the story of christmas
the coming of the Messiah
is associated with the Light
the same Light of creation
that the darkness could not overcome
across the valley of darkness
Light from a single candle
pierced the emptiness
it was passed on to other candles
slowly through the eons
until the dazzling brilliance mimicked the dawn
exploding into a blinding supernova
across the vastness of the universe
john was sent from God
he was not the Light
but came to testify to the Light
they asked who he was
and he answered in the words of isaiah
‘i am the voice of one
crying out in the wilderness
make straight the way of the Lord’
there is one among you
who is coming after me
whose sandal strap
i am not worthy to untie
john 1:6-28
the story of christmas
is associated with the Word
the Word made flesh
the same Word in genesis
that was with God and was God
the same Word that falls
on rich and rocky grounds
that is the source of salvation
be it done to me
according to Your Word
the moment Mother Mary
agreed to be the servant of God
in one microscopic second
in one lightning flash
the Word was made flesh
and dwelt among us
instantly the Messiah was in her womb
salvation was fulfilled for all mankind
defying time, spanning eons and generations
countless sins would be forgiven
across the depth and breath and length
of the earth from east to west
from dusk to dawn from now to forever
sister raquel
the story of christmas
is the story of the Word and the Light
that has descended on mankind
like raindrops on the arid land
in the beginning was the Word
and the Word was with God
and the Word was God
He was in the beginning with God
all things came to be through Him
without Him nothing came to be
what came to be through Him was life
which was the Light of the human race
the Light glowed in the darkness
the darkness could not overcome the Light
He was in the world
that came to be through Him
but the world did not know Him
He came to what was His own
but His own did not accept Him
and the Word became flesh
and dwells among us today
john 1:1-11, 14-15
behold the virgin shall conceive
and bear a Son
and they shall call Him Emmanuel
which means ‘God is with us’
matthew 1:23
the people who walked in darkness
in the land of zebulun and naphtali
have seen a great Light shine
upon those in the valley of death
anguish has taken wing
darkness is overwhelmed
gloom and distress have vanished
the Lord has brought great rejoicing
the Lord has smashed
the yoke that burdened them
the pole on their shoulders
the whip of their slave master
for a Child is born to us
upon Whose shoulder dominion rests
isaiah 8:23-9:5

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