prayer request bulletin 04 – November 14, 2008

This bulletin periodically publishes all prayer requests
and letters we receive from subscribers.
pray on the keyboard for requests from across the world.
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01 irene
02 Chinita Gal
03 chris llames
04 Dionisius Romanov
05 Beng Varron
06 “mary lim”
07 “terijavier”
08 “cristina garcia”
09 milarey and sanibdasal egroup
11 bernie, kaloy maria Garcia
12 “Paolo Jamora”
13 angel
14 “peewee
16 “Editha Abergas”
18 “Elvira
19 “Monina
20 Grace Kilayko
“Editha Abergas”
22 “Grace Pietrosanti
23 elvie
dear sister,
please pray for me and my family’s health. my mother has hypertension, she is old and lonely because i am now living in canada. she is living with my father who is deaf, and yet find time to fool around with younger girls. my mother is already 75yrs old, 10 yrs older than my father. i worry that because of her loneliness , she will get sick all the time. i just visited them for 3 weeks when I found out that my mother was to undergo surgery of the breasts. thanks to God, the cysts were benign. please pray that their few years left in this world will be a happy one (because my mother feels so alone most of the time, although my brother, sister-in-law and their kids lives 2 blocks away from their house).
i also pray for my own  health. i am 41 and never been pregnant. to this date, i am almost 2 months delayed. i bought a pregnancy test last week, but it was negative. this friday, i will seek a professional to answer my questions. i know that to be pregnant at this age is risky (beside the fact that i am unhealthy and on the big side). but i would like to have a baby too. its my dream for 11 years. thank you for your prayers
Dear Sister Raquel,
I am requesting your help to pray for me and my spouse that we be blessed with our own bundle of joy which we have been yearning for so long. May God bless you and your holy crusade to help the sick and needy. Thank you.
Our mother, RUDITA LLAMES, 56 years old was diagnosed to have Kidney Failure. She undergone a series of haemodialysis treatment in preparation for her operation called Bilateral Uropathy ( removing staghorn calculi inside the kidney) hoping everything will be alright; hoping that her kidney would function normally. A week after having been go through a blood
examination, result remain the same . Her treatment for dialysis started again two times a week. But now, She refuses the treatment for the reason that her body could no longer tolerate pains and weakens her after each session.You can see in her eyes sufferings that she hide from her children ; you can feel her miseries as if you are the one experiencing pain.It’s so
painful seeing her in agony. She may not tell us everything she feels because she doesn’t want us [her children] to bother about her.SHE ENDURES PAIN JUST LIKE ANY MOTHER IN THIS WORLD CAN. LIKE MOTHER MARY DID.
Our mother has suffered much while raising us and we don’t want her to suffer more. what we always wanted is her to be happy. SHE DESERVES TO BE HAPPY. WE LOVE OUR MOTHER DEARLY. Because of her condition today, We ask GOD for His guidance, to be with us always as we experiencing this trial in our lives and ask Him to lead us to people who could be of help for her to be freed from ill-health. Please ALWAYS include her in your prayers. She needs you. We need you. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. In Christ,
christopher Llames and Family
Dear prayer warriors,
would like to ask for your intercession and prayer so I can fully recover from the effects of a stroke I suffered almost 2 years ago, I am now 36 yrears old, and at 34, I was probably among the youngest case of stroke in the country, I can not put the blame on anyone but my self as far as the rootcause of my ailment is concerned because, I led a very unhealthy lifestyle, with vices of smoking and drinking and not giving myself enough time for rest, instead drowning myself in work aiming to be rewarded with more financial success, the effect of my stroke has left me unable to walk in a stable manner having a week left leg and my left hand still has not regained the minimal function of normal people. I am asking for prayers that my continued physical therapy of exercises would soon strengthen my
limbs and regain my former mobility and function, Likewise I would like to seek prayers for better control of my temper and moods, I’ve read on journals in the internet that stroke survivors do exhibit some change in temperament but I am hoping that I can control this better because it is not good for my hypertension and words that get blurted out in the heat of arguments can prove hurtful to people I love- my family. Thank you so much and may God bless us all. Yours in faith,
kindly include my father, antonio v. florentino jr. in your prayers, he has cancer of the lungs, we found out 2 yrs ago that it was on stage 3 already, he decided to undergo an operation but unfortunately the doctor wasn’t able to take it out, he then lost his belief in all doctors, now we don’t even know if it progressed to stage 4 or still on stage 3… please pray for his health, and that he may still live a bit longer…that he will return to the papa that i know (his attitude changed dramatically since then), I hope that he will have a positive outlook even if he has the big C. i also hope that he won’t be in so much pain, if possible i hope he’ll be free of pain…thanks
Dear sister Raquel
Kindly pray for me..  I had a mammography twice in two consecutive years ( 2006 and 2007). The  result showed   an “increased density on fibro-gladular tissue on my left breast”. I underwent further examination thru an ultrasound last March 2008.  The result showed that “it is PROBABLY BENIGN”  I was advised to undergo another ultrasound  after 6 months. I don’t want to undergo any surgery. Please pray that this is indeed benign and with the grace of God, Jesus, my Healer, He had already  melt the cyst found in my left breast before I  undergo an ultrasound this year. thank you  very much po and God bless your ministry
Please pray for the speedy recovery of my brother, Larry Javier, who almost passed on last week due to failing kidneys, Rudy Besinga who recently underwent a bypass operation and Lourdes Agustin who is suffering from renal cancer. Many thanks and God bless you all,
Teri Bryant (SANIBDASAL)
Dear Prayer Warriors,
Please pray for a complete healing of my bf’s mom, TATSUKO OGAWA who is suffering from stage4 cancer. May all the cells and organs in her body to be completely healed from all the illness that she has right now so she could spend more time with her family esp. my bf who loves her so much. PLEASE PRAY FOR HER. THANK YOU I KNOW SHE’LL BE OK WITH GOD’S HELP AND THROUGH YOUR PRAYER. GOD BLESS US ALL.
prayers for Milagros lagorta who is very ill. She has water in her lungs. Her kidney is not functioning well. Her son guging is reaching out to us for help. Thanks and God bless
milarey and sanibdasal
thanksgiving prayers for health recovery of sis Eleanor S. Panti D.C.
for good health of Baby Luarence
for good health of Baby Alessandra Nicole
prayers for my brother in law kaloy Garcia who had an accident. His mouth was stitched when he fell. Dear Lord please heal kaloy.
Good Morning and Peace be with you.
I am humbly asking for prayers for my beloved father Anthony. He is 60 years old and was diagnosed with Early Onset Alzheimer’s Disease. This has caused a lot of turmoil in himself and in the family that loves him dearly. He has been depressed due to the fact he had to resign from his job due to this illness. I have seen a lot of changes in him physically and mentally. This has saddened and caused my own downward spiral into depression. I love my father so dearly and seing him in this light just causes me to cry. I probably don’t know how to pray because with so many time I pray for him the Lord seems not to hear me or listen to me. This is where I come to others for help and prayers. Please show me how to pray so that I may have the confidence that the Lord may hear me. Pray for my father that he may be healed and have the strength to carry on. I most truly and humbly beg of you please help us. God bless you all and thank you.
Paolo Jamora
Dear Paolo
It is so easy to pray. Just talk to Him with your heart. bernie
Please pray that our Lord will heal me of cervical dystonia. My name is Sherry Piccolella. For several years, I have suffered with this embarrassing and debilitating problem with my neck. People make fun, stare and laugh sometimes. I know that the Lord has born our shame and our illnesses. Your prayers are appreciated. The Lord be with you,
sherry pf
dear bro. bernie, sr. raquel and co-prayer warriors,
i hope this reaches you. i’m not sure anymore if i should go through the blog site… i hope this will do… i’m one of your prayer warriors. i’m a living testament of God’s powerful healing love. i’m a cancer survivor i have gone through 2 follow up CT scans since my last chemo last May and both findings show “inactive” results of the cancer cells. PRAISE GOD!!!
i’m here once again to ask for your prayers: the most urgent one would be for my mom, “Ofelia C. Crisologo”. she went through an operation first week of September for a shunting procedure (where a tube is placed from her head going down her tummy, this is due to excess water in her head)… since then, she has been feeling dizzy, nauseous and her headache hasn’t gone away since the operation. the doctor says these could be caused by so many things. we had her ears checked already but its not caused by that. this coming friday (nov. 7) she will have an eye laser procedure to
fix the nerves surrounding her eyes (btw, she’s diabetic and is going through dialysis 3x a week). we’re really hoping that her headaches, pains, etc. would all go away after the procedure. we’re hoping that its just the eyes that’s causing all these. i would like to ask for your prayers that she gets healed. she has gone through so much (and still is going through so much) with the dialysis alone. healing her from her headaches will be a big comfort for her.
secondly, may i again request for your prayers. i’ve been feeling some stinging / shooting pains every now and then at my lung area (back and sides) again. i’m scared. please help me pray that its nothing, just mere muscle pain or something really very minor. i shall have another CT scan at the end of november or 1st week of december and i’m really praying that i’ll be cleared again. kindly please pray for me, for a favorable result of my upcoming CT scan. thank you. may i take this opportunity as well to ask for your prayers for our dad who just passed away last sept 30. this saturday (nov 8) is his 40th day. may we ask for your prayers for our papa “titong” and for our whole family as we go through all these trials. Though i have to admit, amidst all these, i feel God’s presence. again, PRAISE GOD!!! thank you so much for always taking time in reading and including my prayer requests in your long list. thank you so much for all the prayers! may all of us be blessed everyday
hi po. oops, sorry! i hope this didn’t cause any trouble or hassle to you. i would have to admit, emailing it straight through eastwind address is easier but i do understand the need for the blog, though i attempted to send a prayer request, i couldn’t find an icon or an access where i should click and write my request after i enter the “prayer request folder”. should i log in first?… i’m looking for a log in box but i only see “become a member” and “join the prayer warriors” log in boxes… i’m sorry, i feel i’m missing on something on the website… nway if i may suggest so as not to alter or adjust too much on the website (i know it could be a bit tedious technically to do this), maybe a short instructional guide can be placed within the “prayer request folder” on how to go through the process of posting prayer requests. maybe that would do the trick, hihi . i hope this little information help. thank you again and i wish you well! God Bless!
Peewee C. Crisologo
Hello. I am Mona. Please pray for my recovery and my family. I recently went to see my ob and she told me that I might have cervical dysplasia. God has ways of reaching out. And I believe that he can recreate and fix whatever is broken inside of me. Please pray also for my husband, Gilbert, who has diabetes and hypertension. Our family is undergoing financial difficulties for a few years now. Due to too much stress and pressures, I think it really took a toll on our health. Thank you so much. God bless.
Dear Sister Raquel, Brother Bernie and my co-prayer warrios,
I have been experiencing an on-and-off  headache since last weekend. Pls pray for me that I be relieved from this headache. Thank you very much.
Dear Prayer Warriors, Sister Raquel and Bernie,
Thank you for your prayers for Bill Murray who is feeling better but let’s continue to pray for his complete recovery from brain cancer. I have new prayer requests for Ted to recover from sudden weight loss, may his spirit be lifted and that may God Bless him with a new job. Our prayers also for two couples who are trying to have a child, for Jo and Irene , and Dan and Nats. God Bless.
Hi, this is Ervin Delfinado, Nina’s son. Last friday morning, we had to bring our mom to the hospital because she was having a severe headache and very high blood pressure. She was confined, and is still there until now. She feels better than last friday, but there are still some problems regarding her health. She will stay in the hospital probably until monday next week. Right now, she is having a hard time urinating, but her legs are a little bit more mobile than the way they were the past few weeks. She had an MRI scan (which we’re waiting for the result), and everyday she is getting Physical Therapy treatment to help her legs be mobile again.  We would like to ask for Prayers, to help her have a speedy recovery.We would also like to ask for support, because as you know, medical costs are really expensive, and we don’t have enough money to cover it. We are all hoping
for the best. Please try to offer prayers for her healing. Any help will be really appreciated. Thank you very much.
Ervin / Monina
Dear Sister Raquel and my co-prayer warriors,
Pls allow me to share the email below which tells about the power of prayers and God’s healing to the mother of a friend who was recently operated. Thank you so much for your prayers. Yours,
Hi Edith,
My mother is already home, recuperating fast…although her sugar is still high which hopefully, would go down with dieting.  Thanks so much for your prayers and for the prayer request that you sent to Sister Raquel.  And you know what…di ba, after the initial CT scan to check her lungs, they found a mass in her esophagus which they suspected to be stage 1 carcinoma (esophageal cancer).  During the lung operation, they were supposed to do the endoscopy with biopsy (then operate on it again days later after her lung surgery if found positive) but during the endoscopy,
the esophagus was clear…no mass or any growth, so they did not need to do biopsy anymore. They proceeded to the lung surgery immediately.  It was like a big miracle for us all; i. e.,  knowing that there was no cancer to be concerned about!  Thanks be to God!  Please also extend my gratitude to Sister Raquel. Power of prayers talaga! Thank you, everyone, for all  your prayers… God bless,
Thank you so much for accepting my prayer request. I have asthma and allergies that have effected my eyes. My left cornea is damaged and they say I need a transplant. I am asking Our Lord through the intercession of Our Lady and the wonderful Patroness of Your Order (that I just learned about) to please heal me. God Bless You and your ministry to Our Lord, Love
Grace Pietrosanti
my friend elvie emailed me that she is so happy being a prayer warrior. I replied that perhaps the reason is because she is in touch with the real world which she is trying to uplift for the Lord.

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