love is likethe five loaves of bread
and two pieces of fish at cana
seemingly too little too few
until we start giving it away
Lord teach me Your ways
turn my hatred into forgiveness
my anger into patience
my indifference into sensitivity
my sensuality into denial
my selfishness into generosity
my arrogance into lowliness
Lord give me Your light
let me not grope in darkness
no one wants to show one’s tender side
for fear of being trampled
one shows his armor in self-defense
yet there is more strength
in one’s tender side
armors are but paper tigers so easy to tear
anecdote on the virtue of patience
in the early morning
in a tiny village
a young man had a flat tire
but did not have a jack
he knocked at a house
and with the widest smile
and gentlest words
he pleaded to borrow a jack
the man shooed him away
for waking him up so early
the lad left dejected but determined
he knocked at another house
with the same smile and gentleness
the woman screamed at him
he left frustrated and unfazed
at the third house
his smile and gentleness
began to wane
the man threw a stone at him
he left trembling with anger
at the fourth house
a woman seeing the commotion
fetched her jack
to lend to the young man
as the man approached
“color: blue;”>he shouted angrily
if there was any jack around
and asked if there was
any decent person left
in that vicious village
the woman turned away
and closed the door
jack in hand
related by larry marasigan

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