book excerpts – prayer 94 – RELATIONSHIPS BASED ON SPIRIT

foodforthesoul book excerpts prayer 94   ___________________________________ 094 RELATIONSHIPS BASED ON SPIRIT   without trust, relationships are fear-based you sign a contract to protect yourself there is an accounting to the last cent you are paid exactly what you are owed   with trust, relationships are love-based there is no contract, no need to protectContinue reading “book excerpts – prayer 94 – RELATIONSHIPS BASED ON SPIRIT”

health tip 06 – GUYABANO TEA

SEND HEALTH TIPS 01 TO 05 TO YOUR FRIENDS –   01 Therapy for arthritis 02 Unclogging the heart 03 Anti-cancer anti uric diet 04 Moringa magic 05 Alzeimer and brain health   Guyabano Tea Health Tip 06   There are so many old things in our lives as childrenContinue reading “health tip 06 – GUYABANO TEA”