From Digital Zombie to Nature Child

The computer age is catching up with our children. They can harness the computer’s power. But they also can become digital zombies. Parents have to know how to handle this situation. Peter was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. At the age of three, he had his own high-end portable ‘toy’ computer, playingContinue reading “From Digital Zombie to Nature Child”

foodforthesoul – your prayer and meditation companion, a portable e-book

foodforthesoul is a collection of inspirational prayer-poems that you can download into your cellphone, ipad, or laptop, so you can pray and talk to the Lord anywhere anytime, especially if you are asking a special favor, such a loved one who is seriously sick. PRAYER GUIDE Begin by putting yourself in the presence of theContinue reading “foodforthesoul – your prayer and meditation companion, a portable e-book”

The Meaning of Christmas

eastwind journals, December 17, 2022. By Bernie V. Lopez, Share this article – Kings, shepherds, and angels knelt together in adoration of the Messiah, born on a crib meant for sheep, to fulfill the promise of salvation for all Mankind.  WE ADORE YOU OH CHRIST AND WE BLESS YOU FOR YOU HAVE REDEEMEDContinue reading “The Meaning of Christmas”

Stories to Warm Your Christmas and New Year

*** A SHABU ADDICT IS HEALED This story is inspired by a true event. Edgar was at the top in his class at Ateneo. Suddenly, he became a shabu addict. He started selling their home appliances to buy shabu. He had two sisters, Becky and Joann, who started hating him when he stole their jewelry.Continue reading “Stories to Warm Your Christmas and New Year”

Japanese Messiah Rescues Japayukis

This is a sort-of Christmas Story. Sometimes the Baby Messiah brings Christmas to the poor in his own special way. In this true story, he sends his aide, a ‘Japanese Messiah’, a Buddhist human rights lawyer, to rescue Japayukis from hunger and poverty. eastwind journals, December 10, 2022 (archives tr06-1) By Bernie V. Lopez, eastwindreplyctr@gmail.comContinue reading “Japanese Messiah Rescues Japayukis”

STARTING LIFE AT EIGHTY (Christmas version)

The secret to life is in our stars, our destiny, hidden inside our hearts. We have to find it and unravel it. *** Ang sekreto sa buhay ay nasa ating bituin, sa ating tadhana, nakatago sa loob ng ating puso. Kailangan nating hanapin ito at ilabas. 80-year-old Kevin was so depressed, he wanted to commitContinue reading “STARTING LIFE AT EIGHTY (Christmas version)”

Vol.2 – More Christmas Cards to Share

eastwind journals, December 3, 2022 By Bernie V. Lopez, Share this post / ipasa ito – MORE INSPIRATIONAL ARTICLES – FOR THOSE WHO NEED HEALING, spiritual or physical (depression, anxiety, loneliness, terminal cancer, covid, diabetes, etc.) – say an online healing prayer with one or both healers below. Terminal patients have beenContinue reading “Vol.2 – More Christmas Cards to Share”

The True Filipino Christmas Spirit – Ang Tunay na Paskong Pinoy

I post this video every Christmas because it reflects the true Filipino Christmas spirit of sharing, goodwill and simplicity that the song emanates. Mabuhay ang UST na gumawa nito. Nilalabas ko itong videong ito tuwing pasko dahil binibigay niya ang tunay na diwa ng Paskong Pinoy – mapagbigay, mapagmahal, at simple lang, na mensahe naContinue reading “The True Filipino Christmas Spirit – Ang Tunay na Paskong Pinoy”