by proclaiming His magnificence
the blessed Virgin accepts her role
as the Lord’s humble servant and mediatrix
for generations to come
my heart proclaims
the greatness of the Lord
my soul rejoices in Him my Saviour
for He has looked with grace
on me His lowly servant
from this day hence
all generations shall call me blessed
because of the great things
He has done for me
from age to age His name is sacred
and His mercy abounds
for those who honor Him
He stretches out His mighty arm
to humble the proud
and unseat powerful kings
He uplifts the lowly
and fills the hungry
and renders the rich empty
luke 1:46-55
what does it profit a man
if he gains the whole world
but suffers the loss
of his immortal soul
st francis xavier
do not seek to understand
incomprehensible mysteries
such as how and when the rain and wind will come
you know not the work of the Lord
rather sow your seeds
wherever you have land
if you know not where the flood will fall
let the Lord decide your fate and just do your part
eclesiastes 11:1-8
spiritual blindness
makes you numb and insensitive
it brings out anger
when there should be forgiveness
spiritual blindness
thrives in total darkness
where not a sliver of light
can penetrate the soul
open your heart to the Lord
let His light enter your impenetrable soul
so that you may see
and hear and feel once again

Published by Anton

Anton worked for the biggest multinational company in the Philippines for 12+ years, straight out of college, before becoming a full-time Online Entrepreneur. He was the Chief Information Officer of Procter & Gamble Philippines when he finally quit his day job and decided to take his blog, Our Awesome Planet, to the next level in 2008., which he started in 2005, is the number #1 food and travel media in the Philippines with over 500,000+ followers and thousands of readers, and is still organically growing. His advocacy is to promote the “Food and Travel Secrets in the Philippines” and to inspire Filipinos that living in the Philippines is truly awesome! He was recognized as Go Negosyo's Inspiring Young Filipino Entrepreneur Award in 2010. He was featured in Go Negosyo's 7th book: "Go Negosyo's 50 Inspiring Stories of Young Entrepreneurs" in 2011. In 2015, Anton Diaz received the first Tourism Star Award for media by the Department of Tourism for his valuable contribution in promoting Philippine cuisine and destinations through his blog Our Awesome Planet thereby encouraging tourists to visit and taste the best in what the Philippines has to offer. Our Awesome Planet is recognized as one of the Top 50 Travel Blogs in the world!

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