prayer request bulletin 03 – October 30, 2008

This bulletin publishes all prayer requests we receive.

pray on the keyboard for requests from across the world.

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01 maritess
02 anabelle a
03 helene
04 Marivic P
05 ed and Loida B
06 wenda
07 cleofe
08 ene S
09 jolan and surf
10 Edith
11 esperanza P
12 clarissa
13 Flor B
14 Elvie T
15 Mylene V
16 Rey A
17 carol
18 haydee e
19 yoyong M
21 Maria Luz R
22 ryan
23 star Y
24 rosan R
25 trisha G

please pray for the complete healing of my dad Severino T. Madronio who is suffering from Emphysemia and atrithis of the vertebral column.. this arthristis is one of the major cause why he can’t able to walk since 2007 up to present..please pray for him so he can walk again.and heal the cyst on the upper lip of my sister Catherine madronio Sy, so with my breast and ovarian cyst… thank u.

Please pray for my mother’s (Esperanza Cembrano) healing. She has stage 4 cancer of the lungs with metastasis of the bone and brain. I believe that prayers can move mountains and nothing is impossible with Jesus the Divine Healer. Please pray for her complete healing and recovery. In Christ,
Annabelle C. Arzadon

Dear Prayer Warriors,
We pray that Darrell gets healed from leukemia. May all the cell, tissue and organ in his body be whole and healthy again. Were praying for the dismissal of all the case filed against him. May emotional, spritual healing make him pray more to God. We are also praying for God’s grace to get married this year. We thank the community and Sister Racquel and most especially God for all these blessings. Bless

Please pray for my friend, Marie. She will undergo a preventive cancer operation. She requests for prayers that doctors will not find any complications in her condition after operation. May she recover soon so that she can spend quality time with her family. Thank you very much.

please pray for us that our 3-year marriage will be blessed with a baby.  thank you very much.
eduardo & loida borbon of capiz
Please pray for the healing of Aneceta Lopez Alzona who has ovarian cancer. Thank you and God bless you all.
Dear Prayer Warriors,
Pls help me pray for our office mate Noel Salas. He is diagnosed to have a chronic renal failure. I accompanied him for further test here in Ras Al Khaimah Hospital, UAE. His kidneys are working for 15% only. And his ultrasound results also indicates that his liver has lessions which the doctors said to undergo further test. But he has decided to go back home. This would cost him a lot for treatment in Phils. With this, we can only hope and pray for a complete healing with this illness. In Jesus name. Thank you and GOD BLESS.
I ask for Your help praying for my 19-old son Kaarel suffering from bone cancer in his spine and pelvis. He is paralysed at the moment and suffering from paines. PLEASE ask God not do with him like this and help heal him! God bless You! With very best regards
Ene Spriit

please pray for my friend jolan who has stage 3 cancer. Prayers requested by surf reyes who may have acute pneumonia and is fealing very weak. Also requested by his sister milarey.

Dear Sister Raquel,
Good morning po. Here I am again requesting for your prayers for the healing of Mrs Francisca Reyes. She underwent a lung surgery and now at the ICU in the Batangas Regional Hospital. Thank you so much for your prayers. Love,
Edith (a prayer warrior)

Dear Sister Raquel Bro Bernie and fellow prayer warriors
Please help me pray for good health of BABY LAURENCE, of his asthma he is in confined right now. BABY ALEX who has high fever right now. May God Bless us always. Thank you very much

Hello. I would like to ask for your prayers so that my mother will be truly healed from her cysts in the thyroid. And also, please heal my nephew, sean patrick, who is just 12 years old but is suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. Please heal both of them. I would also like to thank the Lord for all the blessings that He has given my husband and I, both physically and financially. Thank you so much. God bless!



I would like to request my co-prayer warriors to please include my mother-in-law, Luz Sitchon, in their prayers for her full recovery. She recently had a stroke and is currently in the intensive care unit in Australia. Please join me in requesting for God’s healing power to be bestowed upon her. With sincere thanks,

Dear Fellow Prayer Warriors, Sister Raquel and Bernie,
About two years ago I requested prayers for Bill Murray who was diagnosed and eventually had brain tumor surgery. He had been on remission since but lately the cancer seemed to have returned. I once again humbly ask for your prayers.
I’d like to request a prayer for my mother ( Lolita G. Vitug) with heart & kidney ailment. I believe that the Lord will heal her. Thanks

Dear Prayer Warriors,
My brother in-law Jose del Rosario was recently operated on the abdomen to remove part of his colon that has cancerous cells in it. He is under recovery now but his doctor advised him to undergo chemotherapy upon complete recovery. Please pray for his fast recovery and the Lord’s guidance for him and his family. Please pray that he may have stronger faith in accepting the truth that only our Lord can truly heal him. Let us pray also that he becomes open to visit our Healing Center so that God’s graces, blessings, and total healing be upon him. Thank you and may God bless and heal everyone.

Sister-I want to thank you so much for this email it made my day.  It helps you understand the true greatness of God and his infinite love.  God Bless
Dear Sis Raquel and Prayer Warriors,
Please pray for me. I don’t have peace of mind in my work. It’s like I’m always doing mistakes in my work, which creates disciplinary actions from my manager. I got suspended with my last one. People there are not helping and caring. They put you down when you are already down. Now I have another incident that I am facing and they will talk to me on Tuesday or Wednesday. Please pray for me to succeed this time. I’ve been wanting to move to another unit. They know wht’s been going on. They understood my 1st 2 incidents. Now I’m on my 3rd. I don’t know if they will still will understand. Please help me, I’m really desperate. Pray for my peace and that I will succed this time. So help me God. Thank you.
Haydee from California

Please ask your prayer group to pray for Oskie. thanks. Oskie has brain cancer and it is slowly worsening.

First of all, I would like to acknowledge God”s mercy for He lead me to your
website. I need a lot of prayers. These past few years have been amazing for me – more than 2 years ago while undergoing hysterectomy procedure my ob-gyne accidentally discovered I had endometrial cancer. I underwent radiation therapy and I am now in remission. A year after my diagnosis during my CT scan ( to find out if there was a recurrence of my cancer), an adrenal mass was again accidentally discovered. So last May 4, 2008 I again had surgery to remove the said adrenal mass. And praise GOD, the mass was benign. Oh I forgot during my regular check up by my endocrinologist, she found out I also have a multinodular nontoxic goiter. I had my nodules biopsied and the biopsy said it was just an adenomatous goiter. However, last friday when I showed my endocrinologist the result of my 3rd thyroid ultrasound, there were new nodules found on my left thyroid. I need to undergo another surgery to remove my thyroid nodules next year. Please help me pray that God will grant me the grace to accept what He has willed for me. I pray that He will also prepare me physically, emotionally, financially and most of all spiritually on the days to come. May I have a successful surgery and that all my thyroid nodules are benign. God bless us all.
Maria luz

Dear Sister Raquel,
My name is Ryan. I’ve been diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis since 1997 when I was only 14 years old. I have been suffering with this disease since then. My symptoms include bloody diarrhea, tenesmus, weight loss, fever and anemia. We’ve tried a lot of healing programs and activities, both medical and spiritual but none seem to work. All I want is to live a normal and healthy life not thinking about going to the CR and taking medicines every day. I also ask that you may pray for my grandfathers, Eliseo and Maximo for their full recovery and healing. And that both they and us, their family, may be ready for whatever God plans for them. May you continue to help a lot of people be free from their physical suffering. Thank you and God bless.

Dear Sister,
Greetings of peace! I am 47 years old and presently working as secretary of a private institution.  I have 3 sons ages 22, 17 and 15.  My husband does not have a stable job.  I am having a hard time coping up with our daily expenses. Last year, I was diagnosed as mild sroke patient by 2 Neurologists.  I searched for a 3rd opinion and the neurologist said, it might be early parkinsons disease.  I am confused and depressed.  I don’t know what to do… Sister, Help me.  I wanted to be well again. Lovingly,
I feel I am truly blessed to discover this healing ministry through Our Awesome Planet. You see, upon seeing the name Raquel Reodica, I immediately felt a connection to her as I am a Reodica myself. I know this is God’s way of showing my family that my maternal grandma has big chances to a full recovery. Please pray for my grandma, fondly called NANAY INE. She was operated on to remove the blockage in her intestines caused by her pancreatic cancer. She was brought to the ICU and now we are blessed that she is in a private room again. We are sad as she is suffering from pain from the operation and up to now, from almost 5 weeks, she hasn’t eaten anything yet as the instructions of her doctor. We see that she is weakening physically. PLEASE PRAY FOR HER as she is truly the light of our family. THANK YOU VERY MUCH AND GODBLESS US ALL.
To the Mother Ignacia Healing Ministry
To Whom It May Concern, I would like to request for prayers for our sister, Magdalenda Gawaran Chavez who has been diagnosed with stage 4 small cell lung cancer. She is 50 years old, married and with 4 children. Also, I would like to request for prayers for my niece, Sophia Miranda Gonzalez who is only 9 years old but has been diagnosed with leukemia. Thank you. Sincerely,
Trisha Gonzalez

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