prayer 74 – PRAYER POEMS from foodforthesoul book

prayer 74
Lord, I have sinned a thousand fold
but you had forgiven me
seven thousand fold
long before I committed them
careers and fortunes are small victories
big battles are with people and relationships
a humble home of harmony
is better than a palace of discord
the Word of the Lord
falls on rich or rocky ground
on green gardens or dry deserts
some are angered and tremble with hate
others are awed and tremble with joy
the wine flowed at the wedding at cana
only because a Son
could not say no to His Mother
excerpts from the book
“foodforthesoul, finding peace in a frenzied world”
Includes healing guide and information
from the ministry of Sister  Raquel Reodica, RVM
available at major Metro-Manila
National Book Store branches 150 Philipines pesos
also available by postal mail
just request by email –
pay via Western Union or other options
instructions will be given, depends where you are
pay extra for postage
local Philippine pesos, international US dollars
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