prayer request bulletin 05 – 26nov08

This bulletin periodically publishes all prayer requests
and letters we receive from subscribers.
pray on the keyboard for requests from across the world.
(subscribe at homepage, 2nd boc upper right).
Say a healing prayer with Sister Raquel
(632) 930-3902 8pm to 9pm Philippine time
except Wednesdays and Saturdays
Call only on designated time.
If no answer, try again tomorrow.
02 Moonyeen
03 TizMoi
04 JOEY VELASCO, baby ballo,
oskie lopez dee, jolan lumawig
05 dino and bobby Cuento
06 malu
07B raquel
08 arni SANIB
09 Josie
10 Lawrence
12 “TJ, ging-ging, veronica
13 El Chicano
14 Elvira
15 Elizabeth
16 moore
17 “Marian
18 ayn
19 rachelle s
20 edelle
Dear fellow prayer warriors; Sister Raquel and Bro Bernie.
As I pray for petitions of the prayer requests in this site, please also include my smallest wish. That there be peace in my heart and in my family. That the Holy Spirit may guide each and everyone of us. That Jesus may show us the light that will enlighten my relationship with my sisters brothers and all the members in my family. Thank you very much.
Dear Sister Raquel and all Prayer Warriors,
It is without a doubt that God is the ultimate Healer! Thus, we pray that our bodies be rid of all of sickness and ailments; Please pray for us:
1. Ulrica Sabarre
2. Bernard,Resie,Maevie, Aida & Amy Sabarre
3. Boyette,Moonyeen,Bea & Erika Burgos
4. Doms,Serey,Karrol & Dreya Altarejos
5. Isidro, Ofelia & Ray Reyes
6. Constancia Burgos
7. Diana Mosqueda
8. Mon,Amy & Angel Alonte
9. Feling & Puring Alvarez
10. Angelita Alvarez
11. Celia & Catalina Alvarez
12. Fe,Errol,Althea & Gabby Barcelona
13. Noli, Dulce,Monique,Mika & Minette Rambuyong
14. Orly & Nene Dizon
15. Almer,Solly,Wesley & Aj Santos
16. Baby & Aira Santos
17. Erwin,Yollie,Mae,Igie & Allen Anchoriz
18. Michel & Doris Perez
19. Kathien,Mariem & Milkee Bel-Hadj
20. Bobby,Nattie,Joseph,Christian & Gabe Martinez
21. Tessie,Charmie & Lanz, Paulo,Chardelle & Chivas Santos
22. Jossie,Jaja & Jenjen Capili
23. Boy,Imee,Jeff,Fiel,Jeric & Mae Burgos
24. Joy & Kathryn Cayco-Asejo
25. Boy & Lita Sabarre
26. Eric,Tess & Bianca Sabarre
27. Eileen & Vincent Sabarre
28. Cris Sabarre & Family
29. Dennis Cortes & Family
30. Dindo Cortes & Family
31. Delio Cortes & Family
32. Abet Cortes & Family
33. Luz Sabarre & Family
34. Oscar Cebu Jr. & Family
35. Christene, Mameth, Nicole & Val Joseph Cebu
36. Jojo,Cecille & JJ Agus
37. Mateo Altarejos & Family
38. Melissa Jose & Family
39. Cel Boado & Family
40. Allan Mosqueda & Wife
41. Mosqueda Family
42. Ernie,Val,Paulo,Pocholo & Pancho Armendi
43. Delfin,Ellen,Paul & Ef Bundoc
44. Benedict Barriga & Family
45. Mommy Cora & Telosa Family
46. Eric Gonzales & Family
47. Malou Tagalog & Family
48. Allen Garcia & Family
49. Louie & Family
50. Chito Villones & Family
51. Manong (our next-door neighbor)
52. All our relatives and friends
53. All who are sick right now…
Thank you very much and God Bless!
Moonyeen Sabarre-Burgos
Dear Sister,
I am sixty one years old, and I have had a mental illness (anxiety disorder and panic attacks, nervous depression, agoraphobia, claustrophobia) since age nineteen…all of my adult life. As I reach old age, I am getting more frail, and not able to help myself, I have needed a nurse to stay with me 24 hours a day, because I am afraid to be left alone. I need help sometimes to stay calm, to not go into hysterics, etc. I do not wish to be afllicted with this disease any longer. I am at the end of my wits and the end of my life. I cannot afford to pay for a nurse, and I have spent all my life savings in this last year to have a caregiver, but I can no longer afford this.. I do not know what will happen to me now.. I am alone, and I am weak and sick and frightened and mentally not fit to go out into the world and live a normal life, nor am I able to stay in my own home alone. I do not know where to turn. I do not have a solution for my problems. I am praying for myself, but I am not making much progress. Please pray for me, as I cannot pray for myself. I am mentally confused and do not know how to help myself. Thank you.
please add these physical symptoms to my last email, thank you. please pray for the following problems. I have something wrong with my digestive tract, my stomach and my intestines. I have blockages in digestive tract/intestines, and it is difficult for to me eat. I may have hernias, or tumors or adhesions etc. I do not know what is wrong there. I also have extreme pain in the intestine area, the liver area. I also have some recurring infection that may be candida infection, or Epstein Barr infection, bloating and swelling, trouble swallowing. I also have an ulcerative condition, overall inflamamation of digestive tract. I have all over weakness of internal organs. I have difficulty breathing. Also borderline diabetes, problems with sugar digestion. I also have a damaged nervous system, I might have multiple schlerosis. thank you,
Barbara in Arcadia, California, USA
Please pray for my dear friend Joey Velasco, the famous multi-awarded painter of the Last Supper with squatter children as His apostles. He has pneumonia. I am referring to the photo on the top right side of the homepage of this website. That is his painting. Thanks
prayers for oskie lopez dee who had a stroke and was at the IUC in st lukes at the time this was written. Prayers for baby ballo, cancer stage 4, who is getting desperate. Also for Jolan who has rectal cancer. Please help them all, Lord.
Hi Bobby,
I did exactly as you suggested. During the healing session, I brought a large picture of my brother and showed it to Fr. Suarez for him to pray over. He even asked where my brother was and I told him he is based in Chicago. The following day, I received a call from my brother. He told me that the most recent CT scan could not detect any cancer cells in his lungs. A previous CT Scan revealed that his cancer of the colon has metastasized into his liver and lungs. Just a day after the long distance pray over of Fr. Suarez, there were no more cancer cells found in his lungs. Miracles still happen. Please continue praying for the full recovery of Bob Crescini. He has just completed his 33 day chemotherapy and radiation. The lump in his colon has been greatly reduced and is due to be removed in an operation.
Hi Bernie,
Thanks for your support. Please continue praying for the complete recovery of my brother Bob Crescini. I have complete trust and confidence in the power of prayer.
Please pray for continued good health for the members of my family – my mom ester mancera, my sister and brother clarissa evangelista & jay mancera, my brother in law & sister in law joseph evangelista & sheila mancera, my neices sandra mancera & sacha mancera and yours truly malu mancera.  The same goes for my friends, al herbosa, luz delos reyes, marie inawat and luchie vito. Please pray for our continued financial blessings by making us capable of doing our duties and responsibilities in each of our jobs. Please pray for the education of my neices, that God will always guide them in their school assignments and tests. And that they may meet new friends in school and the community who will support them and bring out the best in them. Thank you.
my friend & co.worker kathy s. is extremely ill, around Oct. she started feeling really weak & she couldn’t shake off a cough she had, but she didn’t have a cold so finally her dr. saw her and sent her to the hospital Nov. 3rd & they thought she had pneumonia & she got better so they discharged her home few days later, she came back to work & said she was doing better, but still did not look her normal self and by the end of the week she was losing her energy again so she thought over the weekend she would get better with more rest. come mon. Nov. 1Oth she was worst & saw her dr. again & he admitted her back into the hosp. because her heartbeat was extremely high, they found she had an irregular heartbeat & also she may have thyroid issues because of some of the symptoms she’s been experiencing, well come today Nov. 19th she is still in the hospital and since the beginning of this week she has made a turn for the worst and it’s so scary…she’s unresponsive in the ICU!!! Kathy is one of the most caring persons to anyone, she is a mother & a grandmother of 2 beautiful granddaughters, she has a big heart and i know she is such a strong tough cookie because she’s also a breast cancer survivor from years ago…no matter what age we are children, teenagers, adults or senior’s it’s so difficult to see a person you care about so much suffer…to me Kathy is still too young & i’m praying that she will pull through this…it is so terrible that this is happening right now especially so close to the holidays because i know she would love to be healthy spending time with her family & friends.
so i ask you this huge favor i know you do not know kathy, but can you please help her family, friends & me pray for her?? i know prayer helps to heal your heart & soul, kathy was there for me in my time of need during my miscarriage & i’m doing the same for her during this difficult time and i hope to God that i will be able to see her again!! thank you sooo much for taking the time to read this!! thank you,

raquel muñoz
please pray for a friend of mine, lina cabaero, who went through surgery yesterday
Prayer request for complete healing of Danillie Joyce Tarroquin, she is suffering from kidney malfunction and presently confined at Bernardino Hospital. Please help us do distant healing for her through the intercession of Mother Ignacia del espiritu Santo. Thank you.
Josie Tarroquin, Mother
We have been trying for another baby for 8 years. We even went abroad for treatment but still no success. We sincerely request for prayers from dear prayer warriors to pray for us so we can have another baby soon. Thank you and God bless.   Sicerely yours,
Lawrence & Michelle Gonzaga
Respectfully request Healing prayer for: Macario Zafra, Jr ..diagnosis : Metastatic Liver Cancer. Note: chemotheraphy will start soon. Macario Zafra has help thousands of people. He organized and put up a chapel in honor of St. Padre Pio. Please lets us pray and help him this time. Thank you very much.
Please Pray for us! I ask that you pray for the health of my two young children, my wife, and myself. We have all recently took ill, and I do not have medical insurance (I was laid off), so I have been paying out of pocket. Being a dad and husband without a job is horrible, and has been effecting me in such a bad way (anxiety attacks, insomnia, fatigue, bad colds, etc.). Please pray for our speedy recovery, and that I find a stable job soon. I have tried all on my own, but now finally realize that I need my lord Jesus Christ’s help , love, and healing power. Please pray for us, that my family and I would be whole again and happy. Thank you.
Alex from California
Dear Bernie,
Financial problem is the concern of a lot people these days . But just like you said our Lord is always there for us. I like to take this opportunity to request prayers too for myself . I am asking for the guiding light of the Holy Spirit in making some decisions. My family expects a lot from me and sometimes it could be overwhelming. I am sure each of the prayers warriors has his/her own concerns and challenges so I ask that our prayers include each and every prayer warrior . Take care
Dear Sister Raquel and Mother Ignacia Healing Ministry,
I would like to ask for my mother’s and cousin’s speedy recovery and total healing. My mother is Eleanor delos Santos and my cousin is Ruby. They both have breast cancer. My mother don’t want to go under the knife so she went into naturopathic approach. My cousin had her breast removed. I pray for their healing and they do not lose hope.   May Jesus Christ and Mother Mary guide them. Mother Ignacia intercede for us.
Elizabeth delos Santos
Please pray for the immediate healing and recovery of my friend Nelbert Singson, a Marines man, who’s been suffering from gastro-intestinal stromal tumor for more than 2 years now. Also please pray for the healing of my boyfriend’s parents who were suffering from Parkinson’s syndrome and Steven Johnson’s syndrome. Lastly please pray for the health of my mother and boyfriend who are both hypertensive. THank you very much for your prayers. When i lack the courage and strenght to provide, i leave everything to the Lord and rely on the powers of prayers. May the blessings be, –
Murin Velasco
Hi! I am Marian Aguirre, 24 years old. I am asking you to help me pray with the Lord to heal me with my ailment. Right now, my lymph nodes in the neck got bigger. I have this illness for almost 1 1/2 months now. I am afraid that it might develop into something serious. But I trust the Lord and I know that I shouldn’t be afraid as I put my trust in Him. I just want Him to give me a long life, long enough to make more people happy and to serve them more. To be able to return back what my mom has invested in me. And to bring in this world little angels that will serve the Lord. Also I pray to God that my mom will also have a long life till I give back the things she has sacrificed for me and to give her a fulfilling life while she is still on earth. She is already 69 years old and she has been raising me up on her own. I am already thankful to the Lord for letting her live that long and not experiencing diseases that most old people usually go through. I want to make the Lord happy and so I want a longer life to be able to practice more the profession HE has choosen for me. I am a registered nurse and I want to be able to help more people. This I ask in Jesus’ name. Amen.
Dear Sister Raquel,
I met this man in the internet and his name is Bill. I’ve known him since July. Our friendship blossomed into something more wonderful and we had all these plans of being together and live happily with the promise of forever. All those plans were put to a halt when he found out he had cancer – an aggressive non-hodgkin’s lymphoma. The cancer has affected his liver and pancreas and doctors say he only has less than a couple of months to live. It was hard to accept and what’s harder is that he’s having too much pain right now. I wish I could hold him and make him feel ok somehow but there’s really nothing I can do but pray. We have tried everything. I am asking for your help because I can’t do this alone. If prayer is my only hope then I am begging for your help. Please sister, you’re my only and one last hope. Thank you so much and God bless you. More power!
Yours Truly,
May I humbly request for prayer for my sister MA. ESTELLE who is presently undergoing treatment for breast cancer in The Hague, Netherlands. While she is keeping everything a secret to the family as she would not want to bother us here in the philippines, we pray for MA. ESTELLE’S strength that she may go through yet another treatment.
She has been diagnosed in 2000 and has been in recurring treatments since. God Bless and Thank you.
Dear Prayer Warriors,
My mother, Elsie, has recently been diagnosed with lymphoma, a cancer in
the lymph nodes. I am humbly asking for your help/prayers so that she could overcome this sickness and become healthy once again. My gratitude for this. Thank you very much. May God continuously bless you
for your kindness. Sincerely,
Edelle M.

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