prayer 78 – BOOK verse 111

prayer 78
Verse 111


visionary maria esperanza had a dream
our Lady told her that she would be
the couriers of many Marian messages
she waited and waited but there was none


after seventeern years
when she had forgotten about it
when she was old
and her children were grown ups


she received the messages finally
not in trickles but in a flood
it hit her like a lightning bolt
Lord Your ways are not our ways


gerry worked hard
to produce a video documentary
about the Lord healing cancer patients
so the world would know of His mercy


but no one would air it
he failed and felt miserable
he thought it was a waste of time
he felt bad about the networks


two years later without him asking
at the blink of an eye
a network aired it seven times
Lord Your ways are not our ways


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