NATIONWIDE ACT OF CONSECRATION for peace and vs disasters

NATIONWIDE ACT OF CONSECRATION For peace and against disasters   The Philippines is one of the most disaster-prone region in the planet. It is part of the Rim of Fire, prone to volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. Its archipelago situation makes it prone to tsunamis from the Pacific Ocean and China Sea. It is pummeled byContinue reading “NATIONWIDE ACT OF CONSECRATION for peace and vs disasters”


foodforthesoul prayer poem 81   THE RELUCTANT TYCOON Based on a true story   it took chinese businessman gerry a lifetime to build his economic empire the fruit of daily painstaking work   sleepless nights, tussles with competitors extreme patience with scammers life in a snakepit   now he basks in comfort on his throneContinue reading “prayer81 – THE RELUCTANT TYCOON”

prayer80 – Lord be the mirror / remember you are dust

foodforthesoul prayer 80   verse 043   Lord, be the Mirror that we may see ourselves in You and You in ourselves   be the Window that we may look beyond ourselves and see the beauty in others   be the Music that we will hear in times of darkness that will soothe our soulsContinue reading “prayer80 – Lord be the mirror / remember you are dust”


foodforthesoul prayer 77 _______________________ 074 THE VICIOUS CIRCLE   we lose our health to make our wealth we lose our wealth to regain our health we live as if we will never die we die as if we never lived   we are busy with daily tasks yet we are bored in being busy weContinue reading “prayer 77 – THE VICIOUS CIRCLE”

prayer 76 – it is hard to see beauty

prayer 75 – excerpts 1 foodforthesoul   it is hard to see the beauty in a beggar hidden beneath rags it is hard to see the monster in a beauty queen hidden beneath elegance if you really want to ‘see’ people look with your heart not your eyes   intelligence wins wars wisdom avoids warsContinue reading “prayer 76 – it is hard to see beauty”

prayer 74 – PRAYER POEMS from foodforthesoul book

prayer 74 ________________________________ 113 Lord, I have sinned a thousand fold but you had forgiven me seven thousand fold long before I committed them   ________________________________ 114 careers and fortunes are small victories big battles are with people and relationships a humble home of harmony is better than a palace of discord   ________________________________ 115Continue reading “prayer 74 – PRAYER POEMS from foodforthesoul book”


foodforthesoul PRAYER POEMS   _________________________________________ AN APOCALYPTIC MESSAGE   fallen is babylon the great (iraq?) for all nations (industrialized countries?) have drunk the wine (oil?) of her licentious passion   the kings of the earth who had intercourse with her merchants of the earth (oil multinationals?) who grew rich from her luxury will all weepContinue reading “prayer72 – AN APOCALYPTIC MESSAGE”


foodforthesoul   prayer 71 – TWO HEALING TESTIMONIALS   This is a revival of an old video on the Youtube, two healing testimonials proclaiming the glory of the Lord – “Cyber Healing Center volume 4”. Although it is better to watch the Youtube (given below), we give here the transcripts, which you can print andContinue reading “prayer 71 – TWO HEALING TESTIMONIALS”


prayer69 – IT IS NOT WHAT YOU GATHER   foodforthesoul   ______________________ it is not what you gather but what you scatter not what you receive but what you give that matters most in life   MILAGAR 297   ______________________ those who know are not learned those who are learned do not know   LAOContinue reading “prayer69 – IT’S NOT WHAT YOU GATHER”