prayer poem 81
Based on a true story
it took chinese businessman gerry a lifetime
to build his economic empire
the fruit of daily painstaking work
sleepless nights, tussles with competitors
extreme patience with scammers
life in a snakepit
now he basks in comfort
on his throne in his ripe age
viewing the panorama of his empire
it took cancer to suddenly awaken him
that his empire could vanish so easily
in the blink of an eye
so he knelt and prayed for the first time
to thank the Lord for this “blessing”
for giving him a chance to change
his children were angry
when he gave away half of his empire
to him it was worthless now
giving was now his new-found wealth
for in giving he was forgiven
for the many people he conned to get his empire
this was his new-found empire
more permanent than the old
spiritual not material, perpetual not temporal
not of fortune that will fade
not of palaces that will crumble
but of love that will endure
it was taking so much that brought cancer
it was giving it away that healed cancer
today he basks in the glory of the Lord
poorer but happier
no longer excited by mergers and acquisitios
looking forward to morning meditation
and so it was for the reluctant tycoon
who wasted life building an empire
but restored life by building another
excerpt from the book foodforthesoul
available in most national bookstore outlets
including davao, cagayan de oro, cebu, baguio
and other major cities
visit the blogsite of healer sister Raquel
for prayer requests from the terminally ill
send request to
remember that you are dust
and to dust you will return
death is the absolute equalizer
of wealth beauty fame intelligence
all these shall pass away
as sure as the sun will set this evening
it is in realizing death tomorrow
that we can mould our lives today
in prayer and in the Lord
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