Lord of the universe
Creator of all that is
heal first my soul to return to You
and then my body to serve You
sister Raquel
the King of kings, Keeper of the universe
and its billions of galaxies and planets
was born in a feed box for sheep
adored by poor shephers and powerful monarchs
blessed be His name Emmanuel
which means ‘God in our midst’
my thoughts are not your thoughts
as high as the heavens are above the earth
so are my ways above your ways
and my thoughts above your thoughts
just as from the heavens
the rain and snow come down
and do not return
until they have watered the earth
making it fertile and fruitful
to give seed to him who sows
and bread to him who labors
so shall My Word
isaiah 55:1-11
many times we never know
the reasons for God’s ways
a woman addicted to morphine
for five long years of extreme pain
5,000 dead in 9-11
a quarter of a million in a tsunami
and many other painful events
in our short and chaotic lives
He gives and He takes away
His ways are a mystery
it is only for us to say
‘Your will be done Lord’
it is in this that we achieve calm
amidst wars and ailments
total surrender to the Lord
Lord let me sing to You
until i am nothing but a song
a sufi’s prayer
the more i did not plan
the better the experience
the more i tried to get lost
the more things i found
the more i did not care what happened
things happened
it is the paradox of life
that there is order in chaos
and chaos in order
i can see in the dark
when i do not use my eyes
from eastwind’s book
wings and wanderlust

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