the best form of fasting
is to stop oppressing people
and start uplifting them
sister raquel reodica RVM
and the Lord said
let there be light
and there was light
the light that blinded moses
the voice that scared him
Who said ‘I am Who am’
is the same Word made flesh
the same who heals the sick today
across eons He is one
and the Lord says
let there be healing
and there is healing
‘I am Who am’
not past not future
but present here in our very midst
transcending time and space
permeating all that is
He is Lord of the universe
the same Lord that spoke to moses
the same Lord Who died on the cross for us
the same Lord that heals today
the same Lord Who gives solace
in our sickness and pain
in our everyday life
sister raquel reodica, RVM
the King of kings, Keeper of the universe
of billions of galaxies and trillions of planets
was born in a feed box for sheep
revered by poor shepherds and rich kings
blessed be His name Emmanuel
which means ‘God in our midst’
if ego confronts you, talk to the ‘ I ‘
the power of the ‘ I ‘
melts the hardest ego
an ‘ I ‘ for an ego yields peace during war
an ego for an ego yields war during peace
an ‘ I ‘ for an ‘ I ‘ yields love anytime
He must increase
i must decrease
john 3:30
life is not about control
it is about surrender
it is not about authority
it is about freedom
it is not about rank or title
it is about equality and equanimity
bingirl, eastwind
like old wine which is mellow
childhood friendship is forever
it was forged when you were
what you really were
when you meet again
you will see each other as you are and were
as children of a timeless era
like softdrink which is too sweet
corporate friendship is for the time being
it was forged when you were trying to be
what you were really not
when you meet again
you will see each other as you no longer are
as bosses and employees of a forgotten era
bingirl, eastwind
= pp207

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