eastwind journals 15 – TAAL LAKE FISHKILL

eastwind journals 15   eastwind journals are the media writings of Bernie Lopez, which reflects his personal views and not of the healing ministry.   _____________________________________ THE TAAL LAKE FISH KILL Greed as the Mother of Man-made Disasters   By Bernie Lopez redgate77@gmail.com The Philippine Daily Inquirer Front page, Dec 2011   PART 1 –Continue reading “eastwind journals 15 – TAAL LAKE FISHKILL”

poster 108 a/ the light glowed b/ and the Word

foodforthesoul MEDITATION POSTERS 108 OUR CHRISTMAS POSTERS To blow up, click on image To download, right click, then click ‘save image as’ x ********************************************************************** APPENDIX – HEALING MINISTRY’S COMPLETE LIBRARY **********************************************************************   Browse thru the ministry’s extensive archives of inspirational materials – Powerpoints, Youtubes, prayer poems, meditation posters,  anecdotes. Save this link for future readings.Continue reading “poster 108 a/ the light glowed b/ and the Word”