Prayer06 PREPARE THE PATH FOR ME the meaning of prayer

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in the bible, Jesus said ‘pray to the Lord of Harvest
but why did He say that
when He Himself is the Lord of Harvest?
after much reflection, this was my insight
Jesus needs workers in His vineyard to do the harvest
we are these workers and the Lord needs us
without us, He cannot get His harvest
He acts through our free will to merge with His Divine will
without this merging the Lord is helpless
because this is the principle of free will
the Lord cannot impose on us
we have to agree with Him, only then can He act
if there is no human petition, no prayer
the Lord cannot heal
so our prayers for others are so important
this is my message to the prayer warriors
your role in the healing ministry is so important
without you, many will suffer and not be healed
align your will to the Lord’s
surrender your will in prayer to the Healer
Jesus also said
prepare the path on which I will walk
the preparation of the path
is our free will surrendered to His will
then can He walk the path
towards us and the people we pray for
this is the essence of the intercession of saints
they prepare the path and intercede for us
our lady, the bridge and mediatrix to Jesus
is the most powerful path maker of all
because she is the mother of Jesus
whom He cannot refuse
a short hail mary for a cancer patient
somewhere in california you have not met
goes a long way towards healing
of the one prayed for and also the one praying
the active participation of human and divine will
is the requirement for prayers to be answered
together they are the most powerful force on earth
our will is the pathway for divine will to act
we can solve global warming and global financial crisis
so easily more than the puny human interventions
of creative scientists and ingenious economists
who are not aware that aligning their will to God
is the key to a solution, not just their ingenious solutions
human intervention without God’s intervention will not work
God can solve global warming in the blink of an eye
but He needs us to pray for it, to prepare the path
the theme of the entire old testament
of sin and punishment, of repentance and forgiveness
the single most important message of the entire bible
revolves around this merging of Divine and human will
God’s greatest gift to us is human freedom
and our greatest gift to Him is simply
to surrender it back to Him
God allows satan to roam the earth
so we can have a choice
to test our human will to choose good or evil
the greatest battle now raging on earth
resides in each and every will
to seek the Lord or fall to satan’s enticements
the surrender of our will
is the surrender of our soul and spirit
it is the greatest act of adoration
it is the most powerful prayer
sister raquel
it is easier to prove God exists
to the hearts of simple children
than to the minds
of suspicious philosophers
sister raquel
in the spring of my childhood
i wandered in awe at everything
in the summer of my youth
i squandered time in frenzy
in the autumn
i squandered the empire i built so hard
now in the winter of my life
i have a choice
i can stare at the emptiness
in despair and desolation
or i can go back to spring
to the preoccupation of my childhood
sunsets, blue skies, cookies
flowers, friends, books
moments of frenzy and awe
in between moments of silence and prayer

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