Dear Sister Raquel.
Praise the Goodness of the LORD! Truly no one can predict GOD’s mighty power. Yesterday I’ve received the documents containing the directions and 3 published articles about you. Instead of reading it on the computer, my tita Edna told me to print na lang because it is quite long, and so I did. Then I left the house.
When I returned home, the first thing on my mind was to read the article so I rushed to the room but before reading it I had to massage first my back because the pain was there again. And so, I finally got to read it, for the first few lines I already felt the shivers all over my body then after the Hail Mary, I felt the pain on my left tighs down to my toes, when I red the lines
I paused and examined my heart and recalled the things and the people who’ve caused me pain in the past, and then in a loud voice I said I’ve forgiven them all! Then something “nakakakilabot” happened, I felt the nerve on my left forehead pumping strong and my heart pounding stronger by the minute and I really felt the blood flowing through my thigh through my leg down to my toes, then the pain suddenly vanished. My tears started to flow from my eyes and I started crying, I’ve been healed, the LORD touched and took away the pain off my system. Then I continued on my reading and every end of each testimonies I bursed into tears and kept on thanking God for his goodness. After reading the last line I decided to follow it up with a rosary prayer, my way of thanksgiving for the miracle I’ve experienced. It is really the Miracle of the article, God made use of the article, for me to be healed spiritually and eventually healed my physical sufferings! I thank you for the prayers and enlightenment you have brought to my life thank you again. May God continue to use you as His bridge to bring us back to Him.
Trully yours, Ryan E.
a true story
sister josie is a small and frail nun
she always screams
when she sees a tiny mouse
she fears the dark
she cowers when someone shouts
she is a nervous wreck
one day in a remote mindanao village
infested with rebels and soldiers
a drunk soldier went out to the street
and fired his gun into the air
everyone ran for cover
they closed all their windows
a giant of an irish columban priest
decided he would confront the soldier
but this small frail sister stopped him
and said she would take care of him
before the priest could object
that a scrawny sister could hardly help
she was on her way
she approached him without hesitation
the soldier was thrown off
by a tiny nun who had no fear
in a gentle and casual manner she told the soldier
in their common ilonggo dialect
that he should be ashamed of himself
scaring women and children
the drunk soldier bowed his head in shame
weeping and pouring out his problems
it was battle fatigue gnawing at his soul
caused by the protracted vicious war
she grabbed his hand and dragged him to her home
there they drank salabat and talked
they shared the pains of their violent world
in no time, they were laughing
at themselves and the world
the soldier visited her often
seeking spiritual refuge in her gentleness
they became the best of friends
such is true courage
unseen and gentle
drawn from the Lord
cowering from a mouse
yet confronting a lion
seeking shelter from a drizzle
yet braving a storm
You are the potter we are the clay
You shape us into Your image
we are the work of Your hands
philippians 64:7
sometimes we run so fast we fail to see
the Lord running with us
and when we suddenly fall
we see Him beside us and He says to us
‘finish the race child
I am with you all the way to the finish line’
all the darkness in the world
cannot extinguish
the light of a single candle
all the hatred in the world
cannot overwhelm
the power of a single forgiveness
st francis of assisi / eastwind
just whisper a short prayer
and He forgives your darkest sin
just touch the hem of His garment
and He heals your gravest illness

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