the accounts in genesis
are fraught with relationship problems
even among the patriarchs close to God
noah, abraham, isaac, jacob
all were somehow immersed in jealousy
anger, violence and deception
even the pious were humans
there was sanctity and sin all at once
jacob defrauded his older twin esau
who vowed vengeance [genesis 27:41]
God separated them for 20 years with a purpose
jacob first ‘wrestled’ with God
after which he admitted he was ‘jacob the deceiver’
marking a spiritual turning point
admitting was atoning, the precondition
for reconciliation and forgiveness
if God does not give up on us
we should not give up on ourselves
the last person you will forgive
and admit a weakness is yourself
when we have turned back
God can turn us around
if we have destroyed, God can rebuild
if we are lost, God pursues us
our daily bread, vol 15
the book of deuteronomy 1
deuteronomy in the old testament
is the saga of the Israelites
wandering in the desert
it is the story of the relationship
of the chosen people with God
nomadic life in the desert was hard
little food and water, constant movement
the Israelites complained to moses
they were losing their trust in God
He sent them pestilence and fire
as they grew in number and strength
they saw the fertile lands of the canaanites
and thought of invading them
but the canaanites were seasoned warriors
living in fortified cities
moses pleaded for God to spare his people
God in His mercy listened to moses
but they were condemned
to wander in the desert for a longer time
the Israelites were impatient
joshua and caleb knew
the Lord would lead them to victory
only if they kept their faith in God
moses warned that God was not with them
He was angry at them for their lack of faith
and so they attacked the canaanites
without God on their side and were defeated
seeing how far they were
from the promised land
they became increasing rebellious
lessons from deuteronomy
faith in God is the key to any undertaking
without which there can be failure
with faith in God there is no need
to exert too much effort
for He opens the path to victory
prayer is so important
it was moses pleading
which saved the Israelites from destruction
still, they had to be punished
there is both mercy and punishment
as they slowly strayed away from God
life became harder and harder
the dream of the promised land
drifted farther and farther away
as they forgot Who freed them from bondage
a life in and with the Lord
and our prayer and faith are the ingredients
to peace and abundance in our lives
do not fret about reaching a goal
He helps you reach it if you are with Him
your life is the coffee
your ego is the cup
expensive cups don’t matter
coffee taste and blend matter
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