anecdote 3 – GOD HEALED MY FATHER!

We are highlighting this testimonial that was published
in prayer request bulletin 32, entry no. 47
Two years ago, my father was hospitalized due to myocardial infarction. He was in the ICU with respirator for 2 weeks. His doctors informed us that they have to wean him from the respirator since infection is starting to seep or they have to place the tube through his throat (tracheotomy).
For days, they were trying to wean him but he just could not sustain breathing on his own even for 3 hours. The day before he was do to have tracheotomy, my auntie happened to mention the healing she received after going to Mo. Ignacia Healing Center.
Without knowing how to go there, my sister and I drove to Novaliches the following day. When we were near Bagumbong, we asked several (almost 10) people for directions. Funny, but all of them seemed to know where the Center is. They were giving us very detailed directions, yet after more than an hour of driving, we have not arrived at the Center. We were about to give up and go back to the hospital, but we just found ourselves right in front of the Center. Now I believe that God has been “testing” us to see if we were intent in going. We were able to attend the healing session.
When we were asked to hold the part of your body you want healed, I took out the picture of my Dad and put my fingers over his heart. With eyes closed, I was earnestly praying to God for his healing. When I tried to open my eyes, the picture of my Dad looked smokey. I was afraid that he turned for the worst so I prayed hard. I did not realized that I was really weeping, trying to tell the Lord that I believe that at that moment He was healing my Dad.
After several minutes, I received a message on my cellphone. Nervously, I read the message and I almost shouted. My Dad was able to breathe on his own, without the respirator, for more than 4 hours already! However, the doctors said that they have to wait for at least 24 hours to see if he can actually be totally removed from the respirator.
I thank the Lord and prayed to continue to heal him. We were not prepared for the bathing with holy water. After the bathing, I was totally wet from head to foot, without any change of clothes. When we were asked to go and thank the Lord, 2 at a time, I was with a mother carrying a little girl.
With eyes closed, I thanked the Lord. When I heard the mother said, “Anak, ayan si Jesus. Mag thank you ka dahil pinagaling ka niya”, I opened my eyes and looked at the child. I had goosebumps all over my body when I saw steam coming out of the child’s head. I did not know what it meant, then. I thought that perhaps the child was indeed healed. I was hoping that I also had that steam coming out of my head. So I went home dripping wet but with a lighter heart because I truly believed that God, through the intercession of Mo. Ignacia, has heard our prayer.
We have been driving for about 15 minutes when my cellphone rang. It was my other sister. The doctors have removed my Dad’s respirator. Why? He still was supposed to try breathing on his own for 24 hours! According to my sister, even the nurses were surprised when at around 3pm that afternoon, the same time when we were bathing with holy water, the doctor called and ordered that his respirator be removed!
GOD HEALED MY FATHER! From then on, he gradually improved. He was there with my Mom when they celebrated their Golden (50th) Wedding Anniversary in August 31, 2008. He was with us last Christmas, and we are praying to God that he will still be with us when he celebrates his 85th birthday in September this year. I am residing in Iloilo. Everytime I go to Manila, I try to visit the Center to thank the Lord, and Mo. Ignacia, for all the blessing. May GOD be praised.
Nieves A. Toledo
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