prayer 76 – it is hard to see beauty

prayer 75 – excerpts 1 foodforthesoul
it is hard to see the beauty in a beggar
hidden beneath rags
it is hard to see the monster in a beauty queen
hidden beneath elegance
if you really want to ‘see’ people
look with your heart not your eyes
intelligence wins wars
wisdom avoids wars
intelligence maximizes profits
wisdom shares profits
intelligence wants victory
wisdom wants peace
excerpts of verses by eastwind
from the book –
“foodforthesoul, finding peace and healing
In a frenzied world
available at key National Book Story branches
or at the mother ignacia healing ministry
Browse thru the ministry’s extensive archives
of inspirational materials – Powerpoints, Youtubes,
prayer poems, meditation posters,  anecdotes.
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The Lord Heals in Cyberspace
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