healing message
During the few years of my ministry as an instrument of Jesus for healing, I began to realize that, aside from physical poisons and genetic defects that cause diseases and physical and mental discomforts, there are also social and psychological poisons in our own homes and in society that pre-dispose us to illnesses by creating certain attitudes and feelings within us. Heart disease, suicide, mental illness, or cancer can be correlated to psychological factors. We can even be disposed to accidents psychologically. Almost all, if not all sicknesses and bodily discomforts, have psychological antecedents.
life patterns and attitudes can predispose us to various types of diseases. Some doctors I have met say many of them are now beginning to regard the emotional realities in the lives of their patients. They begin to look beyond the question of chemical poisons and consider the possibility of psychological poisons. To go against lifelong emotional habits can be extremely difficult for most people. This is an advice that we have to give to the sick
relax and change your lifestyle
be more gentle to yourself and to others
learn to love deeply
sister raquel, RVM
Dear Bernie,
I printed the healing guide you sent
and my husband and I read them.
I could only tell you how helpful they are already.
From what we learned from them, it seems
that a spiritual healing from within ourselves
should transpire before we can speak with Sr. Raquel.
So in a way, it will give us time to prepare,
especially my husband.
Personally, upon reading the testimonials,
I was seized by some great emotion
to rectify some relationships
that were severed in the past.
I immediately wrote down letters of reconcialition.
it did not matter who did what to whom
or who was to blame and not to blame
what mattered most was the humility
to reach out and bridge the gap
Somehow, one has already responded favorably.
My husband also had some reckoning of his own.
Mostly pain from tragic and sad incidents
that have marred his life.
If its true what Sr. Raquel said
that most sickness and diseases
are borne out from psychological pain,
then that must be the source of our illnesses,

especially my husband.
From childhood he suffered from severe asthma.
At the moment, he has a major flare-up
with his ulcerative colitis,
along with it, serious complications.
He lost both parents, separately,
in tragic circumstances.
We went thru years of infertility
and now our son has a fatal peanut allergy.
Lots of curve balls, if I may say so.
After more than a decade of marriage,
it is only now that I learned
that my husband has some “tampo” with Jesus.
Anyways, thank you for the prayers
and the testimonials you’ve sent us.
If I may ask, may I share those with others?
like cancer or heart attack
relationship is a killer human disease
we most often bring it upon ourselves
to hate when we can forgive
because it is easier to hate when we are hurt
to seek revenge when we can let go
because it is easier to appease negative feelings
in the end the hater and avenger are the losers
because their hate and vengeance
destroy them eventually
more than they destroy the object
of their hatred and vengeance

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