anecdote 1 – THE VIOLINIST a true story

a true story
a man was playing the violin
at a subway station in washington DC
one cold winter morning at rush hour
he was playing complex bach pieces
as people rushed about ignoring him
a middle aged man stopped for a few second
then hurried along to his appointment
a woman tossed a dollar into his violin case
without stopping and walked quickly away
another man stopped, listening intently
he leaned against the wall
then looked at his watch
and was quickly on his way
a three year old boy came next
he stayed the longest, enthralled by the music
his mother dragged him away
he resisted but lost in the end
the same thing happened
to three other kids
clinging in vain to their independence
their lives were controlled
by parents who had no time
in the 45 minutes the violinist played
only six people stopped to listen for a while
four children were dragged by their mothers
twenty gave money, then walked away quickly
he collected $32 in all
when he finished playing
there was a deafening silence
the rush hour had ended
no one noticed him, no one applauded
he walked away, feeling happy
no one knew he was joshua bell
one of the best musicians in the world
playing one of the most intricate pieces
with a violin worth 3.5 million dollars
two days before his subway concert
he performed at a boston theater
where seats averaged $100 each
the tickets were all sold out
joshua bell playing incognito in a subway station
was organized by the washington post
as part of a social experiment
about perception, taste and priorities of people
one conclusion was –
at the ‘wrong’ place at the ‘wrong’ time
beauty is unseen, we are blinded by tasks
the same beauty that awes a crowd
grappling for a seat and paying a fortune
how many times do we fail to see
what children see so clearly
because we have too many promises to keep
then we regain our vision back momentarily
at the ‘right’ place at the ‘right’ time
what is right and wrong are mere perceptions
the heart is often controlled by circumstance
spaghetti at a street joint can taste better
than at a five star place but we do not know it
we become blind when the mind takes over the heart
rewritten by eastwind
if your heart is kind
you can see forever
sister raquel reodica RVM
HEALING THE SPIRIT (forgiveness)
you are a child of the universe
no less than the trees and the stars
you have a right to be here
and whatever your labors and aspirations
in the noisy confusion of life
keep peace in your soul
with all its sham, drudgery
and broken dreams
it is still a beautiful world
be cheerful, strive to be happy
excerpt from desiderata
max ehrmann, 1927
try this experiment
do not plan your day, wallow in dreams
be sensitive to people and things around you
see what happens
if you will gain spiritual treasures
even if you lose material ones
there are times not planning is the best plan
for example, you cannot decide
what career to choose
because you lack the wisdom of experience
fulfillment or frustration are imagined
you just have to do a trial and error
the earlier you plan based on theory
the more blunders you commit
the wisdom of experience will guide you
try and make mistakes before you decide finally
the more you hurry, the more you fall
‘children of the universe’ sometimes give
better counsel than sages or scholars
return to Me with your whole heart
with fasting weeping and mourning
rend your hearts not your garments
return to Me your Lord your God
for gracious and merciful am I
slow to anger
rich in kindness
relenting in punishment
joel 2:12-13

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