prayer 75
Healing us is just a ‘bonus’
The paralytic at Capernaum was brought down from the roof of a crowded house so Jesus could heal him. Seeing their faith, Jesus said “Your sins are forgiven”. The scribes whispered among each other that this was blasphemy. Who except the Almighty could forgive sins? Jesus knew their thoughts and said, “Which is easier to say, ‘your sins are forgiven’ or ‘rise up, pick up your mat, and walk’? And as He said this to the paralytic, immediately, he rose and returned home. Mark 2:1-12.
Seeing their faith, Jesus said, “I forgive you”, not “I heal you”. He focused on their faith. Sickness was secondary. It is through our faith that we are healed. Also, there is a relationship between our sickness and our healing. Physical sickness can be caused by sin. So the first step, if we pray for healing, is to first ask for forgiveness, then for healing. In other words, spiritual healing precedes physical heaing.
He makes us sick so we can ask for His healing. His purpose is clear. He uses our body to get to our soul. He induces a rude awakening that we need to come to Him not tomorrow but now. For Him our spiritual healing is more urgent that our physical healng. He wants our soul more than anything else. For Him, healing our body is just a ‘bonus’.
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