of the Creator of the Universe.) NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope, named after astronomer Edwin Hubble, was launched into Earth’s low orbit in 1990, one of the largest and most versatile among pioneer space telescopes of that era. It was a giant leap in astronomicalContinue reading “Meditating on the Universe”

The Leftist Who Changed His Mind

(This is inspired by a true story, embellished a bit for drama.) Charlie, who came from a wealthy sugar family from Negros, became a radical activist as a student in a prestigious university. He always joined street rallies and eventually became a respected officer in the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP). He specialized inContinue reading “The Leftist Who Changed His Mind”

Our Lady ‘Ina Poonbato’ – A Pilgrim Center Rises

Like Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico, Our Lady Ina Poonbato has ethnic roots. Poonbato, the once-sleepy village at the foot of Mt. Pinatubo, in Botolan, Zambales in the Philippines, has today evolved into a global pilgrim center of Our Lady Ina Poonbato, whose genesis as an Aeta legend, dates back to the 17th century.Continue reading “Our Lady ‘Ina Poonbato’ – A Pilgrim Center Rises”

Agricultural Crisis Philippines Looms

The Philippines is the only country in Asia which does not support farmers with farm subsidies. Vietnam is a net exporter of rice because of government rice subsidies, while we are a rice importer due to zero subsidies triggering poor production. Thailand is a net exporter of sugar because of sugar subsidies. Our sugar productionContinue reading “Agricultural Crisis Philippines Looms”

The Boy Who Slept on a Cardboard Box

(This article is inspired by a story in the Internet without an author.) Manolito, a homeless 15-year-old orphan, lived alone in Plaza Ferguson in Ermita, Manila. He slept on a flattened cardboard box underneath a bench. One night, like an angel from heaven,  policeman Sergeant Leandro rescue him from his poverty. eastwind journals, June 23,Continue reading “The Boy Who Slept on a Cardboard Box”