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my heart proclaims
the greatness of the Lord
my soul rejoices in Him my Savior
for He has looked with grace
on me His lowly servant
from this day hence
all generations shall call me blessed
luke 1:46-47
a great sign appeared in the sky
a woman clothed with the sun
the moon beneath her feet
and on her head
a crown of twelve stars
she was with Child
wailing in birth pains
another sign appeared in the sky
a huge red dragon
with seven heads and ten horns
the dragon stood before the woman
about to give birth
to devour her Child
she gave birth to a Son
destined to rule all nations
in utter rage the serpent
waged war against the rest
of her offsprings
those bearing witness
to the Son born of her womb
revelation 11:1-6, 14-17
dearest mother Mary
seek for me from your Son
Who cannot refuse you
the wisdom to discern His will
the courage to follow it
and the gift of inner peace
job’s prayer when he lost his entire family
total surrender to the will of God
naked i came forth from my mother’s womb
naked shall i go back again
the Lord gave and the Lord has taken away
blessed be His name
job 1:21
will a mother be without tenderness
for the child who came from her womb?
I will never forget you
I have written your name on the palm of My hand
I hasten to rebuild your home to protect you
from those who tear it down
isaiah 49:15-17
dear Lady of guadalupe
bless and protect me
seek for me from your Son
forgiveness of sin
fulfillment in my undertakings
healing for my ailments
i pray for my family and country
please listen to my pleas o Mother Mary
in the name of Jesus. amen

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