prayer request bulletin 79 – february 11 2012

prayer request bulletin 79 – February 11, 2012
your tears are My tears
your laughter My laughter
abide in Me for I turn
tears into laughter
wounds into scars
many times we fret
about the unimportant and mundane
and ignore the important and spiritual
we are awed by what is absurd
like the model of a cellphone we will buy
and ignore what is meaningful
like prayers for a sick daughter
anger consumes
forgiveness heals
anger weakens
forgiveness strengthens
to the Lord
our softly whispered prayers
are louder than the thunder
He hears when we plead
from the heart
The Lord sanctifies prayer requesters, prayer warriors, and anyone who reads this bulletin. Upon reading, you may realize that perhaps your pain is nothing compared to those of others. Your pain and their pain are acts of prayer if offered to the Lord. Pain sanctifies and may often be the Lord’s instrument to bring us closer to Him.
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Physical healing– cancer and other terminal diseases.
Spiritual healing– depression, confusion, loss of faith.
Relationship healing – friends and family quarrels, separations, conflicts.
Financial rescue– unemployment, exams, businesses, medical expenses.
Say a healing prayer via Youtube with Sister Raquel –
Say a healing prayer via Youtube with Father Suarez –
For the sick, request for healing oil for free by postal mail. Just give your postal address to But first read about its history, healing oil that appeared miraculously a day before Ondoy-–blogsite-library-links/
Prayer requests in English is better so non-Filipinos can understand them.
Put a subject title “prayer request” to avoid being identified as a spam. ‘No subject’ are not read but deleted.
We protect the privacy of requesters. Email addresses and last names are not published. This does not affect the efficacy of the prayers.
Make your requests short and do not post repeatedly as it results in confusion.


Dear Sis Raquel, Bro Bernie and all the Prayer Warriors,
 I would like to thank you for your prayers. I wrote sometime in September 2011 asking for your prayers for the complete healing of my mother, Lydia. Since then she has gotten better. Her bleeding stopped and felt better each day. Indeed God is our great healer and nothing is impossible with Him! I would also like to thank the Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Joseph, Venerable Mother Ignacia Del Espiritu Santo and all the angels and saints for their powerful intercession. Please continue to pray for her and the rest of the family for good health. I will continue to pray for you and your healing ministry and all the prayer requests being posted in your bulletin. I thank God for His instruments of healing here on earth who give hope to the desperate and hopeless. God bless you!


Please pray for her recovery, strength..power!..her name is rosalinda f. Please pray for my mother, suffering stage 4 breast cancer. God would remove the pain she is feeling right now. take away all negative feelings and give miraculous healing of her sickness..I love my nanay very much..please!
joan f
Dear Sr Raquel and all Prayer Warriors,
Kindly include in your prayers the gift of healing for my pet dog Lav. Thank you all and God Bless Everyone. Please also include in your prayers God’s healing and protection for Cely & Glenda G, Mila, Hermie & Francis F, Chad U & Zenaida A. Thank you very much and may God’s healing and protection be with you all, always.
Glenda G
I pray that Renato Corona resigns as Chief Justice to save the Supreme Court from shame, maintain its integrity, and our country from further division, and uncertainty on the integrity of the judiciary. God help and save us!
Dear Sister Raquel Reodica RVM.
Sister my name is Angelina C, maybe guided by the Holy Spirit I am so grateful to learn about your healing ministry at your website. I know you and your healing ministry are busy taking in prayer requests from all over the world. I have husband and 2 sons (age 18 and 14) who needs my guidance. So here is my prayer request: Person to be Held : Angelina C, Healing for : Myeloma and emotional healing (my sickness is about bad  cell in my blood/bone morrow and the Dr. recommended me to a Stem cell Transplant, regarding my emotional healing its about the incident that just happened Jan. 9 and Jan. 14 2012, my 2 sisters past away due to cardiac  arrest). To you Sister Raquel R. RVM and your healing ministry marami pong salamat sa lahat ng tulong na maibigay mo sa akin at sa aking pamilya through prayers. Always,
angie , South San Francisco Ca.94080Country:  USA
Please pray for my friend ding who had a mild stroke last December. Please help him recover and rehabilitate so he can serve You. Dear Lord thru Mama Marya, we pray
For mrs filomena “menie” ramos ledesma, may she rest in peace
RICO S,  Ateneo alumni association
My name is Arn K. I am an Indian engineer working in dubai. I belong to a poor family, Father had lot of debts, Brother s weak in studies,we did not have a own house yet, My family is living in a rented house. My family life in India is so miserable, due to the burden of debts. Due to this reason my family cant attend any social function, marriages etc. My parents had suffered lot of insults and bad words. My job in dubai is actually lower in salary and position when compared to my education. In our office there are a lot of unhealthy politics and due to that i had lot of enemies also. Office atmosphere is not peaceful. For getting a progress in job and salary, i joined for a distant education mode, part time MBA in a universtity in India. This december i went India for writing the 2 nd year exams,I spend lot of money to go India forwriting exams.But my exams were tough.Pleasepray for me to get   a good PROMOTION IN SALARY anddesignation, to clear my fathers debts and to buy anew house. to get a pass in MBA exams, tosurvive from my enemies and please give me peace in office. Please give me commanding power at job and office. Save me from financial losses, from the curse obtainedfrom the bad doings of my ancestors.Please give a good future to mybrother,me and my parents.I had done some sins in ma life in wordand work, i am repenting on that now.Please pray together with me forthe forgiveness from God.Please pray for a spiritual enlightment in my life and win over evil forces.Thanks for the favours God showed to me yet.
 Good evening  Pray for me and my hand. Im suffering terrible pain in my right hand.I cannot close my right hand after a surgery ten months ago. God bless you
Carmen E R
dear sister raquel;
please pray for Victoria R who has acute leukemia
dear sr. raquel and to all prayer warriors,
 greetings of peace! i am writing now to request for prayers for my daughter, randell marie, my brothers and sister and their respective families and for myself: for love, peace, unity, good health, protection and continuous blessings everyday.  four nights ago, there was pain under my left breast near the ribs and there was some sort of lump, i prayed and got the healing oil and said a prayer and rub it on the painful area, on my stomach and on my head as i uttered for the healing of these areas, my hypertension, gallstones and all the pains that i was having through Jesus, the Divine Healer and through the intercession of Mama Mary with Mother Ignacia del Espiritu Santo . right now, i don’t know if the lump is still there because i can’t anymore find it and there was no more pain. nevertheless, since i am scheduled for medical check up, i would want to have it examined as well. but am really confident that it’s gone, by God’s grace. please help me pray that all these pains and sicknesses be gone forever.  i will be giving part of the healing oil to  my office mate, rosalie a who is undergoing chemotherapy and am also requesting prayers for her complete healing. also, to my uncle, bonifacio v that he will also be completely healed from his cancer.  thank you for all your spiritual support. God bless and more power!  fondly,
Dear Sister Raquel:
Thank you for prayers for Riley P, 8 year old Cancer patient.  He died peacefully last week and was happy to go to God.  His great aunt said that she got the courage of the Holy Spirit to speak at his funeral.  She has been more converted towards the Lord because this event.  Thanks to the prayer warriors and you for your support!  God bless you abundantly.  I am requesting prayers for Gerri and her family…her daughter in law had cancer and passed away.  Her whole family is in need of healing from here death this week.   Thank you for your good work for others.  When I read everyone’s needs I become very appreciate of all the good things the Lord brings us every day…and am praying daily for all the persons who write for healing…may their prayers be heard.  I am starting a small group to read spiritual books and will include all the requests in our prayers. AMDG…Maraming Salamat po!
thank you for healing oil recieved today  still needing prayer very ill josephine uk
Please pray for the following for physical healing and spiritual
Archbishop Timothy D of NY
Bishop Thomas T of Providence
Bishop Thomas O of Phoenix
Bishop Frederick C of Columbus
Bishop Daniel J of Peoria
Bishop M. H. / Msgr. Richard L
Fr. Joseph W / Fr. John W
Joseph F / Matt B. / Ray B.
Please pray for me I have brain cancer. Had brain surgery last December. Experiencing intense headaches can not sleep. Headaches are so intense, they won’t go away. Thank you in advance god bless you Sent from my iPad
1. Happy marriage and good health for Joseph & Clarissa
2. Financial stability and abundance for Joseph & Clarissa
3. Stable employment for Joseph.
4.  May Joseph be able to close big accounts in February & March 2012.
5. Speedy recovery of our friend, Randy C. since he has a brain tumor
6. Good health to all of our family and friends.
7. Happy marriage of Bridel and May who recently got married last Jan. 7,
 Thank you for all the blessings that we have received in 2011.
I ask your prayers to Our Lord Jesus Christ, for Cándido Ramón B (My Father deceased), who had a very important debt of money with me, equal that other persons of my family, never we fight for it, I forgave it him in life, but I have no spiritual peace, nor of conscience, I need the Christ Presence. Thank you very much.God bless it.
* *
Yo pido sus oraciones a Nuestro Señor Jesucristo, por Cándido Ramón B (Mi difunto Padre), quien tenía una muy importante deuda de dinero conmigo, igual que otras personas de mi familia, nunca peleamos por ello, yo le perdoné en vida, pero no tengo paz espiritual, ni de conciencia, yo necesito la Presencia de Cristo. Muchas Gracias. Dios les bendiga.
DearSister Raquel, Bro. Ernie and Prayer warriors,
 Before i proceed to my request i would like to thank  you all  for all your prayers, from day one i started sending prayer request untill now, thank you very much and God bless you all. For my niece Nina , who has Lupus (SLE)she is now out from the hospital but still  undergo dialysis 3x a week. She is only 19 years old. Please pray for her and her mom Lucita for wisdom , more strength and financial assistance. My elder brother Romy  for his heart problem, he needs operation but due to financial problem, he is just taking some medications right now, for my mom  her diabetes, for my brother Noel  other side of his face still numbed due to car accident last year,for my niece Maryanne who lost her job early this year and with her some financial obligations she really needs job please pray for her, for my nieces Aileen and Anafel wisdom and right guy for them,for my  nephew Tonnel who’s looking for job abroad, for my  daughter Maria she was laid off before xmas and thanks God she got a new one and will start on the 30th, please pray for her wisdom and knowlege,good health and continue her college,for my son Aj more wisdom,knowledge and good health,for me and my husband more wisdom,spiritual guidance and financial assistance.Thank you very much for all your prayers. God bless you all.
Dear Sr Racquel, Bro Bernie, My Co-prayer Warriors,
       First, i would like to thank GOD for all the blessings we received from HIM, i,e. our life, our job, my family, friends, good health & all materials things we have now . LORD, thank you. For all the blessings, opportunities we receive in year 2011, LORD, thank you so much!        Second, i would like to ask forgiveness for all the mistakes, wrong doings we have committed, may the LORD guide our way and brighten our minds that we may choose the right decision in our daily life in accordance with the will of GOD. Third, i ask for physical, mental, spiritual healing & financial stability for the the ff. persons: Lorenza V. – heart ailment, hypertension.May GOD prolong her life and to become more physically and mentally healthy; Danny V- hypertension, May GOD give him a better job so he can sustain the needs of his family. To have self-control. I pray that he become a supportive, loving, responsible & helpful husband; Mona – to become healthy, to brake his relationship to RAEL, to become more successful in her business; Malu- fibromatosis. I pray that he became a responsible mother to her kids; Lanie – hypertension, GERD, hormonal imbalance, hemorroid, HSV, auto immune disease, I pray to GOD to guide me everyday to do my responsibility as employee in accordance with the Law. To keep me away from any misfortunes, accidents, evil. To keep me safe and away from any car accident, that no people, motorist & property may harm or damage respectively, when I’m driving. To all my nephew, nieces (Andrei, Adrian, Alexis, Abigail, Cris, Marga, Joan, Ton, Angela, Daisyrey -to be physically & mentally healthy. To become responsible, GOD fearing, loving, have respect to parents. Keep them away from bad peers & vices. To finish their studies, to have goals in life and ambitions. To find stable job. Kuya Rico – diabetis, he is now undergo dialysis. Aunt Loleng – diabetis, she is now in Martha’s Home and recuperating from stroke. Help Ate Virgie to provide her mother’s medical needs., Marita – diabetis, rheumatoid – psoriasis . To all sick people in the world specially those who are in bad financial status or terminal ill. Lord help them. To all Souls in Purgatory- may the LORD forgive their sins and they may enter the Kingdom of GOD. Finally, may GOD guide Pres. Noynoy Aquino to become responsible President of the country, to help all the needy, poor, unemployed, to lessen the crimes, to give justice to victims of all forms of criminality. Lord keep us away from any natural calamities e.g. earthquake, typhoon, flood.  I believe in GOD that HE hears and sees everything, HE can change our life, HE is the GREAT GOD who love us so much.  LORD hear my prayers, thank you & I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.
Dear Sr. Raquel and Bro Bernie,
 I am writing to you to request for a prayer for a family reconciliation between my son and me. But also for the healing of my two friends who has a serious illness their names are Bernadette C and Liza K. I believed what the Lord has said whenever one or two are gathered in His name He will be among us. And He also said that Ask and you shall received, seek and you will find, knck and it shall be opened. And through His words and through the help of your prayers I know the Lord will grant us what we are asking for in His time. Thank you Sr. Raquel and Bro Bernie for the prayers that you’ve saying for all who has requested your help. May God bless you and protect you from all the dangers that lingers around.  Yours in Christ,
Emma T
I am hoping Sister Rachel can pray for my brother, Tony who was diagnosed with the dreadful pancreatic cancer and stage 4 lung cancer. I hope and pray thru Our Lord and the Blessed Mother that Tony will receive a miraculous healing from the pancreatic and lung cancer. Yours in Christ,
Please, pray:
That Our Lord God strength the relationship between Dejan M. and me! That any barriers between us will be removed permanently and that we may have a lifetime of happpiness and love together! THAT GOD HELP DEJAN M. TO MAKE DISTANCE FROM PEOPLE WHO ENJOY IN DESTROYING RELATIONSHIPS. Thank you for all your prayers May God bless you always!
Katarina from Belgrade in Serbia
dear sister raquel,
i subscribe to your blog and regularly read messages  which keep me inspire . I have a sister suffering from cancer which i requested for prayer sometime last year. Can i request for a healing oil for my sister. I live in Bacoor,Cavite but You can address it to my office here in Manila for easy accesability.  thank you very much for continously helping people thru prayers through the intercession of Mama Mary.
sister noami
Dear Sister Raquel,
 I have been suffering anxiety attack and depression since last year. I’ve been to emergency rooms lately because I couldn’t breath, my right ear is in pain, nausea and etc. Doctors have the same diagnosed. They said I have an anxiety attack. Every time I feel pain inside my body and research it on the net.It makes me crazy everytime I think I have a brain tumor. I cry everyday because I think I have a brain tumor. My family, friends and doctors said I just have an anxiety attack but my mind said I have a brain tumor. I researched everything and everytime I read about the article it makes me horrified. I have a 6 month old baby. I couldn’t imagine that If I’m going to die who will take care of him. I always pray sister Raquel but it seems that my faith in God isnt enough. I dont want to do. My family and friends are too tired of  giving me their advices. They said, dont think negative thoughts instead you pray. I couldnt go out because I’m afraid I might have a heart attack. I couldnt enjoy my life anymore. My mind keeps on telling me that I’m sick and I have a brain tumor. Please include me in your prayers Sister Raquel. My baby still needs me and I still need him. I badly need your help. I always cry everyday and every minute because I think I have a serious illness.   Thank you.
Prayers for chiqui s, unable to speak, just undergone chemo for stage 4 brain cancer. Also for milet with cancer. Lord we ask for Your healing.
 Fritz sonny leah milet Bernie
Dear Sister Raquel,
I am requesting the healing oil for myself.  I have Stage 3c uterine  cancer and I am on a second round of chemotherapy since the first round  did not work. I  feel confident that the Lord Jesus will heal me through  the intercession of the Blessed Mother and ST Joseph.  Please send the  holy  oil to me to strengthen me.  Thank you all so much.  You give me hope were there was none.  May God  Bless all of you for your wonderful work. Prayers and Hugs.
Rose Lynn B
Dear Sister Raquel,
Please pray for me. I have Stage 3 Breast Cancer.  Please pray that I will be totally healed and that my cancer would never come back. I am now on my 8th chemotherapy, 4 more to go.  I also pray for forgiveness for sins I have committed in the past. Thank you Sister.
Jocelyn B
Please pray for me, my daughter Chiara Marie & spouse, Anthony Erick. Thank you.
Hello Sis. Raquel,
Please help me pray for a miracle for my sister, Imelda, who has hematuria due to cysts in her kidneys, is undergoing dialysis, has an irregular heart beat and is being tested for possibility of a kidney transplant.  May our Lord find favor in her to qualify her for a transplant inspite of the odds (her age – 60 years old, her irregular heat beat, several blood transfusions) and that everything will go well (good test results, regular heart beat, good donor, successful transplant, finances for her treatment before and after surgery).  This we ask in Jesus’ name, the Healer, the Miracle Worker.  Thank you and I pray for your ministry and the people asking for prayers as well. Sincerely,
Dear Sis Raquel,
Pls pray for Ms. Olivia L. She is missing in saudi arabia. Pls for for her safety and safe return here in the Philippines.  Thank you very much..
Dear Sister Raquel, Brother Bernie and to all Prayer Warriors,
Please pray for the healing my Auntie Fely L. who has a cancer of the liver, my auntie Dolly B. who has a brain tumor and both are in the hospital right now, my friend Loraine N. with cancer of the blader. May Jesus heal them throught the intercession of thr Blessed Virgin Mary Amen. Thank you so much and may GOD bless you all.
Hello, my name is Nellie A. I am 33 years old and have been sick for 6 months now. The doctor did all sort of test but cannot find anything. I need a healing prayer from this evil sickness. I need prayers for my 5 year old son called francis edu who is got autism. God help us      
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