the Holy Eucharist is central to our faith
it is the axis around which
faith and salvation revolve
it is the Sun around which
we the planets revolve
we are nourished by the Sun
without the Holy Eucharist
our faith withers and dies
sister raquel, RVM
in the mother ignacia healing ministry
many who are healed of terminal ailments
most often testify that there is
a profound change in their lives
their spirits have been healed as well
they become less cranky and impatient
they develop a smile everywhere they go
they become more peaceful and prayerful
they are more generous and easy to approach
but through time
it is but human that people
fall back into their old ways
if they do not sustain their prayers
they begin to shout at people again
they have lost their smile
they become easily agitated
they have forgotten to pray
if the Lord healed you
to get you back into His fold
and you later become the lost sheep
all His efforts would have been a failure
there is therefore a need to be vigilant
that we do not go astray through time
some talk of the need to acquire a ‘prayer habit’
others go on annual holy week retreat
you can do your own lone retreat during holy week
simply go to your meditation garden
away from the chaos and turmoil
and ask yourself
what good and bad things have I done?
can i rectify the bad and repeat the good?
am i really living a life in the Lord?
or is He just on the sideline?
it takes ten minutes
to read a bible passage everyday
meditate and pray on it
let the Word seep into you
then go out and live the Word
do not just read it, isabuhay
put it into action in dealing
with friends and enemies
this goes a long way
to keep your faith going
do not let His flame die inside you
let it be the tabernacle light
this way, you will never forget
and fall back into your old bad habits
of impatience and anger
of insensitivity and selfishness
your spirit that was healed
remains healed through daily prayers
bible lesson
nathan the prophet told david a story
in a certain town was a rich man
who had large flocks
and a poor man who had but one lamb
which grew as a pet with his children
and became like his child
a traveler visited the rich man
who, instead of taking one of his sheep
took the poor man’s lamb and roasted it
and served it to his guest
david was angry and said
that man deserves to die
he must give back four lambs
for the one he stole
nathan said to david
‘you are that man
hear God’s message to you’
I saved you from saul
I made you king
you had the best women of israel
as your wives
why have you murdered uriah
only to steal his wife bathsheba?
your househild shall never rest
from the sword
your family will rebel against you
you sinned in secret
but all israel shall see
trouble come upon you openly
and your son shall die
2 samuel 5-12
three bible meditation points
first, it is so easy to see the sin of others
than to see one’s own
it is so easy to condemn
than to admit one’s sin
second, it is so easy to go back to old ways
if we do not sustain prayer and meditation
slowly through time when we are busy we forget that
the power of prayer sustains our faith
third, understand that the God of mercy
is also the God of wrath
the God of love and forgiveness
is also the God of fear and punishment
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