healing in the experience of sister raquel
involves radiation which is a form
of energy that moves or travels
once, a man came for healing
his doctor wanted immediate triple bypass
otherwise there was imminent danger
of a massive heart attack
there was no other option at least for the doctors
while touching his chest
sister raquel jerked her hand
she felt a sudden spark
she said sparks were a sign of healing
true enough the man was healed
he did not have a bypass
his many doctors were all shocked
that the clogs in his heart suddenly vanished
he was operated on by Doctor Jesus
one evening sister raquel was resting alone
she heard a spark and all the lights went out
next day she called an electrician to fix the fuse
she thought it was a short circuit
the electrician reported that there was nothing wrong
the lights came back without him doing anything
sister raquel gradually realized it was her own doing
her healing energy jumped into the electrical system
sister raquel sometimes employs the human chain
where everyone would hold
hands forming a chain or a giant circle
the healing energy would flow from sister raquel
to each link in the chain, many were healed
in the radio veritas healing program
sister would tell listeners to let the family
hold each other’s hand while one would hold
on to the radio while saying a healing prayer
again there were reports of healing
radiation healing is the energy of the Lord
passing through sister raquel
as if she was an electric wire
to the sick person who is healed
she cannot heal, she is only a bridge
to the Healer who is so good and merciful
to prepare yourself for healing
you must purify your spirit
turn hatred into forgiveness
bitterness into goodwill
vengeance into reconciliation
only then can your body be healed
when your spirit has been cleansed
sister raquel, RVM
elijah waited for the Lord
the storm raged but He was not in the wind
the earthquake trembled but He was not in the tremor
the fire spread but He was not in the flames
then elijah heard a soft whisper
and he fell in adoration
the Lord sometimes creeps silently
into our consciousness
when we are unaware
His whisper can be heard
during a violent storm
saying you are safe with Him
1 kings 19:9,11-13 / eastwind
Your will be done oh Lord
just give me the grace and strength
to be part of Your will
to be an instrument of Your love
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