Healing Guide



1    The best preparation to healing
2    Be gentle to yourself and to others
3    Healing is between you and the Lord
4    Proxy or long distance healing
5    Prayer for healing and rebirth



Sister Raquel WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY at the front of the compound. Sister Gloria TUESDAY WEDNESDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY at the rear of the compound. There are Wednesdays when Sisters Raquel and Gloria conduct healing together. When one is suddenly indisposed or has urgent appointments, the other takes over. For those who come from far places or are too sick to travel long distances, there are two options–

Option 1
See ‘long distance healing’ in Healing Preparations.
Option 2
There are limited modest accommodations for overnight stay-in at the center. Go to the registration desk for inquiries and registration.


No appointments are necessary. No appointments are given. Just come on healing days without appointment. If you come on NON-HEALING DAYS, even if you come from a very distant place, you may not be attended to. Please understand that healers also need privacy and rest to regain healing energy.


The healing session begins around 10 am. There are plans to have a bible class for free that you can attend. This is tentatively set at 900 am. Inquire if it has started.

Register immediately upon arrival to obtain a number for one-on-one healing, which is on a first-come-first-served basis. In past years when thousands would come, many would come as early as 5 am or 6 am to get a good number. But the number of visitors has tapered down to a manageable size, which is easier to control and is better for attendees. You can come as early as 8:00 am to 8:30 am to pray and meditate at the Adoration Chapel as a preparation to healing.

Resign yourself to stay the whole day. Healing cannot be crammed into your busy schedule. It is not something you can put on or off like a switch. It requires internal preparations, your patience and your time, without which healing is hard to obtain. The healing session is 98% praying, meditating, and listening to Sisters Raquel or Gloria explain the dynamics of healing and the words of Jesus the Healer. The healing proper or one-on-one pray-over is only 2%, about one minute minimum. Without the 98%, the 2% is ineffective and useless. You must pray, listen, meditate, and absorb the Lord into your spirit, without which healing during one-on-one will not occur.


Although the practice of healing bath is rarely practiced lately, it is good to be prepared. Bring towels and extra clothes if you want to join the healing bath, which is optional, and which may or may not be given. Sister Gloria is more prone to practice this lately. You can bring your own food, although there are modest canteen facilities inside and outside the healing center.

See if there are announcements posted lately.

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If you get lost, ask around for the “Mother Ignacia Healing Center“.
Many people know where it is.

Click map for full view or magnify.
Click return arrow to go back.

To download map, right click map,
then copy and paste to target word file.


Option 1 – via EDSA clover leaf.

Go to EDSA CLOVER LEAF towards NORTH DIVERSION EXPRESSWAY. Turn right to QUIRINO HIGHWAY before the expressway toll which goes to NOVALICHES. (continue at ** below)

Option 2 – via Mindanao Ave. and SM North.

From EDSA, coming from CUBAO, turn right on NORTH AVENUE at the SM North Mall. Turn left at the first traffic light on MINDANAO AVENUE. Go all the way to a busy traffic light after about four kilometers, turn right on QUIRINO HIGHWAY which goes to NOVALICHES. (continue at ** below)

** Stick to QUIRINO HIGHWAY until you reach the center of Novaliches. You are at the center when there is an island separating the street and traffic is heavy. At the center, Quirino Highway turns to the right at the traffic light. Do not turn right. There is a MacDonald at the very front. Don’t get confused. There are many MacDonalds before reaching the center but they are to the left or right. Take the small narrow street straight ahead, beside MacDonald called SUSANO ROAD. After one kilometer, the road forks BEFORE a Caltex station. Take the left to DEPARO ROAD, which zigzags for about five kilometers. When you start seeing rice fields instead of houses, you are at the edge of Novaliches. At a tricycle station with a small sign ‘Villa Luisa’, turn left on BAGUMBONG ROAD. After 200 meters, on the left side, there is a small sign of MOTHER IGNACIA HEALING CENTER, no. 857 Bagumbong Road.

Option 3 – via Fairview.

From FAIRVIEW, turn left on QUIRINO HIGHWAY one or two blocks before the SM Mall, which is on the left side. Turn right on SABARTE ROAD after 2 to 3 blocks (there is a 7- 11 convenient store and Little Caesar at this corner.) Go straight until another 7-11 which is on the right side. Here, turn left on CAMARIN ROAD. Go straight until the Caltex station, which on the right side. Make a right at the Caltex Station to DEPARO ROAD, which zigzags for about five kilometers. When you start seeing rice fields instead of houses, you are at the edge of NOVALICHES. At a tricycle station with a small sign ‘Villa Luisa’, turn left on BAGUMBONG ROAD. After 200 meters, on the left side, there is a small sign of MOTHER IGNACIA HEALING CENTER, no. 857 Bagumbong Road.



At EDSA, take the bus with signboard ‘NOVALICHES C-5’ going NORTH towards Caloocan. Be sure to take it before or at the SM North Mall because the bus will turn right from EDSA soon. If you are beyond this turning point, you will miss the bus. Tell the conductor to let you down at the center of NOVALICHES (Bayan). When you get down, it will be along the main QUIRINO HIGHWAY. Ask around for the JEEPNEY TERMINAL WITH SIGNBOARD ‘BAGUMBONG’. It is along SUSANO ROAD, a small street beside MacDonald’s. The jeepney terminal is on the left side as you walk from Quirino Highway. It is inside a vacant lot and not so obvious from the road. Take the jeepney with signboard ‘Bagumbong Dulo’ or ‘Bagumbong’. Tell the driver to stop at the MOTHER IGNACIA HEALING CENTER, no. 857 Bagumbong Road. As mentioned, ask around. Many people, know where the healing center is.

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The best preparation to healing is to read the healing stories and testimonials of those who have been healed. If the sick cannot go to the computer, make a computer print out so they can read the stories. If they are too sick to read, read the stories to them orally.

DOWNLOAD e-Book “Healing Stories of Sister Raquel”

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by Sister Raquel Reodica, RVM

During the few years of my ministry as an instrument of Jesus for healing, I began to realize that, aside from physical poisons and genetic defects that cause diseases and physical and mental discomforts, there are also social and psychological poisons in our own homes and in society that pre-dispose us to illnesses by creating certain attitudes and feelings within us.

Heart disease, suicide, mental illness, or cancer can be correlated to psychological factors. We can even be disposed to accidents psychologically. Almost all, if not all sicknesses and bodily discomforts have psychological antecedents.

LIFE PATTERNS and ATTITUDES can predispose us to various types of diseases.

Some doctors I have met say many of them are now beginning to regard the emotional realities in the lives of their patients. They begin to look beyond the question of chemical poisons and consider the possibility of PSYCHOLOGICAL POISONS.

To go against lifelong emotional habits can be extremely difficult for most people. This is an advice that we have to give to the sick:

relax and change your lifestyle
be more gentle to your self and to others
learn to love deeply

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by eastwind

healing is between the Lord and the sick
sister raquel or sister Gloria or holy water
are only ‘bridges’ to the Lord
preparation for healing means spiritual cleansing
which includes forgiving all who have offended you
being sorry for past sins that have offended His Sacred Heart
spiritual healing always precedes physical healing

Without spiritual preparation and spiritual transformation, there can be no healing. Healing cannot happen in a snap or a simple pray-over. It is not like turning a switch off and on. It involves a spiritual process. The person to be healed must undergo a SPIRITUAL CLEANSING prior to healing. This is why the healing session is 98% preparations of prayer, meditation, listening and only 2% actual healing pray-over. Spiritual healing precedes physical healing. Return first to the Lord and submit to Him your entire being so He can heal you. People who were healed by Sister Raquel all speak about the change in their lives, becoming more patient, less prone to anger, goodwill to people even if they tend to be irritating, material and spiritual generosity, more time for prayer, and most especially the consequent inner peace derived from this spiritual transformation or cleansing. Here are simple guideline from Sister Raquel –

pray and meditate often
talk to Jesus in a casual conversation
He is beside you more than you know
pause for a moment and think of your past sins
whom did you hurt or exploit or maltreat
a housemaid, a friend, a spouse, your children?
whom can you not forgive for things they did to you?
without forgiveness, it is hard to be healed
even with all the prayers and healing visits you make
ask for forgiveness for injustice and hurt you have done to others
and forgive others who have hurt you no matter how serious
resolve to correct your sinful ways
relationships are the single greatest spiritual problem worldwide
and the single greatest cause of inner turmoil
resolve not to be cranky or impatient with people
especially small people such as maids, drivers, workers
help and give to others according to your capacity especially the poor
do not just give money or material items
give yourself, your goodwill, your time no matter how busy you are
only then can you ask the Lord to heal you
when you are spiritually clean
once you are pleasing to the Him
your healing is already in process as soon as you begin to pray
and ask him for healing
invoke the intercession
of mother mary, st. joseph
and mother ignacia

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There is nothing better than the physical presence of the sick to receive healing energy from the hands of Sister Raquel or Sister Gloria personally. However, if this is impossible, if the sick is too grave or too far away from the healing center, there two last options –

Option 1. Long distance telephone call. You call sister. You say a healing prayer together. Telephone (632) 930-3902. Call only at 8pm to 9pm Philippine time, except Wednesdays or Saturdays. PLEASE CALL ONLY AT DESIGNATED TIME. If there is no answer, try again tomorrow.

Option 2. Proxy healing. Healing of a person far away through a friend or relative who goes to Sister Raquel or Sister Gloria as a proxy or representative of the sick.

Sister will pray over the proxy in behalf of the sick person in mind. If the proxy and the sick have cellphones and can communicate with each other, Sister can talk directly and pray with the sick. Both the proxy and the sick must be spiritually prepared (follow healing preparations given in this website) prior to proxy healing. YOU CAN BRING A PHOTO OF THE SICK.

Nothing is impossible for the Creator of the universe. People are healed on the computer, in the Internet, on TV broadcasts. There have been a few rare testimonies of people who were healed by simply placing the news article about Sister Raquel or even email printout of the same articles on the part of the body which has an ailment, or hands placed on the television set as Sister Raquel prays over the viewers. Please read the e-mail testimonial in this book. It must be clarified that it is not the article that heals but the faith and resolve of the sick person in the presence of the healing Lord.

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By Sister Raquel Reodica, RVM

At 8:00 a.m. every morning, find a quiet place. Attune your spirit to Jesus through His blessed Mother Mary. Read slowly with your heart this prayer. Express silently your deep desire for complete healing. This is your one-on-one prayer with Jesus.

Our Father in heaven, Creator of my body,
wherein I (state your name) dwell and through which I live,
make me realize in the name of JESUS
that my present bodily ailment is a result of my own sins,
my wrong doings, my wrong thinking,
my transgressions against Your laws.
I ask forgiveness, Jesus, for these wrong doings,
and promise to change my ways.
Make me realize, in the name of JESUS,
that Your creative power, which fashioned my body,
is still in me, in my consciousness, in my mind,
ready to serve me at any time of need.
Make me realize that I, in my free will,
now have control over this creative power within me
which I can direct to act for my own well being,
but only if my thoughts and feelings are attuned to You.
In full realization of this,
O Lord God, in Jesus’ name,
to correct and eliminate any and all my bodily imperfections
and diseases and discomforts.
because of Your creative love and mercy,
and Your healing grace in my every cell
and nerve and gland and tissue and fiber and organ,
especially my: (state any or all sicknesses).
In accordance with my vision
through the intercessions of MOTHER IGNACIA DEL ESPIRITU SANTO
and all Your saints, I am healed. Amen. Amen. Amen

After praying, remain in silence for 15 to 20 minutes in the presence of the Lord, and in meditation of receiving His healing.

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33 thoughts on “Healing Guide

  1. dear sister raquel,
    happy to hear one like you as God’s instrument for healing.. i really find this whole thing very inspiring..i pray that this could be a great help to my husband’s inner and physical healing.. he has acute myeloid leukemia.


  2. Thank you Sr. Raquel for being a great inspiration for us, thank you for being an instrument so that we could have hope in life most of all when we are helpless, thank you for making us feel more God’s presence and making us see His face through you.
    May God bless you and your ministry more and more!


  3. dear sister racquel,
    I am so deply inspired by the grace of healing given you by God,i think its Gods wisdom for me to get to know you thru internet. I am living in canada right now and sufferring a pancreatic cysts a troubled with brain nerve abnormality.please help me pay for healing no matter how distant i believe that God is omnipresent.Thanks and God bless you


  4. Dear Sister Raquel,

    I believe that you are God’s instrument for healing the sick both spiritually and physically, and without doubt i can be healed of my present illness in the Mighty name of Jesus, through the intercession of MAma MAry, St. Joseph, Padre Pio and all the Saints in heaven,and Mother Ignacia. Please also pray for me Sister Raquel that i will be healed of my acute cervititis and and that the result of my biopsy will be negative for cervical cancer. Thank you in advance and to God be the Glory!


  5. Pray for Dorothy Gallegos who is a diabetic and had all of her toes amputated.

    Pray for Roland Alarid who is in a Coma due to a diabetic attack.

    Pray for Patricia Sena-Gallegos who suffers from Anxiety, Panic Disorder and Derealization.

    In Jesus Name…..Amen


  6. Thank You Lord and Sister Raquel for keeping strong and healthy My Mother who is cancer suvivor and my father who is suffering in stomach pain. May God continue to heal them and give them a long life to live.


  7. Please pray for the reconciliation of our family may God be the center of our lives. I pray for myself and to my Brothers and Sister for us to have an stable job and be successful with our jobs.


  8. Please pray for our family my mother had undergone major surgical operation from her pancreas please pray for miraculous healing because we don’t have money to support her chemotherapy. May find new livelihood to support our financial problem may we find ways to raise money in good way. Thank you


  9. Dear Sister Raquel,
    Please help me pray that my mother would be healed from her bone, brain and breast cancer.. that God would remove the pain she is feeling right now in her body.
    shes in stage 4 cancer right now, I pray that the cancer cell wont spread a lot to the other organs in her body.
    Thank u sisters.
    May God give u more strength in healing many people.


  10. dear sister raquel,
    my husband died minutes after we had the healing,he had cardiac arrest while we were having the prayover by phone..it was so strange..but even with that i still thank God,that he received healing before he went away,i know it was the only thing he had waited,since I’ve been telling him about calling you..he couldn’t talk so he waited till he heard your prayer and let go..IT WAS A HEALING FOR HIS SOUL.the healing oil arrived 3 days after he died..Really God’s will to take his life that moment..i have the oil now and it Is really effectively amazing,i use it every now and then to treat different illnesses,big and small..my daughter,a newborn was confined at NICU,she had labored breathing so she needed an aid of oxygen..my mom wiped the healing oil to my daughter’s chest whispering “JESUS..MARY” and miraculously the doctor announced my daughter can breathe on her own and didn’t need an oxygen aid, minutes after the the oil was wiped..JESUS HEALS..I THANK GOD FOR HIS UNWAVERING LOVE..


  11. Dear sister racquel,

    Please pray for my mother,suffering stage 4 breast cancer. God would remove the pain she is feeling right now.take away all negative feelings and miraculous healing of her sickness..I love my nanay very much..please!


  12. dear sister raquel,
    please pray for me..i’m suffering from cancer of the liver…i’m praying for the LORD ALMIGHTY to remove all the cancer cells in my body..and please pray for me that i will be healed completely physically and emotionally..thank you LORD FOR YOUR GLORY..


  13. dear sister raquel,
    i just finished praying the healing prayer and rebirth..it’s my first day and i felt good after i prayed..i know that i will be healed thru the Goodness of our Lord Jesus Christ with the intercession of MAMA MARY…In Jesus Name..amen


  14. Sister Racquel, Please pray for Doris, her leg is swelling and needs operation. Pray for me too, for the quick and correct court petition, for the release of my ACR-ICARD without any trouble. Praying for my family’s health and spiritual stability. In Jesus name Amen


  15. Dear Sister Raquel RVM,

    Please pray thru the intercession of Mama Mary and Mother Ignacia the speedy recovery and complete healing of my wife Letty Simon’s illness. Praised be Jesus and Mary! Thank you so much and God bless!


  16. Dear Sr. Raquel,

    Thank God, i found your website and thank you that He gave you for healing people. Pls pray for my husband’s pulmonary solitary nodule on his left lung that it will disappear. it was seen on his xray when he had his cp clearance done for his acl reconstruction, the doctor didn’t inform him about this because the company only referred to them the acl repair. Sister, pls pray for my husband. I love him and even ask God that i’ll be the one to suffer not my husband because he’s the one working, We have 3 kids and they are still too young. Pls sister, pls pray for us to Jesus and mama Mary through the intercession of St. Pio, Joseph, St. Anthony, Faustina, Philomena and all the saints. Pls beg God for His Mercy. Thank you Sister. May God bless you!

    In Christ,


  17. Please pray for my father he is in semi comatose, please pray for his recovery.lord please take away all the pain and sickness of my father please wake him up. i ask this thru jesus name amen.


  18. Dear Sister Raquel,

    Please pray for my beloved father who is suffering from liver cancer because of liver cirrhosis. The doctor said that there is no cure since it would be too risky if they will operate him. I am praying the holy rosary every night because I know in my heart that through the intercession of Mother Mary and Mother Ignacia, he will be cured. Please pray that he will be cured from his ailment. God bless you Sister Raquel and I thank Jesus for giving you to us.


  19. Please pray for my nephew Anton who has bone cancer is undergoing chemotherapy and is due for operation. We pray for his complete recovery and successful operation. God bless Sr. Raquel and Sr Gloria for being instruments in His healing


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